Thursday, August 28, 2014

DE: Shooting Ruled Justified

DOVER - Authorities dropped charges Tuesday against a 32-year-old man accused in connection with the second of two shooting deaths in Dover on Sunday.

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TX: Homeowner Shoots Intruder

"I was sleeping in, trying to get my rest. I heard the door bell ring. I'm like, who is this? I hear a strong knock. I'm like, something going on. I get up, I hear stuff at the door, I'm like, something is happening. I went and got my gun," said Quinton Wood.


  All I know is, I'm telling him, get down, stop. It went bad. He kept coming toward me and didn't want to stop," said Wood.

Deputies said Wood shot 25-year-old Avery Powell in the chest once. Powell was shot inside of the home, on the front door step. Wood said Powell kept begging to make a phone call.

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TX: Cell Phone Employee Shoots Suspect

Two suspects in a cell phone robbery were chased down and one of them shot at a Fiesta grocery store in northwest Houston.


 There is no word on what if any charges the suspect or the gunman will face.

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CO:Woman has Gunfight with Intruders who Steal her SUV

An armed woman in Denver chased two intruders from her home, only to have them drive off in her SUV.  From
About 2:30 a.m., two burglars broke into a woman’s home, then stole her blue Toyota Highlander, last seen going east on Exposition Avenue.

She got in a gunfight with the intruders as they took the vehicle.  From

The woman apparently got scared and fired at them while they were still outside.

“Obviously she felt threatened so she took some measures,” said Sonny Jackson, Denver police spokesman.

The suspects fired back, and one of the bullets ended up hitting a neighbor’s SUV and smashing the back windshield.

 Marquies Jackson was a suspect in the incident, in which two people reportedly broke into a home in the 7000 block of East Exposition Avenue about 2:30 a.m. Monday morning, the Denver Police Department said.
I suspect that Marquies is still a suspect.  Marquies is 18 years old.   The blue Toyota Highlander has not yet been recovered.

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GA: Store Owner Proud of Armed Employee

Suspect in five crimes
In Georgia, on Sunday, 24 August, a criminal attempted to rob the Shell Food Mart at about 4 a.m.  It did not turn out as expected.   The clerk pulled out his own gun and chased the robber from the store.   The suspect (perhaps accidentally) fired his gun as he ran off.  From
Surveillance video shows the suspect approach the counter, pull out a hand gun, and start waving it around. Patel then reaches under the counter and pulls out his own gun.
The suspect ran and Patel is seen on video chasing him out of the store. Patel said the suspect’s gun went off as he ran toward the self storage business next door. Patel said he’d do it again if he had to.
This sort of incident has been seen over and over again.   It is fairly common for crimes to be stopped by armed citizens.   What is seen less often is the attitude of the store owner:
 “I’m really proud,” said Shell Food Mart owner Bhinder Singh Dhiman. “Whatever he did I’d like if everybody started doing it that way, the robbery will be stopped, especially for convenience stores.”
Bhinder Singh is exactly correct.   The effect of disarming yourself so as not to present a threat to armed robbers only encourages more armed robbery.   It is why ransoms should not be paid to kidnappers.   It encourages more kidnapping.  On a national scale, Rudyard Kipling captured the essence of it in his poem,  Danegeld:

It is wrong to put temptation in the path of any nation,
For fear they should succumb and go astray,
So when you are requested to pay up or be molested,
You will find it better policy to say:

   “We never pay any one Dane-geld,
   No matter how trifling the cost,
  For the end of that game is oppression and shame,
  And the nation that plays it is lost!”
  The robber in this story held up five stores that night, and got money from three of them.

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AZ: Gun Control Loses in Arizona Dem Primary Race

Mary Rose Wilcox is a career politician from Phoenix' South side who runs a Democrat political machine that has been compared to Daley's in Chicago.  She was running in the Democrat primary for a congressional seat in the deep blue safe seventh district of Arizona, one of the few Arizona districts that is safe for Democrat candidates.   She had name recognition, organization, and money on her side.   She decided to differentiate herself from her main opposition, Ruben Gallego, by being more willing to chip away at second amendment rights.

Gallego is rated by the NRA as a B+, hardly much of a distinction in Arizona.   Wilcox seemed to think that pushing for severe restrictions on peoples' ability to keep and carry firearms would work for her.   From Mother Jones:

Wilcox, who was shot in the hip in 1997 by an angry constituent, has kept gun control front and center during the campaign, although not always successfully. She brought up Gallego's vote at a recent debate; in June, her husband, Earl, confronted Gallego at a gun control rally, alleging that he was a "traitor to the cause." Gallego, a former NRA member, has said he brought a handgun to work at the state capitol after receiving threats, but supports a ban on assault rifles and the county buyback program Wilcox helped to start.
Wilcox is not known for subtlety.   Many have attributed the fact that she was shot directly to her corruption.    In any case, her anti-rights attacks on Gallego did not work.   She lost the primary yesterday, 26 August, with 36% of the vote.   Her major opponent, Gallego, won with 48%.   Interesting enough, in this hotly contested election, which essentially decided who will be representing the "safe seventh" district, likely for the rest of their career, only 24,189 people voted.

Being for restrictive gun control did not work for Mary Rose Wilcox.   Being perceived as a modestly pro gun rights candidate worked for Ruben Gallego.

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FL: 89-Year-Old Wins Gunfight with Career Criminal

A decorated WWII veteran, who never fired a shot while overseas, won a battle with a robber half his age on Saturday.   The hand to hand combat lasted until Arthur M. Lewis and the robber were both exhausted.   Lewis had shot the robber six times, four times in the chest, once in the arm and once in the wrist and leg.  Lewis himself was wounded with a graze to his left arm.

Lewis' girlfriend says that people think of him as frail, but he is anything but frail.

The alleged robber, Lennard Patrick Jervis, has been arrested 20 times since 1989.   From
Lewis was working behind the counter at The Jewelry Exchange at 900 N. Federal Highway when he was approached by a gun-wielding man around 3 p.m., according to an arrest report from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. Lewis said he immediately grabbed the suspect’s revolver and pulled out a .38-caliber handgun from his own pocket.

