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OH:Criminals, Emergency Rooms, and Survival

When a person suffers severe trauma, minutes become precious.  Prompt medical treatment means the difference between losing a limb or keeping it, between full brain function and life confined to a wheel chair, between life and death. 

I recently wrote about the percentage of people who are shot who survive.   One of the most important factors in survival is whether a person shot arrives at a medical treatment facility with a pulse and blood pressure.  If they do, chances of survival jump to about 95%. 

In this example of a shooting of an intruder in Prairie Township, Ohio,  the budding criminal's "friends" either did not know this, were drug or alcohol addled, or were hoping it would all go away with wishful thinking.   Reality intruded instead.  From columbusdispatch.com:
Despite a gunshot wound in his upper back, Barbee ran with his friends about a half-mile back to Barbee’s house at 635 Dovalon Place.

Nobody called 911. Not until an hour later, at 5:14 a.m. when Adam Pickens picked up the phone


Their friend dead, Pickens and two other youths, Brandon J. Hamilton and Tyler R. Blazer, both 17, were arrested. Hamilton and Blazer are facing delinquency counts of murder and complicity to aggravated burglary. Pickens is facing those same charges in adult court and is being held on $250,000 bond.

“If they would have got him help, we wouldn’t be talking about murder charges,” Franklin County Sheriff Zach Scott said. “It was a bad decision on top of a bad decision.”
Members of the new tribes known as gangs know to drop off a shot confederate at the local emergency room.   These young men do not appear to be part of a gang, and they did not have the street smarts to take their friend to the hospital immediately.  Prairie Township is mostly surrounded by Columbus, Ohio.   Perhaps an Ohio resident can give us local knowledge about the area.

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PA: Gunfight; Nephew Saves Couple from Enraged Ex

Police say a man enraged over his estranged wife’s new relationship showed up at her home in Dauphin County, armed and ready to kill.

60-year-old Todd Eugene Taylor was determined. He drove from Halifax and arrived at the 200 block of Kempton Avenue in Swatara Township armed with two handguns and a 12-gauge shotgun.


“Mr. Everette initially had fled the home through the rear of the house with his girlfriend when the shooting began but then after hearing cries for help from his aunt returned into the front of the residence armed with a 12-gauge shotgun and confronted Taylor in the upstairs hallway,” said Chief Umberger.

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OH:Private Buyers Compete for Guns at Toledo Turn In "buy back"

I missed the notifications of this 8 September 2014 event.   It seems that those notifications are coming closer and closer to the event date, almost as if those conducting the events do not want anyone to do any pre-planning.   Toledo has a checkered history of police bullying private buyers and sellers.   Buckeyefirearms.org did a great job of exposing this last year, with four videos:  Video 1, Video 2, Video 3, and Video 4.  It did not matter much.  There were plenty of private buyers there this year.

This year, the police seem to have learned more about the law.  Maybe it was the bad publicity.  Here is what the Toledo Blade reported:
In addition to attracting people willing to trade in their guns for cash, the buyback drew private gun buyers and collectors who were willing to pay people cash.

Larry Lorms of Columbus was willing to offer more than $50, possibly $300 to $400, depending on the model, age, and condition.

 They even reported that the police had no problems with the private buyers:
Sergeant Madison said she was aware of the buyers outside the church.
“That is their right to be there. We are not concerned about them,” she said. “Our mission is to provide a service to our community. We are not trying to pressure people to get rid of guns they want to keep.”
I have not seen how many private sales were conducted.   Last year the turn in event brought in at least two nice S&W revolvers.   A total of 185 guns were collected, and 90 pounds of ammunition!

Some private sales were conducted last year:

No numbers yet for the 2014 event.

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VA Letter of Revocation of Second Amendment Rights

This image of a VA letter revoking second amendment rights based on PTSD diagnosis appears to be legitimate.   I do not recall ever seeing this type of revocation being challenged in the courts.   As the decision is a bureaucratic one, not one that was made with due process through the courts, a challenge other than the appeal process might hold promise.

The point here is that the VA should not have the power to unilaterally make this decision without court oversight.  The existence of an appeals process is not, in my opinion, sufficient due process.   I do not know how the letter was delivered.   Was it properly served as a legal document?  

Lawyers, feel free to enlighten us.    Is the sending of a notice of an appeal process considered sufficient as to constitute due process of law?   Would a mere letter, sent by first class mail, meet legal requirements of service?  

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TX: Dramatic Video of Gunfight

The man attempting the robbery appears to have a pistol gripped shotgun of unknown make.    In the video, it is clear that he hides the shotgun until he starts to attempt the robbery.  

In the narrative, it is unclear exactly what happens next, whether the father pulls out a gun and tells the robber to leave after the daughter is threatened, or whether the father hands the gun to the 20 year old son,  or whether the son takes the gun from the father, and then shoots the robber. 

It seems most likely that the father handed the handgun to the son, who then shoots the robber.

The son fires at the robber, wounding him in the leg.  The robber retreats, but refuses to put down the shotgun, even after the son tells him to do so.  The defensive handgun used is a full sized semi-automatic of unknown make.

It appears that the robber never fires the shotgun.   It would be interesting to know if there was a round in the chamber, if the shotgun was operable, or if it was loaded at all.  Criminals often make fatal mistakes about weapons.  Discipline, training, and practice are not high priorities for most criminals, especially those that rob convenience stores.

When the robber continues to try to shoot at the family, the son fires several more times, killing the robber. 

It is classic to see the son, on video, state what has become so clear, but so politically incorrect:
"It was not wrong, because I was protecting my family."
Here is the link to the video.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

MS:Suspected burglar shot by resident

Jackson resident Johndarius Curtis, 20, was facing this dilemma on Sunday after he walked up on a suspected burglar trying to steal a stereo from his vehicle.


 Jackson Police said the 28-year-old male suspect attempted to strike Curtis with his own stereo, that's when Curtis shot the man once in the jaw with a .22 caliber revolver.

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CO: Armed Homeowner Shoots at Intruder

A burglary Saturday at a residence on the 2600 block of Aster Street was thwarted when the homeowner shot at the intruder at 5:33 a.m.

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MA: Real Gun Beats Fake Gun

SPRINGFIELD — Video footage from Wednesday's attempted armed robbery at a Six Corners market shows the store owner fending off an assailant who allegedly stuck a fake gun in his face.


 "I say, 'I'm not gonna shoot ya,' and I was holding him till the cops got here, and that's what I did," the owner told ABC40 reporter Brendan Monahan.


 Pelzer's defense attorney told the judge that her client, whose address was unavailable, works as a neighborhood recruiter for ARISE for Social Justice and plans to attend Holyoke Community College.

