Friday, March 03, 2017

Pepper Spray Illegal in Sweden; Must not Hurt Rapist

In a report on the state of crime problems plaguing Sweden, Katie Hopkins reported that pepper spray was illegal, because your rapist might be hurt. From the
I followed up on the riots last week. Not a single arrest was made.

After Peter's Facebook post, in which he drew attention to the volume of crimes allegedly perpetrated by migrants, he was branded a racist, a Nazi, a xenophobe

I spoke to residents who know burglaries will not be attended, rapes not prosecuted, car fires accepted with a shrug, pepper spray banned in case your rapist is hurt.
The last assertion seemed surreal. Internet searches turned up the incident that Hopkins was referring to.  From the
The teenager told police Wednesday evening that she was sexually assaulted by a dark-skinned English-speaking man near a migrant asylum center in central S√łnderborg. She said the man knocked her to the ground and tried to undress her before she was able to fight him off with her pepper spray, which is illegal in Denmark, The Local reported.

“It is illegal to possess and use pepper spray, so she will likely be charged for that,” local police spokesman Knud Kirsten told the Danish channel TV Syd.
This is what happens when a society's assumptions about reality (or at least those of the people in power) are false. In Hopkin's article, this gem stands out. She is interviewing  Mattias Karlsson, leader of Swedens most popular opposition party. He is asked why the people in power refuse to see the problems. From the
He explained that to accept there is a problem would mean accepting nearly 80 years of liberal thinking was wrong. That multiculturalism doesn't work, that mass immigration does not lead to integration, that Sweden has made a big mistake.
This is classic cognitive dissonance by the Swedish politicians currently in power. When reality disagrees with your core concepts of what reality should be, people try to ignore the reality. They work hard to silence others who talk about reality, because to acknowlege reality is extremely painful to them.  For Swedish politicians in power, to acknowledge reality is to admit that their entire philosophy is a farce; that they have been the authors of severe evil; that they have done exactly the opposite of what they claim they were doing.

Reality always wins, one way or another. Either the Swedish Democrats will win at the ballot box, or the problems will continue to get worse.

All over the Western world, false political constructs about reality are being toppled. Some of those constructs:

People are the same all over the world.

People are basically good.

People's motivations are all, at base, economic.

The use of force is always wrong.

War is never legitimate.

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Anonymous said...

One reason I never go to protest. the vision of that cop spraying protesters with pepper spray sticks in my mind. I fear I would have shot that SOB and claimed self defese. as I see it that was a criminal assault.

Anonymous said...

Read the Bibles Old testament. there is a time for everything and there is definitely a time for war. there is always a time to shoot. God gave us the right of self defense not the second amendment or the constitution. Pepper spray is a weapon the same as a pipe wrench or a knife or a ball bat. I prefer the convenience of a fire arm. feel free to attack me any time with anything just remember you attacked me.

NoMoreMarxists said...

There is a simple solution to the problem. After you pepper spray or shoot the rapist, either he's dead or you knock him out and then bury him in a landfill or swamp. Since the government of Sweden says do no harm to the rapist, then there is no foul if they can't find him.

NoMoreMarxists said...

If you use pepper spray or a gun on a rapist there, make sure he's dead or knocked out, and then bury him in a landfill or swamp. If the government of Sweden says do no harm to the rapist, there is no foul if they can't find him.

Anonymous said...

This country needs a reality check. Immigration is for those that want to come here to be Americans and assimilate to our culture not to change us to their culture. they must understand when the become Americans they leave their laws and religion back where they came from. Embrace the American way of life or leave. we will be fine without them.

Anonymous said...

Show me in our constitution where it permits any one that comes her to degrade our society or gains the protections granted to legal citizens. Our constitution created a government of the people by the people and FOR the people. the people being those that had the legal right to vote for ratification and their posterity. No where does 0ur constitution allows immigrants to violate out laws at will.

What makes a person an illegal immigrant in this country and why it is an appropriate term. Crossing our border without application and permission is a crime. You have committed an illegal act, in fact it is a felony. felons are not permitted to immigrate ever. by entering this country illegally they prevent themselves from ever legally immigrating It has absolutely nothing to do with race or religion it is the law for every one. it is a fair and equal law.

Existing immigration law requires one legal citizen parent to gain legal natural born citizen status at birth. Our constitution does not permit retro active laws to be passed. ex post facto laws are unconstitutional. Amnesty is an ex post facto / after the fact, so amnesty is unconstitutional. an American birth certificate is only proof of where you were born it does not bestow citizenship unless you have one legal citizen parent at the time you were born.

My first daughter was born in Germany but because of specific allowances in the immigration law she is a natural born citizen. she was born to two Natural born American citizens and her father (me) was on active military duty and she was born on legal American soil, American military base hospital. Many places in the world recognize dual citizenship. The united states does not. According to American citizenship laws a child must choose by age eleven years which country they will choose as their place of citizenship when dual citizenship exist because of the place of birth. Germany claimed my daughter as a German National. Mexico will not allow any one to deny their Mexican nationality. this is a legal block to people from certain countries to take an oath of allegiance to this country. if you can not denounce your dual citizenship you can not be 100% American.

Anonymous said...

the immigration law is a two edged sword because the united states does not recognize dual citizenship for American citizens. a child born here that has no legal citizen parent is a foreign national born abroad not a natural born citizen. the child is as illegal as the parents. Trump says he will enforce existing law well that is existing law. because the constitution forbids ex post facto laws to be passed, even if the immigration law is changed those that are here illegally now would be illegal after the law is changed. the immigration law was written to protect Americans not foreigners. foreigners are not protected by OUR constitution. Our constitution was written to protect legal Americans. this is why foreigners are arrested and put in jail, it is a crime against America to be here without legal permission. If foreigners will not respect this law what other laws will they ignore? foreigners are criminal the instant they cross our border without permission and that crime is a felony. Felons are forbidden to immigrate by existing law. I know this to be true because I have been schooled on this law by our government. I have had to learn these laws for my own family members. and it is a part of my constitutional studies for the last 40 years. I study various aspects of law as a hobby and so that I know what I am talking about when issues come up in conversation..