The two men wrestled for several minutes and fired shots at each other. Despite battling someone half his age, Lewis got the best of it. A man identified by the sheriff’s office as Lennard Patrick Jervis, a Miramar resident, was shot six times by Lewis, including four times in the chest. Lewis’ left arm was grazed by a bullet, but he was otherwise unscathed.
Other members of the gun culture would do well to consider Mr. Lewis as an example of grace under fire.   His modesty is common among the WWII veterans that I have known.   I wonder how many crimes Mr. Lewis may have prevented by aiding in the incapacitation and arrest of Lennard Jervis.  

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

NE:73-year-Old Shoots Intruder

The 73-year-old homeowner told KETV NewsWatch 7 everyone was asleep upstairs, when they heard suspicious noises initially thought to be storm related.
The homeowner said he grabbed a gun and started walking downstairs, when he saw someone trying to climb through a front window.

With the alarm system blaring, the homeowner said he yelled at the intruder to stop. But when the intruder didn't stop, the homeowner said he shot the man.

WI: Armed Woman Drives off Intruders

The woman was in her Buffalo City residence near the city ball park about 5 a.m. Friday when two men forceably entered the rear door of the residence, assaulted the woman, and threatened her with a knife, according to the department. The woman fired multiple shots from a handgun at the two men, causing them to flee, the department said.

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TX: Neighbors watching Home Shoot Suspected Burglar

Sgt. Beall says the couple found the burglary suspect locked in a bathroom of their friend's home. They announced that they had guns, and tried to open the bathroom door. When they opened the bathroom door, the suspect allegedly rushed at the homeowners.

"He knocked the female into some of the furniture, both the homeowners discharged their weapons, striking the male. The male was able to get to the backyard, where he collapsed," said Sgt. Beall.

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TX: Armed 78-Year-Old Drives off Intruders

The homeowner reported to a deputy that he had been awaken by an audible alarm inside his house for his shop in the 36000 block of FM 1774 and observed the woman at his shop door. He reportedly ordered her to get on her knees at gunpoint, but she and the man who emerged both fled for their car. The homeowner fired at the tire of the vehicle and deputies were able to stop the suspects from fleeing. The woman was also arrested for an outstanding warrant.

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India: Woman Fights Leopard, Wins

A 54-year-old Indian woman has killed a leopard using only her farming tools after it attacked her on her way home from the fields.
Kamla Devi remains in hospital after a one-hour battle with the predator near her village in Rudraprayag district, Uttarakhand on Sunday.

The mother-of-one used a sickle and a small spade to fight off the leopard, after which she had to walk more than half-a-mile before finding help.

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FL:Legaly Blind, Homeowner Shoots Intruder who Cut Power

Melchisedec Williams is 50 years old and legally blind.  He has no sight in his right eye, and only minor vision in his left, because of Glaucoma.  He took in his 15 year old nephew to try to help straighten the boy out after he got into trouble at his mother's house.   The nephew disappeared a week ago.  He was arrested last Sunday on a separate charge, the family reportsFrom
Melchisedec Williams was woken up on Sunday night when he heard a crash and stomping. The 50-year-old man grabbed his gun, Tampa police said. The intruder, armed with only a knife, had cut the power to the man’s house and broken in through a bedroom window, police added..
After the lights went out and he heard the window crash, Melchisedec accessed his .38 revolver.  He tried to determine if the intruder was his nephew, but could only see a shadowy figure with a flashlight approaching him.   When he did not receive a response, he fired, hitting the intruder in the leg.   The intruder then responded, and the homeowner stopped shooting.  The intruder was his nephew, who, though hospitalized in critical condition, has survived.

People who have limited vision often compensate with more acute senses such as hearing.   They should not be denied second amendment rights because of their disability. 

Williams knows that he did what he had to do.
 “I have no remorse for what I did,” he said. “It’s sad what happened, but I’m glad it happened. That way it took him off the streets and people can sleep calmer at night.”
No charges have been filed against anyone in the case thus far.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

LA:Baton Rouge Ban on Guns in Places that Serve Alcohol Unconstitutional

The U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Louisiana has struck down the City of Baton Rouge's ban (pdf) on the possession of firearms or other weapons in places that sell alcohol, and their parking lots.   The lawsuit was filed under Section 1983.   The court granted default judgment to the plaintiff.   A  permanent injunction was ordered against enforcement of the ordinance, which was passed in 2012.   A hearing to determine the amount of damages will be held on October 23, 2014.

The facts are clear and undisputed.  On October 13, 2012, at about 1:35 a.m., Earnest Taylor was pulled over coming out of Romeo's Lounge parking lot.  He was arrested for the possession of two rifles in the back of his car, a HiPoint 9mm carbine, and a Squires Bingham .22.   When he informed the officers that he legally possessed the rifles, he was told that there was a "new law".  Later the police searched the trunk of his vehicle and found a Yugo 59/66 SKS-type rifle which was also confiscated.

Taylor filed suit under 42 U.S.C section 1983.  When the City failed to respond after several months, he filed for default judgment.     While the lawsuit also cited the claimed damages under the 4th, 5th, and 14th amendments, and under the Louisiana Constitution, the Court only considered the second amendment claims.

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Federal Court Finds 10 Day Waiting Period Violates Second Amendment (mostly)

In JEFF SILVESTER v. KAMALA HARRIS, the United States District Court for the eastern District of California found that the 10 day waiting period to receive a firearm after a background check, was a violation of the second amendment for people who already owned a firearm (and could be shown to do so in the California database), who had a valid CCW license in California, or who owned a firearm and had a Certificate of Exemption (COE). 

This is a significant win for restoration of second amendment rights in California.   The court gave the government of California 180 days to implement changes to put this ruling into effect.  From the ruling, formatting changed slightly for readability:
As applied to individuals who already possess a firearm as confirmed by the AFS system, Defendant has not established that applying the full 10-day waiting period when the background check is completed prior to 10-days is a “reasonable fit.” The 10-day waiting period laws as applied to individuals who already lawfully possess a firearm as confirmed by the AFS system, and who pass the background check prior to 10-days, violates the Second Amendment.38 
See Edenfield, 507 U.S. at 770-71; Peruta, 742 F.3d at 1177; Valley Broadcasting, 107 F.3d at 1334.
Readers should consider the entire ruling to understand the full implications, but it is clear that for people who already possess a firearm, or who have gone through the CCW process in California, the 10 day waiting period is considered as violating the second amendment, if they have passed the background check.

