Saturday, November 02, 2013

OH:Guns in Public, Oh My! (Hoplophobia on Parade)

Those who push citizen disarmament have worked very hard to demonize guns.  They have tried to make the public display of arms a shameful thing, something that "decent" people simply do not condone.   They have had considerable success.   As recently as the 1950s people carried rifles and shotguns in New York City without a sideways glance.

In liberal fascists' version of reality,  the public display of firearms is perfectly acceptable, even laudible, if the person with the weapon is wearing a uniform, indicating that they are an agent of the state.   Trade the uniform for ordinary clothing, however, and the display becomes something for alarm... because... "shut up".

In Ohio recently, this led to potentially dangerous consequences that might yet have legal fallout.   From

ADELPHI, Ohio (WTVN) --Tellers inside the Kingston National Bank branch in Adelphi feared the worst when they saw a group of men get out of their cars and start pulling guns out of the vehicles.

The employees initiated emergency procedures, locked the bank down and called the Ross County Sheriff's Office.

After a few minutes, the men outside the bank got back in their cars and left, but bank workers got a good description of the vehicles, along with their tag numbers.

Sheriff deputies from two counties later stopped the vehicles, likely with tactical felony stops, which entail a certain degree of risk for the occupants. It was found that the men were engaged in a simple trade the like of which occurs thousands of times every day. They simply had the bad luck to conduct their transaction within sight of nervous bank tellers.

Sheriff George Lavender Jr. said that he will present the case to the county prosecutor for a possible charge of "inciting panic".

This is political correctness run amok. There is no constitutional right not to be offended. The reason is clear to anyone with two brain cells to rub together. A "right" to not be offended is a license for the government to shut down any activity or speech that it wants to, because the "authorities" can always find someone who is offended by the thing that they disapprove of.

The trick is in having control of the old media and the government. The old media tells people what they should be offended of, or afraid of, and publicises their disapproval of those actions. Then the government authorities need only pick those things that they disapprove of to prosecute. It is the very definition of tyranny.

How could the men who were engaging in legal commerce know that they were being observed by nervous bank tellers behind the anonymity of reflective glass?

They could not, and even so, it should not matter. Legal activities should never be prosecuted because someone is frightened or offended. The men never acted in a threatening or aggressive manner. I would wager that if they had been wearing uniforms, no call would have been made.

There seems to be little cause for checking out the vehicles after the men, without haste or aggression, got back in them and left. If the later stops were performed with some decorum without putting the occupants of the vehicles at risk, the situation should stop at that point, a mildly amusing example of media induced panic. To go further is simply to reinforce the conditioning that the public display of firearms is only to be allowed to our civic masters in uniform, government agents.

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Anonymous said...

The events at the LA airport today reinforce why most people don't like seeing guns displayed in public areas. Although most gun owners are responsible citizens, enough aren't to justify the fearful response most people have these days to the sight of a firearm in a public place.

Dean Weingarten said...

Notice that the shooter in the LA airport kept the rifle hidden until he was ready to start shooting.

If you see someone carrying a gun, and they are not pointing it at people and/or shooting at them, they are virtually certain to be a responsible citizen.

The cases where people openly carry guns for more than a few seconds, then commit crimes, are so rare as to be insignificant. People who intend harm do not want to bring attention to themselves before they are ready to commit their crimes.

Anonymous said...

It reminds me of the time I read about something similar a few years back.

A local man, gets out of his car and walks into the local bank with his hunting rifle over his shoulder, did his business and left.

It was at the Lorain Nat. Bank in Lorain, Ohio and I read about it in the Morning Journal.

I think it happened back in the 70s, so it may be hard to find.

Wireless.Phil said...

Anyone go to the site mentioned and notice what the last line was?

The sheriff said the following and he is making an untrue statement. They were not loading and unloading a gun (with ammo)!

""What more stupid a thing could you do than set right there in a picture window, loading and unloading a gun?", Lavender said.""

Dean Weingarten said...

I noticed that, and noticed that it can be taken at least two ways. The could have been loading and unloading the guns from the cars into the cars; or they could have been loading and unloading ammunition into the guns.

Somehow I think the first is the more likely explanation.