Friday, May 08, 2015

FL: Grandfather, bit by Family Pit Bull, borrows 9mm to Save 63-Year-Old Roommate

The initial attack caused these wounds.

In Florida, a savage dog attack reinforced the efficacy of firearms for personal defense.  In this case, the person who used the firearm did not even own it.  He had been attacked by his Grandson's dog, and had jumped over a fence to escape the attack.   While there, he heard screaming at his house, and discovered that the pit bull was now attacking his roommate, David Brasher, who was 63 years old.  From
David Brashear was taken to Lawnwood Regional Hospital with severe bites and lacerations on his arms. He was listed in critical condition and was in intensive care.
As Bacchus, who was the person first attacked, and the woman neighbor, Gina Day, listened to the screams, they were desperate for a solution.  Fortunately, Day had a gun, a 9mm Ruger pistol, which appears to be a K95PR.

"He's attacking him, and we have to stop him, and I said 'I have a gun,' because none of us were going to go up to the dog and pull him off," Day said.

Day gave Bacchus her 9mm handgun and he fired into the ground, and when that didn't work, he shot Nova's rear. The dog released Brashear and went inside.
 A gun gave a wounded grandfather the ability to stand up to the attacking dog and drive it off, very likely saving the roommate's life.

The bullet wound was not life threatening, but was sufficient to stop the attack.

The attack seemed completely unprovoked.   Later, in the police investigation, it was found that the dog had bitten another person in the throat only two weeks earlier.

Defense against animals is generally not included in statistics about defensive uses of firearms.

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Wireless.Phil said...

Should save this for the next time they say the dogs are not mean.

Anonymous said...

fools why do you not shoot to kill a dog that is and HAS attacked other people. I hope the dog was put down