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TN: Armed Homeowner Stops Assault

The victim, who came to the door with a pistol, was reportedly assaulted after he told the men to leave. He said he was in fear of his safety, so he fired his weapon, hitting Weiss in the leg and chest.

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Wall Street Journal: Finally Waving the White Flag on the Assault Weapons Ban

If the CAP is Washington's leading liberal think tank, liberals are in big trouble.

Twenty years after the since-expired assault weapons ban passed Congress, Washington’s leading liberal think says it’s no longer an idea worth pursuing.

The Center for American Progress is waving a white flag on banning assault weapons in a study out Friday titled “Assault Weapons Revisited.” CAP authors Arkadi Gerney and Chelsea Parsons argue that gun control advocates focus their energies primarily on expanding background checks and firearms licensing laws instead of pushing to prohibit assault weapons like the AR-15 rifle.

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PA:Another Writer Transfers Volition to Guns

The alternative online publication philebrity.com, which is about "Philly Arts, Gossip, Media, Music, Nightlife & Politics".   The have picked up on the theme of irrationality of those who wish to disarm the citizenry by attribution volition and motivation to inanimate objects:

"..3,373 people were killed by guns in Philadelphia between September 11, 2001 and the end of 2013, and 174 more have been murdered so far this year."
People were killed *with* guns, not "by" guns.   There is a large difference.   Guns are not alive.   Guns do not make choices.  Guns do not have volition or motivation.   People do.   Those who try to impute volition and motivation to guns appear to do so in order to remove volition and motivation from people.   If humans have no volition or motivation, then they are not responsible for what they do.   That seems to be what this irrational usage is aiming at.

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Another Mayor Says: Thousands are Killed by Guns

 Mayor Hodges of Minneapolis is all wet.

I recently wrote about Mayor Sly James of Kansas City saying that "Too much violence is committed by guns".   I was skeptical that he had actually said that, because the Mayor is a well educated man, and served on active duty as a Marine.   It is a nonsensical statement to say that violence is committed "by" guns.   It transfers volition and responsibility to an inanimate object.  But, with another Mayor saying much the same thing, I begin to wonder.

Minneapolis Mayor Betsey Hodges, at a "Gun Violence" conference in Milwaukee, used the same improper transfer of volition to inanimate objects.  As reported by jsonline.com:
Hodges said urban gun violence is a moral issue, with thousands of teenagers killed each year by guns, as well as a political issue, because most victims and suspects have similar backgrounds, including criminal histories.
No, Mayor Hodges, the teenagers are not "killed each year by guns".  They may be killed "with" guns, but the difference is crucial.   They are killed each year by each other, primarily.   It is not a lack of jobs or education that causes them to kill each other.   It is a lack of responsibility for their actions, a lack of respect for themselves and others and their property, and a lack of respect for the rule of law, that causes them to kill each other.

The lack of responsibility, respect, and the rule of law have numerous causes, but primary among them are the "progressive" policies that have been implemented in the last 50 years.  Those policies implicitly preach that they have no responsibility for their actions,  a father is of no help in raising responsible children, that the rule of law is repressive, and that working is a form of slavery.

These policies have created an urban frontier where the new "tribes" are gangs that view everyone outside the gang as enemies or prey.

Guns are just a scapegoat that is used to cover the failure of the political policies of the last 50 years.  Politicians cannot admit the failure of these policies, because they have invested their lives and careers in them.   The politicians live lives insulated from the effects of their policies.   It is everyone else that has to pay.

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3D Printed Imura Revolver Hybrid Development

An innovative 3D printed hybrid revolver design is being worked on as tribute to 3D printings first martyr,  Yoshito Imura.  Imura was arrested for 3D printing some plastic, blank firing guns in Japan.  The development would fire from the bottom of the cylinder, as did the original blank firing plastic gun.   The new design has hybrid features, including steel chamber sleeves and barrel liner.

 As seen in this computer image of the developing design, the revolver is meant to be double action; that is, one pull of the trigger will rotate the cylinder, cock the striker, and release it, firing the charge, whether cap and ball, blank cartridge, or conventional cartridge.

It is an ambitious design.   Here is a link to tweets on its development by WarFairy, Frostbyte, et al.  Double action revolvers are more complex than single action revolvers such as the original Imura design.  I see one weakness that the designers have probably noticed.   There is very little tensile strength in the proposed design.   Convention revolvers use a metal frame to contain the forces generated by firing a charge.   The chambers contain the pressure at right angles to the barrel, but the frame, chamber, and case, if one is used, must contain the pressure to the rear.   The projectile contains the pressure to the front, where the force is used to propel it out the end of the barrel.
If I were designing this revolver, I would consider the use of a bolt as a center pin for the cylinder to turn on.   A simple backplate of steel could be made to screw the bolt into, adding tensile strength.  It would not need to be circular, as long as it supported the rear of the chamber being fired.  Removal of the bolt would allow the cylinder to be removed from the side of the design, so as to facilitate loading.  Many conventional revolvers use this design feature.

While development is still in progress, at least one prototype cylinder has been produced.   Looking at the surface of the cylinder, it appears that a hobby type printer was used.   More images are available at this site.

Hybrid designs such as this offer unique advantages for the production of inexpensive firearms outside of normal channels of commerce.

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Florida looks to Expand Legal Hunting with Gun Mufflers

While the United States leads the world in most ways, it has lagged in the adoption of mufflers for guns.   In most of Europe, mufflers on guns are not controversial.   In Finland, ownership, manufacture, sale, distribution, and use of gun mufflers is a constitutional right.   On most of the continent, gun mufflers are easier to acquire than firearms; their use is considered good manners.

Not so in the United States.   Due to a weird quirk in firearms law passed during the Roosevelt administration, gun mufflers require a $200 tax to be paid to the federal government.  Processing of the tax form runs to several months.   When the law was passed, the tax was equivalent to $4,000 today.   This "tax" was on a device that normally cost $10.   Today such devices can be had for $50 in Finland.   No reason was given for the virtual ban on the mufflers.

Now that inflation has reduced value of the tax to "only" one half  to four times the cost of the device, there has been a resurgence in the use of gun mufflers.  States are seeing the advantages of reducing ear damage and the irritation of neighbors.   Most states now allow the mufflers to be used for hunting.

Florida already allows gun mufflers to be used on private property with rifles and pistols, and for hunting with shotguns.   From bizjournals.com:
TALLAHASSEE | Hunting game in Florida could become less noisy by the end of the year.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission advanced a proposal Wednesday to remove a prohibition on the use of noise-suppressors, or silencers, with rifles and pistols when hunting deer, gray squirrels, rabbits, wild turkeys, quail and crows.

The proposal will now be advertised in the Florida Administrative Register, and the commission is expected to vote on the new rule in November.
Florida is likely to join the other states in allowing the devices to be used for most hunting.   It is hard to argue against it when bows and crossbows are legal.

