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AZ:Phoenix Gun Turn In (Buyback): part 3 Last Chance 11 May, 2013

A fraction of the long guns turn in at the 4 May event in Phoenix. Mostly inexpensive guns, but note the well cared for Browning Auto 5 and the full military Mauser

A sample of the handguns turned in at the 4 May event in Phoenix. The Ruger Security Six and the Colt Detective Special appear to be in good to excellent condition

The Phoenix gun turn in event held on 4 May in Phoenix resulted in approximately 800 guns being turned over to police, most of which are destined for destruction.

About 100 private buyers offered cash for guns, many for ideological reasons, some simply to obtain a bargain.

The event was so successful that most of the gift cards were given out long before the scheduled end of the event at 2 pm.

The remaining gift cards will be given out at the Betania Presbyterian Church location, 2811 N. 39th Avenue, starting at 10 am, and ending at 2 pm, on 11 May.

As there were only about 100 gift cards remaining, it is likely that the gift cards will run out quickly.

This event will be the last of the scheduled turn in events for the forseeable future, as Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton sees no purpose for the events if the firearms have to be sold to federal dealers instead of destroyed.

A law passed by the Arizona Legislature requires that firearms turned in to government entities must be sold to Federal Firearms Dealers for market value, and the proceeds added to the public treasury. The law goes into effect about the end of July.

Private Buyers at Phoenix 4 May, 2013 Turn in Event

After cards ran out at two locations on 4 May, private buyers continued to purchase firearms, giving people who wished to divest themselves of their property an alternative to the gift cards.

Link to Phoenix PD webpage for the turn in event "buyback"

Link to article about Governor Brewer signing law to require fiscal responsibility for the resources turned in at these events.

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