Thursday, March 03, 2016

More Details FL: Man was searched, Pistol Whipped, Before he Shot 2 of 3 Robbers

The suspects frisked Davis and took his wallet and cellphone, but did not find his gun, Mascara said. One of the suspects, armed with a gun, was pointing it at Davis, who was on the ground, he told detectives. Davis lost some teeth from the pistol whipping and possibly a broken nose, Mascara said.

"He was obviously scared," Mascara said. "He wasn't just in fear of his own life, but feared for his friends."

When the armed suspect looked away, Davis pulled out his gun and fired eight times, striking Orvis four times, the Sheriff's Office said. One bullet struck and wounded the hospitalized suspect. Investigators don't know if the at-large suspect was wounded.
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