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PA: Legislature to Vote on Gun Law Reform

The NRA is reporting that an important gun law reform will be coming up for a vote this week.  From the nraila.org:
Next week, the Pennsylvania Legislature returns from its summer break, and the NRA has learned that the state House of Representatives may be considering a vote on House Bill 2011 as early as next Monday.  This critical firearms preemption legislation is needed to strengthen and provide consistency in Pennsylvania’s firearm and ammunition laws throughout the state.  To date, nearly fifty municipalities have enacted illegal local gun control ordinances including Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Lancaster, Reading and the state capital of Harrisburg.  Enough is enough.
 I wrote about the law back in March.  There are very good reasons to pass this law.  It is popular with the legislature, and the anti-rights types hate it, because it provides needed limits on government power.  Local tyranny is still tyranny.   

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AZ:Armed Robbery: Distraction = Death

A common theme in the failure of armed robbers is the problem of becoming distracted, if only for one or two seconds.   That is all the time a prospective victim needs to access a weapon and strike a fatal blow or three.   Robbers want compliance and money or goods.   They generally do not want murder, at least until after they get the goods or money, which compliance helps them to obtain.   In this case in Phoenix, the would be robber was distracted, and loses the subsequent gunfight.   From kpho.com;  Crump is a police Sargent:
The suspect walked up to the 54-year-old seller, who was in the back seat of a vehicle, about 9:45 p.m., Crump said.

But when the seller asked to see the suspect's medical marijuana card, the suspect pulled a handgun and tried to rob the victim.

Crump said the suspect's attention was diverted and the victim also pulled a handgun and shot the suspect several times.

The suspect returned fire and struck the victim's vehicle at least once, but did not hit the seller, Crump said.
The lesson for potential armed robbers is, distraction = death.  It is very difficult to avoid all distraction.   For a single robber, it is almost impossible.  He has to cover 360 degrees, and the noise at the back room or door could as easily be a deadly threat as the clerk that he is holding at gun point. 

Even professional robber teams get distracted and die.  I recall a failed robbery in Florida, where one of the victims was a 71 year old retired Marine with a concealed carry permit.   It took two attempts to get the robbers distracted; they were canny and suspicious of the older man who wasn't acting exactly as they wished.  They were correct in their suspicion:  he pulled out his legally carried pistol and killed one and severely wounded the other.  They were ordering him into the store restroom when he shot them.

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

TX: Gas Station Owner Shoots at Thief

The owner followed the suspect outside the store and shot at the thief, but it's still unclear if he was hit.

"I drew upon my training and I did what I had to do to protect me and my co-worker," the clerk told Eyewitness News.

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TX: Woman Shoots Man, Man Takes Gun, Flees

Perhaps not as bizarre as it might seem.  I have read of at least one, perhaps tww similar cases.   If you consider that the disarm prevents further shooting, and leaving allows for care of the wound...

San Antonio police said a man allegedly talked himself into a woman's apartment and tried to choke her.

That's when police said the woman pulled out a gun and shot the man in the shoulder. The woman told officers the man fled, but also managed to take the gun.

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WeaponsMan:Printed AR Lowers Continue to Evolve

Another excellent article by WeaponsMan:

The mainstream media have left this behind for now, although another round of ZOMG Invisible Ghost Guns!!1!!!1!! is never too far in the future, and indeed in Calfruitopia a “Ghost gun ban” bill which criminalizes build-your-own firearms is on the desk of the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh er, Governor Brown. (We regret the error. They’re easily confused). But printed AR lower designs continue to evolve.

More here, with good pictures

Charles Krauthammer, the Assault Weapon Ban, and Shannon Watts

On April 5th, 1996, Charles Krauthammer gave his reasons for supporting the 1994 Clinton Assault Weapon Ban.   The column was called "Disarm the Citizenry.  But Not Yet." in the Washington Post.  
Ultimately, a civilized society must disarm its citizenry if it is to have a modicum of domestic tranquillity of the kind enjoyed in sister democracies like Canada and Britain. Given the frontier history and individualist ideology of the United States, however, this will not come easily. It certainly cannot be done radically. It will probably take one, maybe two generations. It might be 50 years before the United States gets to where Britain is today.

Passing a law like the assault weapons ban is a symbolic -- purely symbolic -- move in that direction. Its only real justification is not to reduce crime but to desensitize the public to the regulation of weapons in preparation for their ultimate confiscation. Its purpose is to spark debate, highlight the issue, make the case that the arms race between criminals and citizens is as dangerous as it is pointless.

De-escalation begins with a change in mentality. And that change in mentality starts with the symbolic yielding of certain types of weapons. The real steps, like the banning of handguns, will never occur unless this one is taken first, and even then not for decades.
The column came to mind because even the Bloomberg funded Moms Demand Aciton has decided to step away from the idiotic "Assault Weapon Ban" for much the same reasons that Charles Krauthammer mentioned:

While many gun control groups still officially support the assault weapons ban — "we haven't abandoned the issue," as Watts said — they're no longer actively fighting for it.
Krauthammer has changed his thought a little bit since then.   This is from his column "The roots of mass murder" published in December of 2012:
I have no problem in principle with gun control. Congress enacted (and I supported) an assault weapons ban in 1994. The problem was: It didn’t work. (So concluded a University of Pennsylvania study commissioned by the Justice Department.) The reason is simple. Unless you are prepared to confiscate all existing firearms, disarm the citizenry and repeal the Second Amendment, it’s almost impossible to craft a law that will be effective.
But Charles has never really explained why he thinks that gun bans are necessary for domestic tranquility.   They have never reduced the homicide rate anywhere else.    The homicide rate in England increased with increasing gun control, including homicide with guns.  Nowhere have gun bans been shown to decrease homicide rates.   The closest place is Australia, where a massive, intrusive, gun control scheme was pushed onto the public in a rush after a mass shooting in  1996.   The legislation had been planned in advance, just waiting for the right trigger. 

The only problem is that academics agree:  the legislation had no effect on Australia's homicide rate, which was already dropping before the ban.

An excellent counterexample is Switzerland, which had far less gun control than the United States for decades, up until 1998.   Facing immense pressure from the European Union to impose restrictive gun laws, Switizerland implemented gun control that brought it close to the United States in some areas, more restrictive in some ways, less restrictive in others.   Yet Switzerland has always had one of the lowest homicide rates in Europe.

The evidence that restricting guns lowers crime simply does not exist.   So why does Charles Krauthammer think it is necessary?  Does his idea of "domestic tranquility" mean something other than crime reduction?

I have one explanation.  It is because citizen disarmament has become an article of "progressive" faith, not logic or reason.    Perhaps part of that is simply that "progressivism" is built on the idea of a powerful state protecting and providing for its citizens.   If the state is your god, limits on it, such as the second amendment, are intrinsically offensive.

