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Why would people want an AR-15? A question from Sally

Dean, Hi. Just seeing your blog. Why would people want an AR-15? What would be the purpose of having one? Just to have it? I am sure it is a powerful gun. Guns are fun - because they are power, at least I think so. And I don't have much experience with guns. There seems to be a big debate going on about them and their magazine. Thanks. Sally


There are many reasons for owning guns, so your question is rather like: Why would people want to own a Cadillac, or Why would people want to own a four wheel drive pick up truck? In a free society, it is up to those who would stop people from owning things to show why there is an overwhelming reason to prevent people from owning something. We do not (yet) live in a marxist society where the government bureaucrats decide what we "need", as in "from each according to his ability, to each according to his need".

AR-15 rifles are the most desired rifles in the United States right now, and have been the fastest selling for a number of years. Part of the reason for this is that they are easily customized and have numerous accessories that may be added by the owner. Another reason is that they may be the best choice for a home defense long gun. Other reasons are that they are the most common type of rifle used by police, and that all veterans have been trained in the use of the military counterpart, the M16 or M4, which are very similar, but have burst or full auto capabilities.

If I were to choose an all around home defense long gun (not a handgun), I would choose the AR-15. It is light and easy to use. It has exceptional deterrent value, because an evil doer easily recognizes it and its reputation for deadly capability. It can be loaded with frangible bullets that do not penetrate any further than buckshot from a shotgun. It is very accurate and has the capability for easy additions of lasers, lights and optical sights. It accepts standard capacity magazines of 20 or 30 round capacity. The capacity of the magazines allows for warning shots, missed shots, multiple assailants, and repeat shots to a tough opponent or large, dangerous animal. Its recoil is relatively low and easy to control.

As you likely have heard, rifles, in 2009, were used in only 348 murders. Semi-automatic rifles are only a fraction of all rifles, so AR-15 rifles were likely used in less than 50 murders in 2009. Hands and feet were used to murder 801. Blunt objects were used to murder 611. All other guns totaled over 9,000 murders. The numbers have dropped since then.

The idea that these type of rifles, which are among the firearm types that are least used in crime, but are among the most common is society, should be selectively banned is insane.

But, that is the society that we live in with the MSM (Main Stream Media) in power.

I think many people want to own this rifle as a means of protesting against the continual encroachment of government power into our lives.

The purchase of this rifle says to those who would ban it: "Stop. This is a Constitutional Right. You are going too far."

A little long winded. I hope it answers your question.

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cristo52 said...

Dean: Please tell Sally that if a citizen of this country (assuming that citizen is not a convicted felon, a wife beater, a habitual drug user, or has been housed in a mental institution) wants to own an AR-15, "Just to have it," that's within the citizen's rights. You don't need a reason to own one, and you don't need anyone's approval. Some folks like guns and some folks like "PINK" running shorts and some folks like electric-powered cars. It's nobody's business but their own. And answering Sally's snarky question only encourages her to be increasingly snarky and leaves her with a false sense of superiority, which could lead to brain trauma later in life when she discovers she is not the center of the universe.