Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Open Carry at the Gun Rights Policy Conference in Dallas

This lady carried a S&W Shield in an inside the waistband holster.

At the Gun Rights Policy Conference (GRPC) in Dallas, Texas, I noticed a significant amount of the open carry of sidearms. This would not have been legal as late as December of 2015. The open carry of a Bowie knife would have been illegal up until then end of August this year!

In addition to the licensed open carry of handguns, edged weapons with blades of more than 5.5 inches can now be legally carried in most places. One participant carried an iconic Bowie knife at the GRPC. He graciously allowed me to take a picture.

Knife Rights deserves much of the credit for reforming antique knife law restrictions in Texas. The knife laws lineage dates back to the "reconstruction" government in Texas, that wanted select groups disarmed after the War between the States, or Civil war. Full disclosure: I had a great grandfather fight in the Union Navy. He later homesteaded in Minnesota. The reconstruction government rewrote the Texas Constitution, effectively eliminating the right to wear arms.

Most Texans find it hard to believe it was illegal to carry a Bowie knife in most public places in Texas. Knife rights fixed that. Todd Rathner, Director of Legislative Affairs for Knife Rights deserves a lot of the credit for the passage of knife reform in Texas. The bill almost died after a knife attack at the University of Texas, Austin, close to when the bill was coming up for a vote.  Rathner displayed his impressive skills of persuasion to make the carry of formerly outlawed knives legal in 99% of Texas. Knife Rights will be back the next legislative session.

One participant chose to carry a Desert Eagle. I believe it was in .50 AE caliber. It makes an excellent "barbecue" gun, the term many Texans use for pistols they wear to barbecues or other semi-formal occasions. 

Open Carry Texas had a table at the conference. They have earned it with their activism to restore open carry of pistols in Texas.  Open Carry Texas organized thousands of open carry marches throughout the state. In the 18 months before the passage of open carry legislation in Texas, there were over 2,500 open carry marches. It is one of the biggest political movements in Texas since the 1960's. C.J. Grisham, the founder of Open Carry Texas, was manning the table.

There were revolvers present. This Smith & Wesson hammerless model was in a pocket holster.  Both revolvers and semi-autos have their advantages.

As the movement to restore Second Amendment rights has swept across the United States, those who push for disarming the public try to portray people attending the NRA meeting, or other events where Second Amendment Activists gather, as hypocrites for not attending the events armed.

Those days are gone. 

There are now five states that ban open carry of handguns in most public places. They are California, New York, Illinois, South Carolina, and Florida. There are strong movements to restore open carry in Florida and South Carolina.

With open carry legal in 45 states, it is nearly impossible to rationally justify an open carry ban. Open carry does not increase crime. It does not increase accidents. It does not increase suicide.

It does what the opponents of an armed population cannot abide. It educates, clarifies, and creates activists.

Open carry was always strong, symbolic, political, speech,.  It is an act that was the seed that grew into an army of activists.   It is common for open carry marchers to be cheered by members of the public that see them as a force standing for the Constitution. 

Their numbers have increased geometrically with YouTube videos and facebook pages. Activists move the political ball forward.

Now, when I am in Texas, I do not worry about finding a coat to cover my Glock, as I step outside to retrieve something from my car.

My open carry experiences in Texas have been positive.

Open carry in Florida and South Carolina is coming. Predicting when is beyond my capacity.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Followup CO: Clerk, who Defended Self, Fired

The night of the shooting was the first time Satterthwaite brought his pistol to work. After hearing of other robberies that happened that week at other Western Convenience Stores in Colorado Springs. One involving a clerk getting assaulted and taken to the hospital, the other involving an armed robbery where the suspect brought in a shotgun.

Two weeks later, Satterthwaite received a call from his manager saying he was fired for bringing a gun to work. Also, because of the shooting, the store says they are getting rid of the overnight shift and no longer needed him. He was shocked that he was fired for simply trying to defend himself.
More Here

MT: Loose Dogs Shot

According to Lewis & Clark County Sheriff Leo Dutton, the neighbors have been in an ongoing dispute involving the dogs.

