Friday, July 08, 2016

GA: Bystanders, one Armed, Stop Gunfight at Fouth of July Riverwalk Augusta

Richmond County Sheriff Richard Roundtree says the cause of the chaos was two shooters who decided the fourth was the time and the place.

Deputie say one of those shooters is Clinton Lamont Colemon. The report says fragments of concrete broken from bullets struck two people. One person in the face and one person in the back.

"At that time, a witness engaged that subject and tackled that subject to the ground and disarmed that subject," said Roundtree.

Not just tackling him. A report says the witness kicked Coleman in the face to keep him from harming anyone else.

"We never encourage citizens to get actively involved in violent situations. You have to applaud the courage of these individuals,' said Roundtree.

Another witness following suit, pulling out his own legal weapon and firing at the other shooter, telling him to put down his weapon. That shooter got away.

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