Wednesday, April 10, 2013

AZ:Phoenix Gun Turn In Locations for May, 2013 (opportunity for cheap guns)

Here are two of the locations for the gun turn ins to be conducted during the first three Saturdays in May, 2013, in Phoenix, Arizona.

$100,000 in gift cards will be available, and will be given out as follows:

$100 for rifles, shotguns, and pistols. $200 for "assault weapons". Magazines will be paid for *only* if they accompany a firearm, so there may be opportunities to pick up some scarce magazines for decent prices. They are offering $10 for magazines that have more than a 10 round and less than a 50 round capability, and only $15 and $25 for magazines that are lager than this, those are expensive. I doubt if they will see any.


Southminster Presbyterian Church, 1923 E. Broadway Road.

Betania Presbyterian Church (Predominantly Spanish speaking), 2811 N. 39th Avenue.

A third location is still to be announced.

Arizona protects private sales with a strong preemption law. Constitutional carry is state law. It is unlikely that there will be any harassment by police officials, but I would recommend bringing a recorder just in case.

No differentiation among rifles, pistols, and shotguns is mentioned, so black powder guns seem acceptable. I do not know if they will accept homemade hand cannons. Bring cash, dress for the weather, and remember to be on your best behaviour. These events attract media, that is what they are designed to do. Private buyers disrupt the careful image of "gun ownership is bad", and "Guns are bad".

More details will be coming. A significant media campaign is planned, so details should become very clear as we approach the first Saturday in May.

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