There is much the court did not consider, because it was not a part of this case.   For example, 99+ percent of the people who buy firearms from legal dealers in California (private sales outside of dealers are forbidden) pass the background check.   The most lee way the government can hope for is under "intermediate scrutiny".   From the decision:
 A regulation “may not be sustained if it provides only ineffective or remote support for the government‟s purpose,” rather there must be an indication that the regulation will alleviate the asserted harms to a “material degree.”
Yet, the waiting period only has a positive effect for the government purposes in less than 1% of the people directly affected by the regulation!  I know of no studies that show that waiting periods actually reduce crime, and there are studies that show they may increase it.   It appears to me, that even under the relatively easy standards of intermediate scrutiny, the government would not be able to show that waiting periods were effective and narrowly tailored to their purpose.

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NC: Home Invader Shot, Killed at 2 am

CUMBERLAND COUNTY, N.C. – A man accused of trying to break into a North Carolina home was shot and killed early Saturday morning, according to WRAL-TV.

Investigators said they found 23-year-old Theodore Horton shot to death at a home in the 300 block of Brooklyn Circle in Cumberland County just before 2 a.m.

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PA: Successful Open Carry Defense in Wilkes Barre

A man was walking at 1:20 am, Sunday morning, when he was confronted by two black males, one of which pointed a gun at him.   From
“What do you got for me?” one man said to the victim.

He told police he grabbed his attacker’s gun with one hand and drew his own firearm. The man does not have a concealed firearms permit, but carries his gun under Pennsylvania’s open carry laws, police said. The robbers fled.
On a dark street, the tactical deterrence offered by open carry may not be as effective, essentially making open carry the equivalent of concealed carry.  The open carrier showed good tactical sense in the encounter, and the two criminals were lucky that they did not get shot.  

This also illustrates the wisdom of those who teach the importance of maintaining your distance when you are holding a person at gun point.   Get too close, and you invite a disarm technique.   In this case the possibility of the "gun" being a replica, BB gun, or toy might have figured into the victim's decision to use the deflect and draw technique.   Wilkes Barre is listed as having a somewhat higher than average crime rate, with 80% of American cities having lower crime rates.

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Monday, August 25, 2014

MA: Man faces Charges for Self Defense With Inherited Gun

The development is about 15 years old

One of the major reasons for those who push for a disarmed population to desire the registration of all firearms is that it makes the ownership of the means to self defense contingent on government approval.  This is the philosophy that "everything that is not permitted is forbidden", rather than the standard English/American philosophy that "everything that is not forbidden is allowed".  It is an enormous difference in perspective. 

In Revere, Massachusetts, a homeowner evicted from a party after getting in a fight.   He returned with his 50 year old step father.   From

After he was kicked out of the party, he returned to the home with his 50-year-old stepfather and they started striking the residence with rocks and baseball bats, officials said.

The 77-year-old homeowner, Robert Distefano, fired at the two men when they approached him, according to authorities.

The 21-year-old suffered critical injuries but is expected to survive, and the 50-year-old man also suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Distefano is not facing charges related to the shooting but will be arraigned Monday for unlawful possession of a firearm within in his home because he used a deceased relative's handgun, officials said.
Once it is clear that ownership is contingent on government approval, then the restrictions on approval can gradually be increased to reduce the number of firearm owners.   This is already underway in Massachusetts.

It is not clear that Massachusetts requires registration of firearms, but a permit is required to merely possess a firearm.   State law used to require permits to purchase or possess firearms be issued for long guns; a recent change in the law now gives judges the authority to forbid possession of all guns if requested to do so by a police chief.   The law is very recent, and there will be court cases to clarify it, no doubt.

In this case, Mr. Distefano is facing charges because he did not jump through the legal hoops required of him by state law, in order to exercise his rights.  If you have to ask the government for permission to do something, it is no longer a right.  

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Big Bobcat Killed by Top Predator in Florida

A Florida man demonstrated humans occupation of the top predator spot by shooting a big bobcat that had lost its fear of men.   The big cat was killing and eating a chicken a day for a month, and killed the last one just feet from the man  and his children.

Florida Farm Where Bobcat Killed 30 Chickens

"Saturday evening we were sitting in the hot tub and right there, you see the feather on the ground? The cat came out of nowhere, killed a chicken right in front of us, like 8 feet away. Just splattered blood and feathers right in our face," said Nail. "No fear of man whatsoever."
I had a similar, but more benign situation occur at  my place in Arizona.   A Kit fox wandered near my children and I as we sat in the hot tub just feet away.  I have no chickens there, but I wonder if a hot tub might  be a good "blind" to hunt from...   All you need is a source of power, water, cleaning supplies, mild weather...   In my case, the Kit fox was more fun to watch, and represented no threat.

A bobcat this big could well be a threat to small children, and 30 chickens are worth considering as well.    People gained the top of the food chain through hard work.   It is bad policy to allow other species to consider that they occupy the spot.   Bad for them, bad for the people they interact with.

Ronnie Nail picked an excellent tool for the job he had to do:

It appears to be a Benelli 12 gauge, an excellent choice to stop a marauding bobcat.    While no loads are mentioned, anything from number 2 shot up would be a good choice.

In the comments at the article, one person who has not thought the situation through wishes death for Ronnie Nail.

We all die, men, bobcats, and chickens.    If the homicidal poster thinks it wrong for Ronnie to kill the bobcat, why was it not wrong for the bobcat to kill the chickens, or for the chickens to kill the bugs and ticks that they eat while free ranging on Ronnie's farm?   It is as natural for men to kill bobcats and chickens as it is for chickens to kill ticks.

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Emily Miller: DC will appeal and write new carry law

"The whole issue of the public carrying of a firearm is very complicated," Mendelson said. "And I believe the executive and the attorney general will continue with the appeal."

Also this week, the city asked the court for six more months to rewrite its gun laws. Right now, the city has until October 22. That's why Mendelson said gun carry will be at the top of the agenda when the city council returns from recess.

"What the court said very clearly was that a complete 100-percent ban on anybody being able to get a license to carry a handgun was unconstitutional. But there's a gray area between 100-percent ban and everybody can carry. And that's what we're working through."

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TX: Good Guy With Gun Stops Attempted Murder outside of School

During the last media push for laws to disarm the population, NRA executive VP Wayne LaPierre said that a good guy with a gun is what is needed to stop a bad guy with a gun.   A recent shooting outside the Harry Stone Montessori school in Dallas is a perfect illustration of his point. 

