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AZ:Phoenix Early Gun Turn in (buyback) Luger and Holster, 11 May, 2013

Likely WWII war trophy. This Luger came in with an Original Holster

The holster is in the lower left, just three guns to the left of what appears to be a Model 97 Winchester shotgun

I arrived at the gun turn in at a little after 9 am on Saturday morning. I had a couple of inexpensive .22 rifles to test the system with. I promptly got in the line of vehicles to enter the area for the turn in.

The line was a couple of hundred yards long when I entered it

This woman was one of many that offered cash for guns that people were turning in. The back of her sign had a pro Second Amendment message

I had not gone half the distance when a police car came along, announcing that the turn in had run out of gift cards. The time was 9:28 am. The official start time for the event was 10:00 am.

I parked the truck and used my press pass to enter the area where the turn in was located. The police were helpful, but had their tasks to do. After I spotted the Luger holster, they directed me to where it was stored. At the time the event ran out of gift cards, about 100 guns had been turned in. They encluded a military Mauser, a sporterized 03A3 made by Remington, the Luger, an older Colt revolver, and of course, many others.

Looks like a nice S&W model 10 being processed

Here is a High Standard Derringer in .22 Magnum. They do not make them any more. They were quite popular.

Out on the street, the rolling gun show started in earnest.

This early purchaser had already bought three just before the turn in started

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