Wednesday, July 13, 2016

NY: County Fair Refuses to Rent Space to Second Amendment Group

The Jefferson County Fair is run by The Jefferson County Agricultural Society in New York state.  This years fair will be its 199th. This year, the Fair directors decided not to rent a booth to SCOPEny, a Second Amendment support group.  The Fair opens today, the 12th of July, 2016. SCOPEny says that they were told that "Guns" were too controversial for the Fair.  The Fair managment is using the fig leaf of a gun raffle, which is legal, as a particular part that they found to be "controversial. From
A Second Amendment group best known for its opposition to the SAFE Act gun control law has gotten the cold shoulder from a North Country fair over plans to set up a booth and raffle off a trio of guns.

"It's un-American when you can't put out information on both sides of the issue," said John Elwood, vice chairman of the Jefferson-Lewis County chapter of the Shooters Committee on Political Education, or SCOPE.

Elwood said he had talked to officials at the Jefferson County Fair, which opens Tuesday in Watertown, as early as January about setting up a booth.
 "Controversial" is a buzz word that means much of what the speaker and listener want it to mean.  In modern politics it is translated as "not politically correct".  Controversial is what you label political views that "progressives" do not want to listen too.

When Second Amendment supporters can label activities that infringe on the Second Amendment as "controversial", and have it stick in the old media, they will know that they have won.

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Anonymous said...

I smell a civil rights law suit. it should cost them enough that there will not be a county fair for many years. I think the organizers of the fair should be sued individually and as a group. It is past time to go on the offensive. it is time to shove our second amendment right down their throats. Pound them until they can spell uncle in sever different languages. rights are not collective property they belong to the individual.

Barry Cee said...

The law suit is the most powerful thing we can use in today's law drenched society. Anonymous (above) has thee right idea , " you cannot have the Second amendment without the First amendment" .