In this case, an armed citizen was present.   He happened to be an off duty police officer.   The "Gun Free School Zone" law would have worked perfectly to assure the attacker of an unarmed victim if the legally armed citizen had not been there.   From

Dallas Police Deputy Chief Gil Garza said in a news conference the officer was out of uniform and headed to a family function when he saw an altercation. A woman was stopped at an intersection when another car, driven by the suspect, pulled up alongside her. Words were exchanged between the two, then the suspect fired multiple shots into the victim's vehicle.

The officer witnessed the shooting, got out of his vehicle, and intervened before he shot the suspect.
 Gun free school zone laws have been a complete disaster.   Mass shootings inside schools have increased four-fold since the laws were passed.   This shooting may not have any more connection to a school than the location; however, it does illustrate the insanity of "gun free zones".

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FL: One of Two Car Thieves Shot

An attempted car theft by two men in the parking lot of a Kmart in Northeast Miami-Dade backfired on Thursday when a third man showed up and shot at the pair, police said.

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CT: Membership of Bar Revolts on Gun Law

The Latin means "He who transplants, sustains"

In a controversial move, the leadership of the Connecticut Bar Association lobbied to pass the highly restrictive gun law pushed by Governor Malloy.   The move sparked opposition within the body.   From the, a paper that also pushed hard for the controversial gun laws:
"Why is our bar association taking a position on a matter that has nothing to do with the practice of law?" Hartford lawyer and former Democratic state Chairman John Droney asked in an email typical of hundreds of others inspired by a debate that has continued now for two months.
The President of the Bar,  Mark Dubois, replied:
Dubois contends the bar serves the public by permitting experts in its specialty sections to debate and take positions on sharp legal questions. If the association races toward an unpopular, minority position, he said membership can use its referendum right as a restraint.

"As one member said to me, what's next?" Dubois said. "Immigration. Obamacare? And I said, 'Yes. All of those and probably more that we haven't even thought about.' All of which have legal implications and all of which may involve a request by one or more of our constituent sections."
 Anyone who has studied the dynamics of such groups realizes that such a position amounts to a blank check to the leadership of what it can get away with.  As the leadership controls a significant amount of the information that the membership receives, this gives it considerable power to influence events outside of the core issues of the group.

It was clear that the membership did not support the lobbying effort.

Dubois pushed for more.   He pushed for an amicus brief to defended the law against an appeal the the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.   The "house of delegates referenced is the governing body of the Connecticut Bar.
 After listening to entreaties by past association presidents and a lawyer who also is a Newtown selectman, the house of delegates voted 34 to 15 to join with the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence in defense of the law — in spite of signs that a substantial portion of the membership might be opposed. Among the signs: A straw poll showing opposition was running 4-to-1 in one of the association's biggest sub districts, Hartford.

But the gun culture has developed its own media that act as a check on the ability of others to shape the narrative.   This is well documented in Professor Brian Anse Patrick's book "Rise of the Anti-Media".

The membership of the Connecticut Bar Association took up the referendum challenge by Dubois.    Enough signatures were gathered to force a referendum.    The quote below shows how secure Dubois thought his power was:
On Aug. 5, lawyers opposed to joining the Brady defense had collected sufficient petition signatures to force a referendum. Dubois said he cannot recall that happening during his 40 years as a bar member.
The irony is thick.   This response by the person who said that if the membership does not like what we do, they can "use their referendum right", knowing full well that it was nearly impossible to do so.

The referendum vote result was released on Wednesday.   Dubois said that it was very close.  From NSSF, an email report:
The final vote announced Wednesday afternoon was so close that CBA President Mark Dubois wrote members, "I am ruling that the referendum vote will be called as tied. I do not feel that the best interests of the CBA would be served going forward without a clear and empirically defensible result. Accordingly, I have decided not to sign the brief prepared by the Brady Center in support of the Appellee in the matter of Shew v. Malloy."
I wonder what the actual vote was.  Mr. Dubois must have released it to the membership.     Some might wonder if Mr. Dubois would have given this response if the vote were in his favor.

Update:  The vote was reported in the as 734 in favor of an amicus brief to 729 opposed.   This lends credence to Mr. Dubois' decision, and his character as a leader.  From the

Dubois said Wednesday afternoon that the vote may have been even closer, as issues with a new website format may have hampered some members' efforts to vote late Tuesday night.

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CA: Jewelry Store Magnet for Gunplay

A jewelry store in Little Saigon, Orange County California, has become a magnet  for robbers.   In 2012, there was an attempted robbery in which one of the robbers was shot.  In 2013, several shots were fired at a thief who fought with the store owner, and escaped with a $9,000 watch.   Yesterday, 21 August, 2014, another robbery attempt ended in gunfire as a store employee drove off two robbers who had smashed a display case.  From
Two men wearing ski-type masks and hooded sweatshirts entered the store, used a hammer to break glass on a display case and began removing merchandise, Westminster police Officer Rachel Archambault said. One witness reported that one of the men may have been armed with a gun, she added.

A store employee pulled out a weapon and fired two shots at the robbers, Collins said.
 You would think that the robbers would learn that Tick Tock Watches is not a good choice of targets.   Maybe they do not read the papers; maybe they think they are different and smarter; maybe they just cannot resist that high grade bling.

I would not want someone who had escaped the communist takeover of Vietnam to be shooting at me.

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PA: Man Shoots Car Burglar, Calls Police

The police in Philadelphia have not yet made a determination if the shooting was justifiable or not.   Labeling the criminal as the "victim" may be premature.

“It is unusual,” Chief Inspector Scott Small says. “Normally the shooter flees right after firing the weapon, but in this case, the 56-year-old shooter remained on location, turned the weapon over to police and voluntarily came with us to homicide.”

The shooter was being questioned by police.

Philadelphia police commissioner Charles Ramsey says they’ll gather all the info and then the district attorney’s office will have to decide if charges are warranted.

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TX: Resident Shoots one, Captures one; one Escapes

Sgt. Gary Harrison says during that home invasion, the man who lives inside the apartment shot one of the suspects in self-defense. That young man was airlifted to Ben Taub Hospital.

Harrison tells us there were three suspects involved. One other was taken into custody. The third fled the scene once gunfire erupted.

