Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Colorado School Administrators Carry Guns, Save Money

In a first-of-its-kind move in Colorado, a rural school board has given two of its top administrators new job titles — security officer. The new titles make it possible to bypass state gun laws and carry guns in schools.

This move in Dove Creek in the southwest corner of the state has turned the tiny town into a model for other Colorado school districts looking to get around laws that allow only peace and security officers to pack heat in schools. A legislative effort that would have changed that and put guns in the hands of Colorado schoolteachers died in committee earlier this year.

Dove Creek and the Dolores County School District RE-2 found a way to arm school officials because the district is small, can't afford to hire a security officer, and has many employees with overlapping jobs. One of the new security officers, Dolores district Superintendent Bruce Hanks, is also principal of the Dove Creek elementary school. The other new security officer, Assistant Superintendent Ty Gray, also works as principal of the high school and middle school and athletic director.

Their security officer contracts were approved by the board at a February meeting. Each will be paid $1 a year for their officer duties to make the deal legitimate.

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