Friday, June 05, 2015

WI: Knife Law Reform Passes Assembly Committee

Knife rights is having a good year.  In Wisconsin, a reform bill to de-criminalize switchblades for concealed carry permit holders and police was determined to be an insufficient reform by the Assembly Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety.   A strengthened reform bill, to include knife preemption and decriminalization for the State, was written and passed as a substitute amendment, by a bi-partisan vote of 8-2.

The bill number is AB 142.  Chances of passage in the Assembly and Senate look favorable.   It is likely that Governor Walker would sign the bill, as it essentially brings Wisconsin knife law in line with the Wisconsin Constitution.    Section 25 of the Wisconsin Constitution reads:

It is very hard to see that a restriction on the carry of knives could withstand scrutiny under such a clear statement of an enumerated right.

The bill may have been helped by the scrutiny given to Maryland's restrictive and vague knife laws because of the Freddy Grey case.

If legislators are encouraged to pass this bill by constituent support, I expect it to go to the Governor and to be signed into law.

However, many good bills die simply by inattention.

Here are Knife Rights links to legislators.

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