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Friday, August 22, 2014

WA: Armed Husband Stops Armed Robber

When the gunman slammed a gun on the counter and pointed it at the woman, she immediately ducked behind the counter and covered her head, according to police.

When the woman’s husband saw what was happening, he drew his own weapon and pointed it at the gunman.

The gunman then swung his weapon around, pointed it at the clerk's husband, and then fled out the door. No money was taken during the incident.

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GA: 73-Year-Old Woman Shoots Burglar: Serves Police Treats

Suspect Jaime Lewis

When you are an elderly woman, you are likely to have more leeway in how you interact with criminals.  It is partly a matter of being more vulnerable; and partly a matter of the statistics reinforcing the stereotype that women are less aggressive than men.  In Georgia, a 73-Year-Old woman shot an intruder through her bedroom door, after he had broken into the house.  The woman heard the doorbell ring a little before 10 pm, but did not answer.  She saw a truck parked in the middle of an intersection, and called 911.   From

Moments later, however, she heard glass shattering and then the pottery she placed in front of her backdoor breaking so she grabbed her gun.

According to the report, Douglas stayed in the bedroom but she “could see light from a flashlight getting closer from under the door. When she heard the doorknob turn, she fired one shot through the door.

“She then heard a scream on the other side of the door and the subject fled downstairs. Douglas went downstairs and saw the subject in the kitchen looking for the back door. She fired several more shots in the general direction of the subject as he ran outside.”
Georgia has a castle doctrine law that allows for a person to use force, including deadly force:
A person is justified in threatening or using force against another when and to the extent that he or she reasonably believes that such threat or force is necessary to prevent or terminate such other's unlawful entry into or attack upon a habitation; however, such person is justified in the use of force which is intended or likely to cause death or great bodily harm only if:

   (1) The entry is made or attempted in a violent and tumultuous manner and he or she reasonably believes that the entry is attempted or made for the purpose of assaulting or offering personal violence to any person dwelling or being therein and that such force is necessary to prevent the assault or offer of personal violence;

   (2) That force is used against another person who is not a member of the family or household and who unlawfully and forcibly enters or has unlawfully and forcibly entered the residence and the person using such force knew or had reason to believe that an unlawful and forcible entry occurred; or

   (3) The person using such force reasonably believes that the entry is made or attempted for the purpose of committing a felony therein and that such force is necessary to prevent the commission of the felony.
 It appears to me that the necessary conditions are met for paragraph (3).

Suspect Jaime Lewis turned up at a medical center with a bullet wound to the chest.   

I also believe that the woman enjoys good relations with the local police department.   She was at the police department parking lot, handing out snacks, when reporters approached, and she left.

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WA: One Charge Dropped in "Joe Biden Defense" case, another Threatened

Jeffrey C. Barton

The man who fired a shotgun in the air to scare off car burglars, following Vice President Joe Biden's advice, has had the charge involved with the shooting dropped, according to the Columbian:
A person, even in a no-shooting zone, still has the right to defend their person or their property,” Golik said. “In this case, based on the facts, there is a reasonable argument that Mr. Barton may have been defending his person and property when he fired in the air.
Jeffrey C. Barton has an NRA supplied attorney, and says that a threat of a charge of "Obstructing a law enforcement officer" is also without merit:
Barton said the obstruction charge also is groundless. 

“Tony Golik is desperately grasping at straws” to keep out of a civil suit, Barton said. “They have to charge me with something; they’ve let this go on too long.”
The obstructing charge has not yet been made.  Mr. Barton pled not guilty to the charge of illegally discharging a firearm in July of 2013, over a year ago.

 Prosecutors have enormous power, and significant immunity.   It may not be enough to shield Clark County Prosecutor Tony Golik in this case.

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LA: Homeowner Defends Girls

According to a news release from the New Orleans Police Department, a 28-year-old man and his 36-year-old wife were sitting on their backyard patio when a masked gunman approached and demanded money. They say the gunman ordered the couple into the home where three female children, ages 6, 13 and 14, were inside.

That's when, investigators say, the husband retrieved his gun and shot the suspect, fatally wounding him. The gunman was pronounced dead on the scene.

SC:Woman With Child Fights Back

Both "teens" had guns:

The teens ordered her into the house. Once she was inside, she ran into her bedroom, put her child on the bed and grabbed her gun, the report says. 

She walked into the living room where the teens were standing and started shooting, prompting the teens to run out the door. 

More Here

FL: Armed Homeowner Confronts Suspects with Crowbar, ends up With Shirt

When Thomas Ostermann came face-to-face with two burglars in his screened-in pool, he grabbed his gun to protect his property, said the deputy's report.


"They both fled. One of them ended up in my pool and I tried to keep him. He broke loose (but) I got his shirt," Ostermann told the dispatcher. "The one that got away -- I don't know whether he dropped it or not -- had a crowbar."

More Here

FL: Resident Shoots One of Two Intruders

A man shot one of two would-be robbers who entered his apartment Wednesday, critically wounding the intruder, the Broward Sheriff's Office said.

"The robbery kind of got turned on its head when the occupant started shooting at the robbers," sheriff's spokeswoman Gina Carter said.

More Here

TX: One of Two Intruders Fatally Shot

Witnesses tell San Antonio police two men broke into an apartment unit by breaking down a door, but someone inside the apartment opened fire on them.

The men attempted to run, but one was shot several times, San Antonio police said.

More Here

Thursday, August 21, 2014

AZ:Meteor Crater Redux; bad signs

In a previous article I wrote about the improper signage at the Meteor Crater rest stop in Arizona.   At the first stop, I failed to obtain a picture.

The rest stop is a member of a pair of rest stops as is often seen; one on each side of the freeway.   On the return trip, I stopped at the sister rest area to see if it had the bad signage as well.   It did.  The sign appeared to be identical with the sign that I recalled on the South side of I-40.

Note the location of the prohibition on carry of firearms in the rest stop, under the "PLEASE PLACE ALL TRASH IN RECEPTACLES" line.  You can see that the signs appear to be quite new, with no weathering.   Interesting that the "trash" line is a request, but the firearms line is a command.

