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Houston Gunfight as Deadly as OK Corral, Three Killed, Two Wounded, Defender used AK

On 19 January, 2019, at about 1 a.m. in the morning, a gunfight occurred on Sherman Street in Houston, Texas. It was in the Magnolia Park neighborhood.

Magnolia Park has been a traditionally ethnic Mexican part of Houston for over 100 years.  It is considered a bit rough. There were five home invaders. There was one home defender. From
Authorities are investigating after dozens of shots were fired in east Houston.

According to a detective, the incident began as a home invasion at the 7000 block of Sherman.

Authorities say the homeowner defended himself when the suspects entered the home. Following the shooting, the suspects fled from the scene.
Two armed home invaders broke in. One of the home invaders is reported as shot in the leg, and running from the house. He survived.  One home invader died in the front yard. Another person, believed to be one of the home invaders, was found dead in a car two blocks from the scene. Another suspect ended up in the hospital, and died there. The fifth suspect was wounded, fled the scene, and was being treated in the hospital.

The  defender gave an interview to Stefania Okolie, reporting from The interview is only on video. I did not see a transcript.

The defender was  20 years old. According to him, two men in ski masks broke in, demanding money. At first, he thought it was a joke. This sort of denial is common among crime victims.

The other three home invaders had not entered the house. The defender said he used a pretext of getting money from under the couch. Instead of money, he pulled out a loaded AK-47 clone. 

He shot at the two home invaders. They fired back as they fled. He wounded both of them.  One died in the front yard, the other, wounded in the leg, fled, and is in the hospital.

The defender pursued the invaders into the front yard. The pile of brass in the front yard has been described as being from several different guns. 

The defender continued the gunfight with three occupants of the car that delivered some of the home invaders. They fled the scene in the car.

The car crashed a couple of blocks away.  One suspect was found in the car, dead. One wounded suspect was found at Capitol and 71st Street. He is the suspect that died at the hospital. The third suspect from the car was wounded, fled the scene, and was being treated in the hospital.

The defender told Stefania Okolie the police told him he had done the right thing. 

There were no charges filed against the defender. He was not wounded. There were no reports of contraband being discovered at the shooting scene.  

Jeff Cooper, in his small book, Principles of Personal Defense, emphasizes seven: 

Alertness, Decisiveness, Aggressiveness, Speed, Coolness, Ruthlessness, and Surprise. 

In the gunfight in Houston, the defender demonstrated six of the seven. He may be faulted for being insufficiently alert. At first, he thought it was a joke. 

Once he understood the situation, he acted decisively, aggressively, with speed, coolness, and ruthlessness. He surprised his attackers.

In the infamous  gunfight at the O.K. Corral, in Tombstone, Arizona, in 1881, nine people were involved.  Four on one side, five on the other. Two on one side were wounded. Three on the other side were killed. Doc Holliday, on the side of the Earps, was grazed. 

In the Houston gunfight on Sherman Street, six people were involved. Five on one side, one on the other.

Three of the aggressors were killed. Two were wounded. The defender was not injured. 

In the Old West, the Houston Sherman Street gunfight would have been discussed around campfires for decades.

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Anonymous said...

A ten round magazine demanded by Democrats/anti-gunners would have severely restricted the homeowner in his ability to defend himself.


Anonymous said...

If you are limited to ten rounds, carry two guns. How many people report the number of the round that hit them. Does it make a difference if it was round number two or round 25. He who runs out of ammo first looses. It takes two seconds to change a ten round magazine maybe it was bullet number 45 in the fifth magazine. Good thing I'm in Arizona. One rifle I have, I have two five round magazines for it for hunting. I also have 8 ten round magazines and eleven 30 round magazines. and over 1,000 rounds not in magazines. I don't think I have less than 1,000 rounds for every gun I have. I can load for at least 20 different calibers for rifle and pistol and five different shot gun gauges. I don't even have a 16 gauge and I have 400 rounds. Then I can get into black power weapons, Co2 weapons, bows and arrows. and the weapons for martial arts. I cast bullets for many calibers. I have a very nice reloading set up with many different presses and tools. It all ads up over 40 plus years.

Anonymous said...

A ten round magazine is not much good if you are being attacked by 20 people.

Anonymous said...

The end of the barrel is not a good bayonet and the butt of the rifle is not much of a base ball bat but they work in a pinch, never drop an empty weapon it still has effect.