But limits on state power have proven to be necessary everywhere. Even socialistic European nations have found that they must limit state power. All of them have far lower corporate tax rates than the United States, for example. Unlimited state power leads to disasters such as the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, North Korea, and most recently, Venezuela.  Expecting a "world government" to be an exception to the abuse of state power is the worst kind of pollyannism.

I would like to have Charles Krauthammer explain what "domestic tranquility" would be enhanced by a gun ban.   Perhaps he will, some day.

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

MO: KC Mayor James "Violence is committed by guns." ?

There has been much talk about how "progressives" do not believe in individual responsibility.  There is the stereotype that liberals attribute volitional powers to firearms, that firearms cause violence.   In anticipation of the veto override  of SB656 in Missouri, Mayor Sly James gave a speech in Kansas City, MO.

The transcript from fox4kc.com shows:
Violence, the mayor says is committed by guns.
I listened to the video of the speech.  That sentence is not recorded from Mayor James, but is reported as being said by Kerri Stowell of Fox4news.  As I heard it , she said that Mayor James said "Too much violence is committed by guns".

It does not matter  much whether the Mayor said it or if Kerri Stowell misquoted him.  It is a major misuse of the language to say that violence is committed "by" guns instead of "with" guns.   "By guns" attributes agency and volition to guns, a nonsensical statement.   "With guns" correctly attributes agency and volition to the people using the guns.

I see and hear this usage repeatedly.   I do not think it is accidental.  Saying that violence is committed "by guns" removes the volition and responsibility from human hands, and offers a simplistic and irrational solution to a complex problem.   Remove the guns, and you remove the violence.   As with most simplistic solutions to complex problems, it only creates more problems.

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The Lethality of Shootings in Wisconsin


How many people who are deliberately shot survive, compared to those who are shot and killed?  Some early work on this subject was done decades ago.    In 1985, Cook found that about 15% of assault linked gunshot victims that were known to police, died.  That would be a ratio of 5.67 to one.

A recent study by the Urban Institute(pdf) helps to shed some light on this ratio.  It gives fairly precise figures for firearm assault injuries that are reported by hospitals, for Black males 15-34.

By finding the ACS numbers for the population of 15-34 year old Black males in Wisconsin, we can determine the number of assaultive gunshot victims that were reported by hospitals.    The population  number, according to ACS estimates, is 16.5% of the Wisconsin black population, or 59,259.   This matches well with the 2010 census figures of 59,522.  The number of assaultive gunshot victims then comes to .59259 x 554.4 or 307.   The article points out that 6.5% of these hospitalizations ended with the victim dying, so the non-fatal hospital reports are .935 x 307 or 287.

With a little digging, I found the National Violent Death Reporting System has Wisconsin firearms homicides listed for 2010.   It only has this data for 18 states, and Wisconsin is one of them. It lists 37 Black male homicides victims from intentional gunfire in 2010 aged 15-34.   The non-Hispanic White and Hispanic male fatality numbers for the age group were both less than 10, so they were not available.  Together, they were only 13.

We now have a workable ratio for non fatal to fatal shootings recorded by  hospitals, or lethality of assaultive shootings.   It is 287 to 37, or 7.76 to one.   That is in the ball park of what Cook reported in 1985   However, this is a limited slice of the population.   It is not hard to believe that older groups would have different results.

Young Black males are the group most involved in crimes, but young people are more likely to survive trauma. Over 30 of the young Black male victims were in Milwaukee.

I was a little surprised at the numbers.   As most shootings involve handguns, I expected a higher number of survivors.    Talking to knowledgeable friends, most thought the ration would be closer to 10-1.   One thought he had read of military studies with the 1-10 ratio.

There are uncertainties.   These results are only from Wisconsin, but the Wisconsin fatality percentage (6.5% once the hospital is reached) is listed as the same as the national percentage.

Some people may choose not to be treated for minor gunshot wounds.  I suspect the number is small.   Similarly, some murder victims may not be found.  Again, I suspect the number is small.

While not definitive, I find this ratio to be interesting.  All it really says, is that if you are a young Black male in Milwaukee, and are shot, your chances of survival are about 8-1.

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PA:Armed Homeowner Drives of Burglar

The incident happened around 1:00 a.m. on the 1500 block of Elbridge Street.

Police say the homeowner fired a shot at the suspect who did not fire back.

More Here

TX: Dogs Threaten New Born Calf, are Shot

“We received a call from the property and cattle owner who reported that he shot the dogs after they entered his property and began threatening his livestock,” Sheriff Larry Fowler said. “He was upset that he had to shoot the dogs but feared they would kill a new-born calf and other cattle. In this particular case, we found that the cattle owner’s actions were justified according to State Law.”

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Friday, September 12, 2014

SC: Victims takes Robbers Gun, finds Gun was Stolen

I have read thousands of stories of citizens fighting criminals, and usually winning, especially if they are armed.   In very rare cases, the criminal takes a weapon from an armed citizen.   It seems to be a bit more common for a citizen to take a weapon from the criminal.   It makes sense when you consider that the citizen has a lot more to lose than the criminal.  Criminals, by their actions, have shown that they have no concern for the rights of others, so a victim has reason to fear for their life.   Most citizens have no desire to harm others, so criminals know that citizens are less likely to kill them without provocation.  Here is the latest example of a victim taking a gun from a criminal.   The victim is 29 years old, and thought that he was checking out an Xbox One for sale.   From islandpacket.com:

He was met by two unknown men, one of whom pointed a gun, the report said. The victim wrestled it away from him, the report said.

Keeping the gun, the victim got into his car and drove down Bruce K. Smalls Road as the suspect and the second man ran from the home, the report said.

The victim returned to his home, called authorities, and turned the gun over to deputies, who discovered it had been reported stolen from a Burton home in 2007.
I am sure that the gun's original owner will be glad to get his gun back.  The man who recovered it should be rewarded.

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GA: Woman Shoots Dog in Self Defense

The woman told the officer she heard dogs barking loudly in her yard and upon checking, she saw two dogs jumping around her chicken coop. The woman went inside and got her .38-caliber pistol and went back outside, where she found the dogs had cornered her cat under a lawn mower, deputies said.

The woman fired two shots in the air to frighten the dogs, and while one dog ran, the other lunged at her, according to the report. She fired one shot at the dog, which laid down, so she called friends and family to get help, she told the officer.