I decided to check the other rest stops on the way back to Yuma.   We thought that we had fixed this problem back in '98.   From Rick Destephens, who was there:
Have you noticed that there are no longer any signs at Arizona rest stops that read, "Keep all weapons in your vehicle"? That was Brassroots and S.A.F.E. combine effort back in 1998. We staged a forty-man protest at the Sacaton rest stop and five TV cameras showed up. We then got three hours of time on Bob Mohan's show on KFYI. That resulted in Hull's, ADOT's and DPS's phones melting down for two weeks. The signs came down later that month.
Notice the clouds in the top picture?   The weather got worse as I approached Flagstaff.   By the time I was heading south on I-17, the rain was falling consistently.  The "scenic view" stop before the McGuireville rest stop did not have a sign.  The McGuireville stop did.

See the space after the "PLEASE PLACE TRASH IN RECEPTACLES..." line?   That is where the offensive firearms prohibition was painted out.  The fading on this sign shows that it is much older than the ones at Meteor Crater.

The weather had turned bad now.   As I left the McGuireville stop, the rain was pouring down.   I saw one wreck on the way to the next stop.   The shoulders were often narrow, and hydroplaning a real concern, as were wet brakes on the steep down slopes.   It did not help that I was pulling a good sized trailer.   The next stop was at SUNSET POINT:

No firearms prohibition here, either.   Visibility was very restricted at this point.   I picked up a stranded bicyclist, huddled in a doorway, wrapped in a space blanket.  The stop was locked up because the power was out.   We threw the bike in the back of the truck to get him down off the mountain.   I gave him my card.    I saw two more wrecks by the time we got down.   In some places, one inch gravel was washed across both lanes.   Sometimes the water was over two inches deep on the pavement.   I later found that rain totals of 3-4 inches were common in the area.    To compound the difficulties, windshield wipers dry rot rather rapidly in the Arizona desert, and are often neglected because they are used so seldom.  Fortunately, I had replaced mine for the cross country trip.

We made it down without further incident, and I dropped off my passenger where he could catch a bus for himself and the bike.   Just a few miles into the foot hills, the rain had stopped, and we drove out from under the cloud cover.

By the time I reached Gila Bend, the radio announced that I-17, both North and Southbound, had been closed due to weather.

Only one rest stop was open between Phoenix and Yuma.   It was at Sentinel:

Same story: no prohibitions on firearms on this weather beaten sign.  Same blank place for the offensive language.

I will be posting updates as the situation develops.

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MI:Gunfight in Detroit; Thieves Escape, Return, Wound Bystander

A gunfight erupted in Detroit as a neighbor interrupted the theft of the catalytic converter from a minivan.   The neighbor came out with a long gun, which appeared to be a Mossberg single shot bolt action shotgun, based on the shape of the trigger guard and bolt.  The underside of the long gun showed the lack of a magazine.

A man spotted two crooks stealing the catalytic converter from his neighbor's Chevrolet Venture. He came out armed with a gun, hoping to scare them away. Police say the men took off toward their car, fired shots and drove off.

Just minutes later they came back for more. They fired shots at the home. The homeowner shot back. His friend -- an elderly man inside his home -- was shot in the arm. 
The violated mini-van is behind the ambulance

Most of the time, just having a gun is enough.   In this case it wasn't.   The thieves are pretty brazen in Detroit.   Maybe if the thieves had seen him with an AK or an AR, they would not have fired or not come back.     Even a Hi-Point carbine, such as this Detroit woman used, might have served him better.

I know that Detroit is broke, but perhaps Police Chief Craig could take up a collection to buy him a more suitable neighborhood defensive firearm.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

FL: Man Wounded Fighting Burglars

According to witnesses, Fernandez heard a noise outside the home, grabbed a gun and went outside to see what was going on. There he found three men man in their 20s trying to steal his dirt bike and other stuff. Fernandez confronted one of the men and the two struggled.


 The trio ran off as a second person came out of the home and started shooting at them.

More Here

CA: Woman Shoots Man Attacking her Husband

The Eureka Police Department is currently searching for two male suspects, one of whom may have a gunshot wound to the leg, after a woman shot at a man who attacked her husband when he confronted the men outside the couple's Highland Avenue home early this morning, according to Detective Ron Harpham.

More Here

LA: Homeowner Wins Gunfight

This morning, the suspect allegedly attempted to burglarize a home in the 100 Block of Allemond Street in Arnaudville. The owner was home at the time and shots were exchanged between the victim and the suspect, according to Sheriff Guidroz. Almost a dozen shots were fired inside the home, Guidroz said.

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KY: Another Justified Shooting over Woman and Child

“When the victim forced entry inside of the house with a weapon in his hand, that put the subject inside the house in fear of his life at which time he was justified in using self-defense,” Lt. Todd Kessinger of LMPD said. “The victim had a child in common with the lady that lived [there] she was at that location with her boyfriend. They had a verbal altercation in reference to their child.

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NY: 70-Year-Old Woman who Shot Dog Chasing Cat, was Justified

Onondaga County District Attorney William Fitzpatrick says that Susan Leach shot and killed her neighbor’s mixed-breed pit bull, Tucker, after she says it was chasing her cat in a “highly aggressive manner.”


-The dog in question, Tucker, has an unfortunate history of acting aggressively towards numerous neighbors. These reports have been confirmed by a review of Elbridge Court records as well as affidavits provided by said neighbors. Tucker has also been spotted on numerous occasions running through the neighborhood unleashed.

More Here

AL: Armed Resident Holds Intruder for Police

He grabbed his shoes and also his pistol, and held the man at gunpoint until police arrived.

Chief Greg Ray said the homeowner did what any responsible gun owner should do, and he commends him for not letting the situation get out of control.

More Here

TX: Resident Takes an Intruder's Gun, Shoots him

NEAR ELSA — A man fatally shot a robber Friday night after swiping the attacker’s gun, deputies said.


Upon entering the home, the three men struggled with the intruder and managed to take one of his weapons and use it against him, according to the release

More Here

TN: Armed Resident Stops Home Invasion

Shots were fired from the resident of the house, after one of the multiple suspects entered his house. The suspect is a black male and he was shot in the upper-leg. He was treated for a gunshot wound at Memorial Hospital, and after being released was taken to the Hamilton County Jail, Sisk said.

More Here

CA:A Woman, Fake Gun, Warning Shot, Criminals and Justifiable Homicide

A career criminal has an out of wedlock child with a woman.  He shows up for the child's first birthday, only to find another man present, who also has a criminal record, but no felonies.   The first criminal, enraged to find another man with the mother of his child, threatens to kidnap the one year old.  

