Thursday, October 15, 2015

Dan Rather claims his Fraudulent Story on George Bush was "True" on the Today Show

Matt Lauer pushes a rewrite of history with the movie "Truth".  On the Today Show, at about 08:44 central time, Lauer gave discredited Dan Rather the opportunity to rewrite history.   Lauer shamelessly promoted the movie based on the book written by Mary Mapes, who uncritically accepted the fraud that advanced the narrative she was promoting.

Rather made the outrageous claim that the story that he promoted to stop President George Bush's re-election bid was "true".   It echoes his response at the time that the fraudulent documents that he used in his attempt to discredit President "Dubya" Bush were "Fake, but accurate".

This is eerily reminiscent of George Orwell's novel "1984".  If you control the past, you control the future.  With the making of the movie, "Truth", based on the book, written by Mary Mapes, an attempt is made to re-write history and portray the fraudulent manipulation of the public as "Truth".  It is not surprising that Mapes and Rather are portrayed as innocent "victims".   

I was a member of one of the online communities whose hard work and dedication showed incontrovertibly that the documents Rather's story was based on were a crude fraud.

The timing made clear that they were intended to influence the elections and elect the Democrat, John Kerry, through the mechanism of the fraud.  Dan Rather may not have known of the fraud, at the time, but his response shows that he did not care about the truth.  It shows that he was careful to have "plausible deny-ability". He wanted Bush out of the White House, and a Democrat in.  That was far more important than the truth.  Here is an excerpt from a review of Mapes book that details the evidence she wishes to sweep under the rug:
I have been through chapter one of Marry Mapes' book; I also have been through the Thornburgh-Boccardi report. There are so many misrepresntations of fact in Chapter One, I will not waste my time with the rest of the book.

Free Republic web logger "Buckhead" is not the only person with decades of computer publishing experience who spotted the CBS memos as not 1970s typewritten documents. Mapes sets "Freeper blogger Buckhead" up as a demonized strawman to distract attention away from the documents themselves.

I worked at Kingsport Press for thirty-four years in computer assisted typesetting, starting with IBM 1130 punching paper tape to drive Linotype linecasters, through the VideoComp and Linotron typesetters, ending with various Mac and Win PCs producing PostScript.

When I followed Joseph Newcomer's demonstration on the Web that the CBS memos were typeset recently and were not typewritten in the 1970s, it was like Composition 101. I followed along with PDFs of the four CBS memos downloaded from their website. Plus a PDF of an authenticated Lt Col Killian memo promoting Lt Bush in Nov 1970. Plus my experience typesetting hundreds of books and quarterly journals, and creating dozens of fonts for the VideoComp, Linotron, and Postscript typesetters.

The fact that another typesetter "Buckhead" found the same flaws confirms my observations.
The reviewer goes to considerable length to show the fraud in just the first chapter of Mapes book. 

Truth was depicted as what Dan Rather wanted it to be, not reality.  The fact of the fraud is readily available to anyone who looks; the problem is that many gullible people will be taken in by the outrageous propaganda.

This movie is an example of the problem that this country faces.  When people whose major concern is their lust for power control the media and the most powerful instruments in popular culture, the public is constantly bombarded with the lies and false assumptions about reality.

Support for the Second Amendment is one bright spot where truth is gradually triumphing over lies, as the civilization of the United States is fractured and destroyed by the never ending onslaught of fraud promoted by the left.

For 20 years, the race has been:  Will the old media self implode before the Republic is destroyed?

After 7 years of the first Affirmative Action President, elected by massive support from the media, the outcome is still in doubt.

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