Monday, July 06, 2015

TX: Free Meal with CHL; Trend Confirmed

Brooks' Place, a BBQ restaurant decided to promote itself and the second amendment at the same time.    Brooks' is located at 18020 Fm 529 Rd Cypress, Texas, NorthEast of Houston.   From
Present your CHL this Saturday the 4th of July and receive a FREE SANDWICH with your purchase of a sandwich or anything higher. Have both CHL and CONCEALED GUN and dessert is FREE too.
The results were entirely predictable.
What a Historic Day at Brooks' Place today. By the looks of the support we may have just started something. Brooks' Place 1st Annual CHL and CARRY DAY. How Bout That?...
Here is something interesting about today. There were more WOMEN than MEN carrying concealed today. Gotta Love It.

 SOLD OUT!!! Thank you for supporting the cause. CHL Day is History one for the books. Thank you and thank you to all the good guys for Carrying.

 Appealing to citizens carrying legal guns is a winning strategy.  It attracts a top level clientèle while increasing security at the restaurant.  The comment about more women carrying than men is particularly telling.  It will be interesting to see what other holidays this strategy will be applied to.  The end result may be simply a blanket discount for armed customers, as has happened elsewhere.  We recently reported on the phenomena in Arkansas as well.  Brooks' went a bit further than Chicken Express, adding dessert for actually carrying a firearm along with the CHL.

The security benefits can be multiplied after the first of the year, when licensed open carry will be legal in Texas.  Brooks could offer a free meal with open carry on the 1st of January, when the law goes into effect.  I suspect that they would sell out again.

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Anonymous said...

I know many are excited about this, the possibility to finally be ALLOWED to exercise their right openly, but I refuse to champion the permission slipping of rights. To me, it amounts to being conned into supporting a con. It functions to cement the permission slip structure itself, by presenting the idea that Americans WANT their rights permissioned.

You know what? If the majority of people really DO want RIGHTS to be permission slipped, then all truly is already lost. And that certainly isn't cause for celebrating.

Americans are being suckered, daily, into conceding their rights willingly. And they just celebrate it like it isn't happening! Yeah, what a way to celebrate Independence.......champion a right being permission slipped, heck reward people for bowing to the permission slip itself!!!!!

Have we really fallen that far.....that people really don't see it? Or is it that so many have become so timid they don't have the courage to point it out?

Dean Weingarten said...

Considering that Texans went right along without even being able to exercise their rights with a permission slip, for 140 years, it appears to me that Texans are finally waking up.

I do not buy into the "we must restore everything right now, or never". Because by that standard, it is always "never" that wins.