The man without felonies fires a warning shot from a .38 to stop the threat.   The  career criminal goes to his car, pulls out a handgun, and points it at the man with the .38, who promptly shoots him in the chest, killing him.   The handgun from the car was a non-firing, realistic toy.   From
Robison had a .38-caliber handgun that he used to fire a warning shot when the victim advanced on him. Deputies say the victim got what appeared to be a 9mm-handgun from a vehicle and pointed it at Robinson, who, fearing for his safety, shot the victim once in the chest. The victim later died at Mercy Medical Center in Redding.
The article calls the person shot  the "victim", though that appellation hardly seems appropriate.   He was out on bail, had felony convictions, and showed up in a stolen vehicle.

Most murderers and their victims have long criminal histories.  I am sure that this justifiable homicide will be listed as a firearms homicide of an "acquaintance" in the FBI uniform crime reports.   It does not fit the extremely restrictive definition of a justifiable homicide required by the FBI.   

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Open Carry at North Texas Love's

In a previous article, I mentioned that I was doing a favor by moving a lady and her possessions across the country.   The trip became a bit more memorable near the end.   In the last hundred miles before the drop off point, I was informed that a prominent outlaw motorcycle gang  had found out that she had been in Arizona, and now knew that she was moving back to the Midwest.   I was told that she had been instrumental in putting one of the officers of the group in prison for a few years.   I was assured that they were not interested in me.

I asked her about it, and she said that if they were going to do anything to her, it would have happened a long time ago.  Part of  the goods being moved was a Harley.

I dropped off (guided in the last few miles), loaded up, and headed back.  Crossing northern Texas, I stopped at a Love's Truck Stop to refuel vehicle and body.   While doing so a Texan came in with a rifle in a truck rifle rack.  I count that as open carry.

I asked to take some pictures.   Mr. Kenneth Ware agreed, but he did not want his face plastered on the Internet.      He farms three sections of wheat that he and his wife own without debt.   That is 1,960 acres for people who do not have a background in surveying.  Another way to describe the size of the farm is land that is one mile deep by three miles wide.   He does most of the work himself.    He said he farmed it with antique equipment, because a new tractor would cost as much as one of the sections of land.

The rifle was a Winchester model 67 with most of the finish gone.   He said it was still accurate enough to pot a rabbit at 100 yards.   I said he had good eyes.

He remarked that I was the first person to ask about the rifle.   It had belonged to his wife's grandfather.   Her uncle had it until he died at the age of 100.  Now he has it.   The grandfather probably bought it new as an adult, as the model 67 was introduced in 1934.

If you pay attention in the original movie "The Parent Trap", you will notice a rifle in a truck rack on the California ranch.   It appeared to be a Remington .22 to me, but It has been a long time since I saw the picture.   "The Parent Trap" came out in 1961.   At that time, you could order anti-tank guns and anti-aircraft cannon and ammunition through  the mail and have them delivered to your door.  I do not recall a single crime being committed with them.

Kenneth appeared to be about 70, because he had a grandson that had graduated from West Point and was now in Baghdad.   I asked Kenneth to thank him for his service, and mentioned that I had also been in the Army.   I wonder if the grandson had shot his great, great, grandfather's  rifle.   I bet that the West Point officer can shoot.

There are rough estimates that gun owners are about one  third of the U.S. population.   My experience is that the percentage approaches three quarters when you are talking about the military and combat arms.   It is well known that the best places to recruit soldiers and Marines are the rural South, Midwest, and West.   Those places have high concentrations of combat veterans.   Nearly all are members of the gun culture.

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Monday, August 18, 2014

FL: Couple wins Gunfight with Intruder

The  intruder broke in the back door, which had a deadbolt lock.  He then chased the wife, and started fighting with the husband, who was still in bed when he heard the wife's cries for help.   The intruder, Marquise Trevel  Yates, had a gun, but initially used it as a bludgeon.  It is unclear exactly how many guns were involved, or who fired how often.  From

According to the police report, Coker retrieved his personal firearm and exchanged gunfire with Yates. Coker's wife, Pam, also fired her personal handgun at Yates, who died at the scene.
Later, this is reported:

 “He just wouldn't stop,” Pam Coker said. “The guy wouldn't stop. He just kept fighting. He hit my husband in the head really bad several times (with the gun) and busted his head. So I got our gun and we had to shoot him.”
 Did the couple have two guns, or one?  Did they both shoot?  We cannot be sure.

The investigation is continuing.  The Cokers are in their 50's.

 21 year old Marquise Tevel Yates died at the scene.  Neither of the homeowners or their 7 year old grandson were shot.  

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

WI: Employee Shoots, Kills Attempted Robber at Innovative Optique

Innovative Optique is a high end eyewear store in a suburb north of Milwaukee.   From the reviews, it appears to cater to those who can afford high quality, customized glasses.    Last year, a thief stole a pair of $2,000 sunglasses.   Last Friday, an employee shot and killed a 22 year old during the  course of an attempted armed robbery.   From
Police said the gunfire occurred during an attempted robbery. They said 22-year-old Joshua Drake of Milwaukee tried to rob the store about noon, and an armed employee shot and killed him. The employee wasn't hurt.
Wisconsin has an interesting part of its firearms law that grants immunity from lawsuit for acts of an armed employee, if the concern did not ban legally carried guns from its premises.  This legislation has been considered in several other states.     From Wis. Stat. § 175.60(21)(b), (c):

(b) A person that does not prohibit an individual from carrying a concealed weapon on property that the person owns or occupies is immune from any liability arising from its decision.

It seems unlikely that the family of the attempted robber will be able successfully sue in this case.

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NM: Homeowner wins Gunfight

According to police, one of the victims fatally shot one of the suspects.


However, Officer Tanner Tixier says it appears the victim and the suspect knew each other and traded gunfire with handguns.

More here

AZ:Neighbor Shoots Carjacker who Attacked his Wife

A man and his wife see a neighbor drive up to her house.   The neighbor is in her 60's.   As they watch, a strange man approaches her, speaks to her, then grabs her, drags her from the SUV, throws her to the ground, and jumps in the vehicle. 