More Here

MO: Legislature Overrides Nixon's(D) Veto, Restores Gun Rights

Today, September 11, the Missouri House Joined the Missouri Senate in overriding Governor Nixon's (D) veto of SB 656.    From wsvn.com:
The new regulations, which this time garnered the two-thirds majority needed to override Nixon's veto, take effect in about a month.
 Here are the primary reforms that will be enacted with SB0656:

  •  Guarantees the right to posses arms in public housing
  •  Forbids physical restraint or disarmament unless there is an arrest or an articulable and reasonable suspicion of criminal activity
  • Mandates that  POST  determine the training standards for school protection officers
  • Allows school districts to designate school protection officers
  • Forbids health care professionals from entering data about firearms ownership into databases 
  •  Allows for a demonstration of proficiency with either a revolver or semi-automatic handgun instead of both for the carry permit
  • Uniform open carry law throughout the state with a concealed carry permit
  • Changes the age of eligibility for the carry permit from 21 to 19
 The bill override comes on the heels of the overwhelming passage of Missouri Constitutional Amendment 5 on August 5th of this year.

Constitutional Amendment 5 changed the language of the Missouri Constitution to confirm that the right of every citizen to keep and bear arms is unalienable, that any restriction on the right shall be subject to strict scrutiny; and that the State of Missouri shall be obligated to uphold the rights.  SB656 becomes effective in a month.   Amendment 5 took effect on September 5th.   Amendment 5 removed the legislative power to regulate the carry of concealed arms from the Missouri Constitution.

It is too soon to determine what the synergistic effect of Amendment 5 and SB656 will be, but it seems likely that constitutional, or "permitless" carry is in Missouri's future.

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

CA: Homeowner Drives of Burglars with Pistol Shot

These "kids", that is criminals form 14-19, have some of the highest murder rates in the U.S. population.

A Rancho Cucamonga homeowner fired a .45-caliber pistol at a burglar climbing through a window, and deputies later arrested three suspects, all kids, sheriff's officials say.

More Here

Governor Christie Watching Shaneen Allen Gun Case

Governor Christie is closely following the Shaneen Allan case.  This fact was mentioned at the tail end of an article about New Jersey lawmakers attempting to reform the State's gun laws, which are some of the most restrictive in the country.  From cbslocal.com (NewYork):
Christie says he’s been following the case closely but doesn’t like to intervene in cases until they’ve had the opportunity to work their way through the judicial process.

“I don’t like to intervene in the judicial process until the judicial process has an opportunity to work its way through,” he said. “I think then and only then is it the appropriate time for a governor to consider action.”
The Shaneen Allen case has become something of a cause celebre because of the bizarre injustice of the New Jersey law.   Allan faces a mandatory three years in jail for a "crime" that appears to be without any criminal intent.   The act is a clear case of Malum prohibitum (wrong because it is prohibited) instead of evil of itself.    Lawmakers are hoping to avoid the embarassment of more cases like Ms. Allen's.    Allen is being prosecuted for being in possession of a gun in New Jersey, without a New Jersey license.  She holds a valid Pennsylvania concealed carry license and volunteered the possession of the gun when stopped by New Jersey police, close to the border.

Governor Christie commuted the sentence of Brian Aitken, another gun owner who was persecuted under the draconian New Jersey gun laws, in 2012.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

ID: Coeu d'Alene City Council Scoffs at the Law

Coeur d'Alene City Council.

Idaho, as with most states, has a preemption statute that guarantees uniform gun laws across the state.  The laws have proven to be popular in the United States.  All states have some form of preemption.   In New York, courts have ruled that the State handgun licensing law preempts local ordinances.  The laws vary in their application by state. 

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance is pushing Idaho governments to follow the state law.   Most have been doing so, at least when notified

Coeur d'Alene seems to have less respect for the rule of law than most.   From boiseweekly.com:
When the Coeur d'Alene City Council refused to overturn laws prohibiting firearms at parades and public assemblies, the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance threatened to sue, according to KTVB. A report from the Coeur d'Alene Press said the organization lacks the legal standing to file suit on its own, but members are working with an attorney to build a case.
From cdapress.com; two members of the council voted to amend the ordinace.
 Despite his arguments, Adams' attempt was unsuccessful. Only Adams and Councilman Dan Gookin voted to amend the ordinance.
Adams is to the right of the Mayor, who is wearing a suit and tie.  Gookin is to the left of the Mayor in the picture.

Ultimately, disrespect for the second amendment is disrespect for the rule of law.  It is not surprising that those who disdain putting limits on government power see any attempt to limit their authority as a challenge.

Governments have to have sufficient power to maintain the rule of law and to enforce borders.   The founders of the United States worked hard to create a balance of powers to restrain all levels of government, while allowing them to be effective.

State government restraint of local governments is part of that balance.

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Second Amendment Supporters Buy Best Guns at Cleveland "Buy Back"

At the recent Cleveland gun turn in event, "buy back", the public turned in 270 guns to the police.    Second amendment supporters were there in force, and purchased about 100 guns, some of the most valuable of the brought to the event, for cash.   From guns.com:
“Overall we saved about 100 guns. Anything worth saving was saved. I would say less than 10 guns of actual value made it through us to get turned in to police. If the guns weren’t worth anything, we directed them over to the police to at least get something for them. And we did encounter a couple with scratched off serial numbers that we immediately directed to the police,” said Pucillio.

The gun rights advocate stressed that all of the guns were bought in individual transactions and included several collectable firearms and antiques. The cache included a Colt 1911 and M1 Garand of World War II vintage, a Ruger Blackhawk and a Dan Wesson .357 Magnum that went into the hands of gun lovers rather than into the furnace door of a smelter.
There were at least two local groups of second amendment supporters present, Ohio Carry,  whose president was quoted above, and OhioCCW.org, who paid for the billboard truck shown in the photograph.   Some local news organizations downplayed the private purchasers.

In some instances, impromptu auctions took place as there were several buyers for the best guns offered for sale.   From OFCC, Crosswire3:

It was all fairly well organized and most every buyer had a change to approach any vehicle. If it was something they really wanted, nobody was there keeping them from paying a fair price for it. Many sellers received well over their expected $100/$200 in value, and I wouldn't have it any other way. If people want to be completely "fair" about things they should hold an open auction for every item that shows up instead of handing out numbers to take advantage of the sellers. All in all it was a very good showing from well-meaning and respectably dressed firearms rights supporters. Many innocent firearms were saved from a fiery demise
 At least one firearm, a Ruger Redhawk, was bid up form $100 to $400.

There is very little risk in buying guns at these events.   Here is an article that consideres the legal risk:

What is the Legal Risk of Buying a Gun at a Turn In (buy back)?

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Americans For Responsible Solutions Makes offer, Reneges (Giffords,Kelly anti-gun)

Americans for Responsible Solutions Pac, the political fundraising group created to turn Gabby Giffords tragedy into a way to raise money and disarm Americans, made what I thought was a very reasonable offer.

