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Trump's Speech Writer is a Second Amendment Fundamentalist

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Stephen Miller has been a key figure in the Trump campaign, and is likely to be one in the Trump White House. He wrote most of Trump's speeches after he joined the campaign from the officer of Senator Jeff sessions, in January of 2016.  Stephen Miller and Steve Bannon  are very close, and have been for years. Bannon has already been named as senior counselor and chief strategist.

Trump has been consistently pro-Second Amendment during his campaign. I do not see minor, ambiguous statements, such as checking with the NRA about whether people on the terrorist no-fly list should be able to buy guns from a federal dealer, as inconsistent. No candidate can be 100% knowledgeable about all issues all the time. Trump has been more forcefully pro-Second Amendment than any president elect since at least 1865.

From a Politico article, this gem shows the Second Amendment was a source of Stephen Millers core values. As with many conservatives, the Second Amendment was a foundational stone in their understanding of American political structure. It is clear that Stephen Miller formed this understanding before he was 16 years old.  From
Miller was born into a family of lawyers and salesmen, two professions he never pursued but clearly has in him. His parents were Democrats, but Miller was pulled in a different direction early, converted to the conservative cause by a copy of National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre’s 1994 book, Guns, Crime, and Freedom, a blistering takedown of the arguments for gun control.

Stephen Miller was mocked on CNN for a fundamentalist Second Amendment viewpoint, on video here.

By the time Miller was 16, he was actively championing conservative values in his high school.

Such foundational blocks are not changed without serious trauma. Stephen Miller has not had any reason to change his solid constitutional foundation. His record in support of a limited government, conservative vision of the United States has been strong and steady. Early on, he saw the Trump campaign offered a rare opportunity to change the direction of the American political system. In June of 2016, Stephen Miller made this statement in a warm up speech for Donald Trump:
“Very rarely in history do people get the opportunity to vote for true, real, profound change,” he began, spinning the same themes he had used in our conversation. “I would venture to say this is an opportunity is not just a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This is the kind of opportunity that comes once in many hundreds of years. And it’s important, it’s crucially important, that every morning we wake up, we’re cognizant of just how historic and how rare this opportunity is. ‘Cause folks, it’s not gonna come again.”
Second Amendment supporters have Stephen Miller as an ally in restoring Second Amendment rights. 

We do not know what position Stephen Miller will have in the Trump administration. It will almost certainly be an influential one.

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Anonymous said...

Now all they have to do is get more conservative and second amendment oriented than I am and we are home free. repeal of the 1934 NFA and the 1968 and 1986 GCAs and stop the individual states from infringing on the second amendment and government corruption will have to change if not disappear. we elect a representative government. supposedly to represent every body, the will of the people. not lobbyists of any kind, good or bad. we elect those people on their campaign platform. not with their pockets open for lobbyists. If he wants to drain the swamp stop lobbyists from having any legal access to government. jail anyone paying or receiving money during their elected term three months prior to any election. why not work on restoring integrity and honor to the government? elect people for their knowledge and respect of the constitution and let me buy the rope for the ones that do not.

Anonymous said...

Think about this, everyone of the framers, the men that wrote our constitution, were wanted for treason by the king of England, How conservative do you think they were. I think even I would have to jump the right wingers was to join them. back then when you said anything you were expected to stand behind it. when they wrote shall not be infringed that is exactly what they meant. It took eleven years after the war of independence to get our constitution. every word in it was very carefully picked for its exact meaning. Infringe is the only word possible for exactly what their original intent was. Infringe means any thing and everything related to. any free person can own, keep and bear anything they please any where they are at any time of day without any one else's permission. and have the right to defend against any one for any reason. Cain killed Able with the jaw bone of an ass. Now if Able had a 44 Mag Cain may have been detoured. government should be limited to the jaw bone Idea and we all can have the 44 Mag. that is original intent.