The wife opens the passenger side door, but is struck by the vehicle and knocked down.   The husband fires several shots from a handgun.   A short while later, the vehicle crashes.   From
The responding officers discovered it was the stolen vehicle and that the driver was the suspect. Police say he had suffered a gunshot wound.

He was transported to a local hospital, but later died of his injuries.  He has been identified, but the next of kin has not been notified.  It will require an autopsy to determine the actual cause of death.

The carjacker was 29 years old.   No charges are expected to be filed.    The husband had just seen the suspect attack two women, one of which was his wife.   The suspect was also in the process of committing several felonies, which Arizona law specifically says justifies the use of deadly force to stop or prevent.   From 13-411:
 A.  A person is justified in threatening or using both physical force and deadly physical force against another if and to the extent the person reasonably believes that physical force or deadly physical force is immediately necessary to prevent the other's commission of...

 ...  aggravated assault under section 13-1204, subsection A, paragraphs 1 and 2.
 Aggravated assault in Arizona is satisfied by both assault that  threatens serious physical injury or use of a deadly weapon (the car).

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

MA:Clerk Takes Robbers Gun

It is just as brave when you believe it is a real gun.

CHARLESTOWN, Mass. —A liquor store clerk in Charlestown was able to wrestle away a gun pointed at her face during an armed robbery Saturday, police said.


 Police also found a black plastic bag with an undisclosed amount of money and a black .117 caliber BB/pellet gun inside.

More Here

CA: Armed Woman Shoots and Kills Domestic Attacker

Police found a man with gunshot wounds. He was declared dead at Kaweah Delta Medical Center about an hour later, Sgt. Damon Maurice said. He was later identified as 46-year-old Albert Pena.

The woman, whose name was not released, was also injured and was taken to the hospital where she was treated and released.

 More Here

Read more here:

Friday, August 15, 2014

AZ:Open Carry at Meteor Crater

I was on a mission of mercy.   A close friend needed a lady and her goods to be transported cross country.   I found myself hauling a good sized trailer on I-40, looking for a gas station with easy in and out.  I stopped at Meteor Crater rest stop to give everyone a break.

As I came out of the facility, I asked a gentleman who was uniformed as staff, where the next truck stop was, because I was hauling a good sized trailer.  He graciously told me that there was one at exit 255, about 20 miles further east.

Then he said, you are not supposed to have that here, indicating the Glock on my hip.   Why not? I asked.   I followed him over to a sign with a long list of rules for the stop.   One of them said: Firearms must remain in vehicles.

I recognized it.   It was the same bogus rule that we had fought against back in '98, and had removed from the Arizona rest stops.   This one must have been missed, or perhaps it was a sign that was in storage, and had replaced one that was damaged.   I informed the polite gentleman of the situation, gave him my card, and said that he could probably find the details if he looked up Sacaton open carry on Gun Watch.   He said he would have to check with the Department of Public Safety, which I said was an excellent idea, as they would have to fix it.

From an earlier article:

It took activism by Arizona gun owners to have the signs removed.  An open carry picnic at the Sacaton rest stop on I-10 near Tucson was organized in 1998.  Rick Destephens, who was there, writes about it:

Have you noticed that there are no longer any signs at Arizona rest stops that read, "Keep all weapons in your vehicle"? That was Brassroots and S.A.F.E. combine effort back in 1998. We staged a forty-man protest at the Sacaton rest stop and five TV cameras showed up. We then got three hours of time on Bob Mohan's show on KFYI. That resulted in Hull's, ADOT's and DPS's phones melting down for two weeks. The signs came down later that month.

In the hustle of getting the show on the road, I did not get a picture of the sign.  I hope to obtain one later.

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AL:Robber Drops Gun, Wallet, Retreating from Armed Victim

Most criminals do not expect to confront armed victims.   The reason is simple: they do not want to get shot, so they avoid people they know to be armed.  In this case, the would be robber was surprised by an occupant of the apartment that had his own pistol.   It became a standoff, with neither party willing to open fire.

The robber wisely retreated before someone decided that gunfire was desirable, tripped on the way out, and dropped his pistol and wallet before running off.

At least, that is  the story in

The robber started backing out of the apartment, tripped, fell, dropped his pistol and his wallet, which he left behind when he fled, Huntsville police said.
I am not sure why the robber would be carrying his wallet to a robbery, or why he would have it in such a way that when he tripped, he would drop it.  Many criminals' guns either cannot fire, are unloaded, or have the wrong ammunition.

It does make a funny story.

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

FL: Gun v. Car: Gun Wins

Hummers are very capable vehicles, but like all machines, they are not more capable than  the people operating them.  In Fort Worth, Florida, a man spent all day drinking and getting a tattoo done.  When he decided to leave, he started driving erratically over the lawn and neighbors driveway.   When the lawn's owner started screaming, the neighbor grabbed a firearm of unidentified make and caliber/gauge.

The neighbor fired one shot that deflated the front passenger tire; Gonzolez-Lopez backed up, then started toward them.   The neighbor then shot out the passenger side rear tire.   The Hummer driver retreated and drove off.  From the

At the intersection of Lantana and Haverhill roads, deputies spotted the black Hummer with two deflated tires on the passenger side. The driver was identified as Gonzalez-Lopez.

Deputies asked Gonzalez-Lopez to perform field sobriety tests but he refused and started yelling at obscenities, according to the report. They also discovered Gonzalez-Lopez didn't have a valid driver's license.
It would be interesting to know a bit more about the neighbor and his firearm.  Two shots, two deflated tires, no one injured.    The lawn owner and the shooter called the police immediately after the shooting.    Police tend to judge later stories  compared to the first account given.  In this case, there were no injuries or loss of life.  

Shooting at tires is generally frowned upon.   Still, I knew a game warden who was an excellent shot.   While he and a partner were checking out vehicles at dusk, several decades ago, his attention was on the second vehicle.   He heard a loud "thump", turned, and saw his partner on the ground and the car in front  leaving the scene.  He drew his revolver and flattened both rear tires.

It turned out that the driver had used the door (an old trick) to knock his partner down, slammed it shut (the thump) and took off.   I always thought it was remarkable shooting.   Again, no significant injuries or loss of life. 

Despite  these two incidents, I recommend against shooting at tires.  They are not easy to hit, and the use of deadly force may be questionable if there is insufficient reason to aim at the driver.   In the Florida case, it was  the Hummer driver that was charged with assault with a deadly weapon, the vehicle.

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