I was alerted to the offer by a member of the Arizona Citizen Defense League (AZCDL).   In short, Mark Kelly's group says that they will send you their latest propaganda book for a donation of any amount.

I'll tell you more about the book itself in a second, but here's our offer.

Contribute ANY amount you think is fair to support our work at Americans for Responsible Solutions, and we'll send you a copy of our book before it's even in stores.


We know that some people might contribute less than the book costs, and that's OK.

The suggestion from the email author was that a donation of 2 cents be made, as the book probably cost about 50 cents to print and a buck to deliver.

As shown in the screenshot above,  two cents was not accepted.   So much for the truthfulness of the "Any amount you think is fair" statement.  Another AZCDL member said that the lowest he could make it work was one dollar.  That would recoup most of the cost of printing and shipping... but that is not all.

As one of the officers of AZCDL warned:
ANY person who donates to these groups will also be counted as a member or supporter when they tell the media or Congress how much support they have. And, they WILL sell your information to other organizations and vendors.
They more than likely would make more than enough money to cover book printing and shipping by selling your information. In my offer.  I did not give them a telephone number, and the email address was one I could easily monitor for spam.

 I doubt that there is any useful information in this book.  I would not spend more than two cents for it.  I certainly thought that the two cent offer was fair, considering that they want to use the money to undermine my rights and the Constitution.

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MT:Dem Senate Candidate "virulently anti-gun"

“That’s not what her record says, not by a long shot,” Marbut stated. “MSSA tracked 24 gun-related votes cast by Curtis in the Montana House last session.  Curtis voted anti-gun on 23 of 24 opportunities.  For that, she scored a miserable 2.6%.  A 59% score would have earned her an “F” on gun issues.  She is well below F-, if there is such a thing.”


 “Curtis is virulently anti-gun,” Marbut concluded. “Her claim to support the right to keep and bear arms sounds like the beginning of another Walsh thesis.”

More Here

MS: First Gan Sales Tax Holiday Booming

Tupelo, Miss. (WTVA) — It was a booming weekend for sporting goods stores in the Magnolia State. Sunday marked the final day of the Mississippi Second Amendment sales tax holiday.

"It'd be nice to have this about every six months," said shopper Darrin Brown. Outdoorsman Darin Brown has been waiting for the Second Amendment sales tax holiday to go into effect for the chance to buy ammunition without the 7 percent state sales tax. He's not alone.

"I've seen a lot of people that I know that came this weekend just to get bullets and ammunition tax free," said Brown.

More Here

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

TX: Dove Hunting Disaster

Hunting in the United States is an extremely safe sport, much safer than swimming, football, baseball, or soccer.   Accidents are rare.   Accidents involving five year olds are rarer still.   When they happen, they make national news.

In Humble, Texas, a five year old accidentally shot himself while he accompanied his 11 year old brother who was hunting dove.

I started hunting independently, about the same age, often accompanied by younger brothers.  I can relate, and feel an intense sympathy for the young man, his brother, and the family.    From abc13.com:
Neighbors filled in the gaps, telling us the boys often go dove hunting. This time, their parents were left at home. The older brother got into the water-but the younger boy went back to get the gun and accidentally shot himself. Neighbors then say the 11-year-old tried to save his brother, desperately getting the attention of neighbors for help.
I have a theory about what happened, because I have taught gun safety and hunter safety for many decades.   Dove are attracted to ranch water reservoirs, called "tanks" in Texas, usually in the morning and evening.   They are a prime spot to hunt dove.  Dove are normally shot on the wing, and it is common for  a shot bird to fall into the water.  It is very likely that the older boy put down the shotgun to retrieve a downed bird.     That would explain why he was entering the water.

The shotgun appears to be a single barrel model.  He probably had reloaded the gun, but we do not know if he had closed the action.

Then, for some reason, the five year old decided that he needed to bring the shotgun to his older brother.   Perhaps a wounded bird was getting away; perhaps he saw more birds approaching.   Whatever the reason, it would have been easy for him to grab the barrel of the shotgun to drag it toward him.     This is an action that gun safety instructors specifically warn against.  It is all too easy for  a branch to slip off a safety or cock a hammer, a twig to find its way into the trigger guard, and then, the gun is pointed in the direction of the person dragging it, and it goes off.    If the action were left open, the five year old might have closed it.   He would have seen his brother do this many times.

If you look closely, you can see the exposed hammer.  You can easily see how it could catch on a branch or root and become cocked or partly cocked, and then released, firing the gun.  These type of guns are considered one of the safest, because they only hold one shot, and it is easy to determine if they are loaded or not.   No gun is meant to be dragged toward you by the barrel, but a five year old likely does not realize that, and so a hunting tragedy occurs.

Those events may sound unlikely, and they are.   It only takes once to create the extremely rare accident that the story recounts.    The five year old is in the hospital in critical but stable condition.

My prayers are with the family in Humble, Texas.

Two actions could have prevented this accident.  First, the gun could have been unloaded before the 11 year old set it down.  Second, the five year old could have been taught not to handle guns on his own.  

I will use this incident to teach future hunters how to prevent future accidents.

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NC: Intruder with Shotgun Shot by Homeowner with Pistol

— A homeowner shot and killed a masked man early Sunday who had broken into the Timberlake home, aimed a shotgun and demanded money, authorities said.

Person County Sheriff Dewey Jones said the homeowner, whom he did not name, discovered Jonathan Ellias Ziminack, 25, in the bedroom at about 5 a.m. wearing a mask “like a hoodie (but) only his eyes were showing.”

The homeowner pulled a pistol from beside his bed and fired one shot at Ziminack, Jones said. The bullet hit the shotgun before striking Ziminack in the stomach, Jones said.

More Here

IN: Robber Picks Wrong Victim, Gets Shot

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (September 8, 2014) – A person was shot and killed in an attempted robbery on the city’s near west side Monday morning.


The person killed in the shooting was found next to an ATM with a handgun. Police doing roll call across the street at West District Headquarters heard gunshots and ran to investigate the source. The shooter put his hands up and surrendered when officers arrived.

More Here

NE: 4-Year Old Sees Father Shoot Intruder

Officers responded to a radio call at the home northwest of 72nd Street and Sorensen Parkway about 9 a.m. Dispatchers told officers en route that the homeowner, Larry Rohatsch, 48, had shot an intruder, said Officer Michael Pecha, a police spokesman.


Miller, who had an outstanding warrant for his arrest, is the second intruder to be shot and killed by a homeowner during a burglary attempt this year.


Ann Gray, who lives nearby, said she heard Rohatsch’s daughter tell police that she was in bed when the doorbell rang twice. The girl said she heard the door get kicked in, then saw a man standing outside the bathroom with something in his hand, “and my daddy shot him.”

More Here

MS: Armed Husband Drives off Intruder in Early a.m.

