Monday, January 07, 2013

AZ:Former Senator Offers Better Alternative to Gun Turn In

On January 8th, the City of Tucson is creating some political theater to delegitimize armed citizens. These events are described by the irrational term “buy back” when the government never owned the firearms in the first place.

In Arizona, a courageous former state senator, Frank Antenorei, is turning the tables on the politically correct anti-freedom organizers. Instead of victimizing widows who often turn in valuable property for a pittance, he will be offering cash to those who want to get rid of their guns, but do not know how valuable they are.

This is perfectly legal in Arizona, just as it is in most of the country. There are only a few states that have draconian laws that forbid private citizens from selling their property to another private citizen. This practice has been protected by federal law in order to prevent the creation of a national database that could be used to confiscate firearms from the people. In effect, gun registration is gun confiscation over the long term.

Former Senator Antenori tells those who wish to sell their guns, that if they are worth less than the $50 gift card offered by Tucson, he will tell them to take the gift card, but if they are worth more, he will give them cash.

It sad to see these events that waste police resources and victimize ignorant gun owners in Arizona, a state that leads the way toward restoring the Constitution. It is heartening to see courageous reformers such as former State Senator Antenori step up to the plate and show how rediculous these types of events are.

Dean Weingarten

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