Monday, August 06, 2018

TX: Mystery Man at McAllen Mall Robbery: Armed Citizen or Plain Clothes Police?

In a video of the attempted armed robbery of a McAllen, Texas mall jewelry store, the seven suspects were captured by three armed people.

One of the armed people, in a uniform, is said to be a police officer working mall security. Another one, in a red shirt, is said to be a citizen with a Texas license to carry, in a Fox News Video.

The third, showing a badge in his left hand, appears to be another police officer.

Link to video

The writes that the armed person in the red shirt is a plain clothes police officer. From
A plain clothes police officer then arrived (in red) and cornered the thieves in the store

Two plain clothes officers followed with their own weapons. The thieves retreated at the sight of them and backed further into the store, out of view.
 Which is correct?

The Fox outlet says it was told by the police that the person in red was an armed citizen with a carry permit.

The Daily Mail says he was a plain clothes police officer.

You cannot tell from the video, but he does use good tactics.  If anyone has local information as to which news item is correct, we would like to know.

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