McClung said Buchan invaded the home of a married couple around 4 a.m. Friday morning.

"It appears he came in through a window," said McClung. "The husband was able to run him out of the home with his gun."

More Here

CA: Resident Wins Gunfight with Intruder

A suspected would-be robber was shot by his intended victim early Sunday morning in Desert Hot Springs, then was in a car crash in Palm Springs.

Desert Hot Springs police were called to the 66300 block of Desert View at about 12:30 a.m. when gunfire was exchanged between the victim and would-be robbers at an apartment, police reported.

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SC: Homeowner Shoots Man who Kicked in Door

Chief Deputy Chris Cockrell told local media that Cedric M. Gantt Sr. was shot and killed early Sunday after he kicked in the door of a home on state Highway 23 in Ward.

More Here

Read more here: http://www.thestate.com/2014/09/08/3667290_man-shot-to-death-in-saluda-county.html?rh=1#storylink=cpy

AL:Man Wakes up, Wins Gunfight

Authorities said the boyfriend was in bed asleep with his girlfriend when she woke and saw her ex standing in the bedroom at the foot of the bed with a pistol in his hand, according to the preliminary investigation. The boyfriend also woke up, grabbed his pistol and a shootout ensued. Both men were struck. Investigators said the girlfriend had a previous relationship with the suspect, and he had made a key to her residence without her consent.

More Here

Monday, September 08, 2014

AL: "Mace" v. Gun, Gun Wins

Officers responded to a call at 3:10 a.m. on Sunday at 2811 Turf Ave. N.W. and made contact with a man claiming to be a robbery victim, the report shows. The victim, told officers he gave an unknown man a ride from the Chevron at 2605 University Drive to Northwood Housing Project.

Once the victim stopped the vehicle to let the rider out, the man pulled out a can of mace and sprayed the driver in the face, the report shows. Then, fearing for his safety, the driver retrieved a handgun and shot once at the robber, the report shows.

More Here

PA: Armed Victim Shoots Armed Robbery Suspect

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Police say a man was critically wounded after he was shot by a customer he was allegedly trying to rob at gunpoint at a take-out restaurant in North Philadelphia.

More Here

TX:Warning Shots Work to Stop Dog Fight

According to the incident report, a 32-year-old man saw his neighbor in her backyard along with two pit bulls fighting in the yard. The neighbor was attempting to stop the fighting.

According to the report, the man stepped in to help, pulling out his handgun. He shot his gun five times into the ground to stop the dogs from fighting.

More Here

Help needed: Age distribution of Black Population in Wisconsin

I am working on an article where I need age distribution of Black males in Wisconsin.  I need the number of Black males in Wisconsin 15-35 years old in 2010.  2010 is a census year, so you would think it would be easy to find, but I have not found it so far.

I have found a reference for the national figures in wikipedia, but not for the state figures.

Any help would be appreciated.

I would also like the numbers for Hispanics of the same age and sex in 2010 in Wisconsin.   I have estimates based on percent of the total population, but I was hoping that the census had better numbers.

Dean Weingarten

Pushback at Cleveland Gun "buy back"

There have been many academic studies showing that gun turn in events, also known by the propaganda term "buy back", have little or no known effect on crime.   They are considered a waste of police resources.  They are also a waste because there is no reason to destroy the valuable firearms collected, other than to send the propaganda message that guns are bad and should be destroyed.

Several states have enacted legislation to stop this practice.  If those who organize these events wished to make them more effective, they would coordinate with private buyers so that valuable guns would be taken off the street and placed into responsible hands.   This would help insure that widows who do not know how much their inherited guns are worth, would get full value for them.   But the opposite occurs.  Supporters of these events say that if the firearms are not destroyed, there is no reason to do the event.

At the event yesterday (6 September, 2014) in Cleveland, OhioCCW.org organized a protest of this use of public resources to make partisan political propaganda.  This picture shows both sides of the billboard truck hired to repeatedly drive past the "buy back" event.

You would think that such a protest would be news, but it was ignored by most local media.   At least one outlet, newsnet5.com   proclaimed their partisanship by actively supporting the "buy back".   19actionnews.com did mention the opposition the to the event.
"Cleveland's violent youth and gang population will continue to kill people before and after the Cleveland Police Department's 'Buy Back,' confirming that these events are nothing but the collection of irrelevant firearms for the purpose of political theatre. OFCC's presence near the city's buyback event is designed to call attention to the wasteful and cynical nature of the program," said Garvas.
These events tend to stop once their propaganda value is destroyed.   Private buyers do much to defeat the message that guns are bad and should be turned in to the police.

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Weaponsman: Civilian Infrared Laser Sight/Illuminator

Weaponsman has a good article on this item.  It works well with night vision gear.

So L3 Communications, the makers of the PEQ-15, have made a civilian-legal Class 1 version, which they call the ATPIAL-C (“C” for “Commercial”). It’s basically the PEQ-15, made on the same production line out of most of the same parts, just without the high-energy mode. Even side by side they’re hard to tell apart. (Look at the laser safety label — the ATPIAL-C has a triangular warning icon, as befits its lower-energy laser, and the PEQ-2 the red starburst of an eye-unsafe laser). What you give up with the -C model is some range on the laser pointer, a lot of the range on the laser floodlight, ability to focus that light, and 100% of the risk of putting someone’s eye out or having the authorities take your eBay PEQ-15 away because it was originally stolen from Uncle Sam.

More Here

Sunday, September 07, 2014

TN:Armed Grandfather Holds Intruder for Police

“I don't know really what to think and I don't know really why he thought he had to talk to me but he had a pair of gloves of mine on. I pulled my gun out and put it to his forehead and told him to sit down and called 911 and I'm thinking I don't want to shoot this guy.”

The homeowner held Watkins at gunpoint until authorities arrived.

Sheriff's deputies searched the area and found a realistic looking pellet gun with a silencer in a pile of weeds.

Watkins was arrested and booked into the Sumner County Jail. He has been charged with five counts of aggravated burglary and theft under $500.
Authorities believe he could be responsible for other crimes in the area.

More Here

MI: Homeowner Shoots Naked Intruder

Reiss told FOX 17 that the man from Gowen walked into the home and fell asleep naked on the couch. The homeowner told police that he tried to wake the man up, but he became combative and a fight ensued. That is when the man was shot.

More Here

Lawsuit Filed Against Gun Ban in Northern Mariana Islands

With the 9th Circuit ruling in Peruta, Guam, Hawaii, and the Northern Mariana Islands can no longer sustain heavy restrictions on the ownership and carry of handguns.   Guam has already reformed its law.  Hawaii has a ruling against it and is waiting to see what  happens with the Peruta decision.   Now the Northern Mariana Islands have had a lawsuit filed against them to repeal the total ban on the ownership and carry of handguns.   It is hard to see how such a ban can stand, given the decisions in Heller, McDonald, and Peruta.  

