Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Canada:Snowbirds say they feel safer in gun-loving Arizona

Re: "Gun culture a shock for snowbirds," Karin Klassen, Opinion, April 8.

Strange, but I know many people who go to Arizona and spend most of the winter there. They all say they feel safer there than they do in Alberta because there are very few rapes, home invasions or burglaries.

Many snowbirds who have property there obtain a firearm. They go to the police and show that they know how to handle firearms safely, are issued a permit, and buy a pistol and ammo. It can serve as protection, though it is very safe, or simply sport shooting, as ranges are everywhere and easily accessed.

The vast majority of Arizonans are friendly and enjoy the camaraderie and participation of Canadians in their sport shooting activities. Nevada is much the same, with huge training facilities for sport and defensive shooting, as are most states with concealed or open carry.

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Anonymous said...

Don't know if the author got bad information or is making assumptions, but Arizona does not require a permit to buy a gun.

Wireless.Phil said...

They may need a permit because they are not US citizens?