Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Defense Distributed: Successful test fire of first 3D printed pistol (video)

Defense Distributed has released a video of the successful test firing by hand of their first complete 3D printed pistol, the "Liberator". The Liberator has only one metal part, the firing pin, made from a common nail.

In the video, Cody Wilson is shown firing the pistol by hand, to dramatically illustrate his faith in the design. The Liberator is a single shot pistol in .380 (9X17) caliber.

While firearms have been made in home workshops ever since they have been in existence, the ability to download computer files and have a computer controlled machine print all the parts to a functioning firearm has caught the public attention.

Dean Weingarten, Defense Distributed Distributor

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Scotty said...

A metal detector could sense the steel firing pin nail and/or the bullet itself if set to high sensitivity. The entire weapon would be detected by most other types of body scanners. The point is - it's not guaranteed to make it through the current screening technology. As for legality, all existing gun ownership laws would still apply. For instance: If you print and assemble one in Massachusetts without a license, background check, and required training, you will be arrested if caught with it in your home or possession. The gun's printed material cannot withstand the heat and wear of repeated firing, particularly with more powerful rounds where chamber pressures may exceed 35,000 psi. Rifling, necessary for accuracy at more than a few yards, is not feasible and will disappear after the first few firings. (if not the first) Finally, if you want a durable gun and are not willing to get it legally, well, just ask a bank robber how it's done. But if you're willing or able to secure whatever permit your state requires, then pick up a used pistol at the local gun store for a quarter the cost of a printer. I'm as disgusted by the over-reaching nature of the federal government as most gun owners, but really - this is not the answer.