The lawsuit has been filed by two residents, Li-Rong Radich and David Radich.   The lawsuit is supported by the Second Amendment Foundation, The NRA Civil Rights Legal Defense Fund, and Hawaii Defense Foundation.  From saf.org:
“The Second Amendment does not just apply to the continental United States and Hawaii,” noted SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb. “It also applies to territories under U.S. jurisdiction. The issue is a fundamental civil right, not only to possess a handgun, but also to use firearms for self-defense purposes, which is currently banned in the Northern Marianas.”
The territories administered by the United States should be included in any national reciprocity scheme for the carry of handguns.

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Cleveland Turn In (buyback) will Destroy Valuable Guns

Cleveland held its annual gun turn in "buy back" today, 6 September.   People turned in 270 firearms.  The term "buy back" is a pure propaganda term, because the guns never belonged to the people who are buying them.   From 19actionnews.com:
The Cleveland Police Department's eighth annual buyback seemed successful, taking in 270 weapons during the event, including seven shotguns, 10 rifles and 253 handguns.
Some of the guns were much more valuable than the $100 gift card given for handguns, or the $200 gift card given for semi-automatic long guns.   Some of the guns, such as the older double barrel shotgun, the 870 pump shotgun (lower right), and the bolt action centerfire rifle (second from right, standing, in back),  were turned in for free.

The Hi-Standard Sentinel snub-nose .22, with the fake ivory grips, would be more than a $100 gun generally.  The Ruger P89 or P90, just to its right, is about a $400 or $500 gun.   I am not certain that the semi-auto just above the 870 barrel is a Makarov, but if it is, it is about a $300 pistol.  A couple of pistols that are pointing toward the AK clone stock may be 1911s or clones.   If they are, they would be in the $500 or above range.

The AK clone and both the SKS rifles are worth well more than $200 each.  Just the folding stock on the center SKS is worth $100.  The AR clone could easily be work $700.

Last year the public turned in 352 firearms to the police.  The numbers turned in this year may be down because of competition from private buyers.  The reporting from 19actionnews.com barely mentions it, but there were private buyers at the event, attempting to prevent the blatant waste of resources that will occur with the unnecessary destruction of these guns.
Not everyone was in full support of the event, however. Although police accomplished their goal, there was competition across the street.
Academics have repeatedly found that these events do not have an impact on crime.

Sources informed me that there would be private buyers at the event.   I hope to report on their results in a later post.

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Jason's First Hunt

I recently posted about taking Joe hunting, and how he is now capable of hunting on his own.   Joe is on the right, Jason is on the left. 

Last year, Jason expressed an interest in hunting, but we were not able to make it happen.   This year, I was able to take Jason on his first hunt.

I arrived to pick up the young hunters.   A mistake had been made in setting the alarm clock, so no one was up, and I was knocking on the door at 5:15 a.m.   They got up shortly, and we were able to leave only 15 minutes late.   I told them that I was not upset, as it was only their prime hunting time that was being lost.  I gave the boys a short briefing to remind them of the safety rules before we left the house.

The best dove hunting is usually in the early morning, just before dawn, when the dove start flying.   A major storm system had gone through the area, and that often changes the birds behaviour, so we did not see as many as we had a few days ago.

Jason had only shot a shotgun once, under my supervision, a couple of years ago.  He had never fired at a moving  or living target.  On his second shot, he brought down a dove!   He missed the third shot, and brought down a dove on the fourth shot!  That dove proved hard to recover.   It crawled under some creosote bush, dense with trapped tumbleweed, and proved adept at evading both of us.   I had never had a bird that had been downed, that I had actually touched, get away before.  Its disappearance was like a magic act.  We finally gave up on looking for it.

An hour later, Jason and I started to walk over to Joe's position, and we spotted the wounded dove standing out in the open.   I directed Jason to finish it off with a shot aimed to catch the head in the fringe of the shotgun's pattern at 20 feet.   I wasn't going to spend another 20 minutes chasing after the wounded bird.

We do not shoot at flying birds when we are searching for one that is down, because that often results in a lost bird.

After the second dove, a lot more shells were expended.   Dove are fast, maneuverable, small targets.   Jason got one more bird with over a box of shells expended.  Joe also brought down one bird.   We intend to go out again tomorrow, to catch the early flight before church.

Here is a picture that captures the nature of our dove hunting area:

Jason is holding a 20 gauge Charles Daley model 500.  I only allowed him to load one barrel until I was more confident in his abilities.     Joe has my Browning Double-Auto Twentyweight.   They were only made in 12 gauge.

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.22 Rimfire Spotted in Yuma

.22 rimfire is starting to become more available, as tremendous demand is being met.   From around the country I am hearing reports of more .22 rimfire being available, though supplies are still not sufficient to keep stores stocked.

My friend Jerry needed to purchase some shotgun ammunition for dove hunting, as I was taking his son and friend out as beginning hunters.   We drove to Wal Mart.   Shotgun ammunition has never been in short supply.   Wal Mart was out of dove loads! 

Shooting dove with duck loads or buck shot is not a good idea.   I should explain that this is in the middle of dove season in Yuma, and after I had taken Joe, Jerry's son hunting, we went out for brunch.  We had to wait over an hour to get a table, because all the restaurants in town were crowded with dove hunters that had come in for the season. 

So, we went to a local gun shop and range, Sprauge's.   They had lots of dove loads, at prices lower than Wal Mart's.

We looked around the store, and I noticed that they had some .22 ammuniton in stock, at almost reasonable prices.  $3.19 for a box of 50, is 6.38 cents per shot, much lower than it has been for a while.  I talked to the clerk, and she confirmed that two months ago, it had been $5 a box of 50, with a one box limit.  Now the limit was three boxes.   You could buy one 333 round box for a little over $21.  Standard velocity CCI was available for about 10 cents per round.

Wal Mart had no .22 RF in stock. 

This all points to supply starting to meet demand.  Prices should drop, if we escape another political scare from the Obama administration.

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Saturday, September 06, 2014


From the Arbalest Quarrel;  They are starting a series to explain and define the strategies that have been formulated to destroy and defeat the second amendment.  Here is a link to part 1:



Suppose someone wishes to destroy the Second Amendment. How does someone do that? Antigun groups and their allies in Congress, in local and State Governments around the Country and Globalist antigun cabals around the world have devised myriad ways to do this. Yet, when giving thought to the means the antigun establishment employs to undermine the Second Amendment, you may fail to realize how vast in scope this is. We have, in the past, provided our readers with an inkling of the methods the antigun establishment employs to undermine the Second Amendment. But we wish now to deal with this singular matter in depth.

More Here