Sheriff Dutton said that deputies have been called out to the property before and that the dogs had allegedly killed chickens in the past.

Authorities say that when the neighbor found the dogs on his property on Friday morning, he shot them.

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CA: Gun Beats Rock at Park and Ride

Officer Dan Olivas said the shooter, whose identity was not released, was sitting in his sedan at a Park & Ride location north of the Pomona (60) Freeway when a man and woman approached, walking toward the driver’s side of his car.

“For reasons still under investigation, the male threw a large boulder through the driver’s side window toward the vehicle occupant,” Olivas said. “The man inside was armed with a handgun and fired several shots at the male, striking him.”
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AK: Armed man Stops Vehicle Theft, Wounds one Suspect

NORTH POLE, Alaska (KTUU) - An attempted vehicle theft went wrong on Saturday, leaving one of the two alleged thieves held at gunpoint until authorities arrived. The other man, identified as Connor M. O'Neill, 18, of Fairbanks, ran away from the area after he was shot in the leg.
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The Hidden Forces that Promote Conspiracy Thinking about Mass Killing

The explosion of conspiracy theories accompanying the mass killing in Las Vegas can be seen all over the Internet. The theories and their rationals range from the absurd, such as "a 64-year-old man could not have moved 10 bags up to his room alone" to somewhat sophisticated analysis of cell phone recordings that claim to find evidence of two shooters.

I have not seen any convincing evidence that requires a conspiracy to explain the mass murder.  I use Occam's razor to winnow out the theories. That is, when given two explanations, the preference should be given to the simpler, less complicated version.  For any incident, an imaginative mind can create an infinite variety of logically consistent explanations. But only one is true. It usually is the least complicated.

For example, I might walk out the door without my cell phone. The simple explanation is that the human mind is complicated and imperfect, and I forgot to put my cell phone in a pocket.

A complicated explanation would be that unknown government agents distracted me with fake bird sounds and a loud car outside of my door, just as I was about to pick up my phone. They knew the timing required by monitoring my movements though the camera in my computer. They needed me to leave the phone to access it so as to substitute a phone with sophisticated tracking devices embedded in it.

There have always been conspiracy theories. The human mind is designed to notice patterns and assign causal relationships. It works for us most of the time. But sometimes the mind creates causality where it does not exist, especially for unusual, complicated, important events that threaten our sense of safety.

The standard explanation is that conspiracy theories serve a psychological need to deny reality. From
University of Massachusetts professor Kirby Farrell is a regular contributor to Psychology Today and the author of a 2015 book about America’s fascination with rampage killings.

He prefers the term “conspiracy fantasies,” not theories.

Farrell said the need to invent — or to believe — elaborate and often unprovable explanations for attacks like the one in Las Vegas is rooted in fear and avoidance. It is an attempt to “sanitize or wish away the inexplicable violence that overtakes certain individuals,” he said.

“Conspiracy fantasies are a kind of sophisticated game people play to prop up or reinforce denial,” Farrell said.
There is more to it than that.

In the last 20 years, a number of technological advances and the resulting social changes have accelerated the tendency and motivation to create conspiracy theories.

First, we have found that real conspiracies have existed, and have been effective.

Hitler did create fake attacks against Germans to justify the invasion of Poland. The U.S. government used Mafia proxies to attempt the assassination of Fidel Castro. The Russian government used sophisticated devices to assassinate political opponents in the west. The common knowledge of real conspiracies is magnified by the prominence given to the concept in movies and TV shows. Consider "Enemy of the State" or "Conspiracy Theory" or "JFK" or, to go a little further back, "Mission Impossible".

Second, the public has often been lied to by the government, and some of those lies have been exposed. Lyndon Johnson become famous for lying about the Gulf of Tonkin episode.  Barak Obama lied about "you can keep your plan".  James Comey lied about any real intention to investigate Hillary.

Third, "Black" operations are known to exist. By nature, they are not widely publicized. I personally know two people that were involved in "Black Ops". "Black ops" existence has been widely touted.

Fourth, over the last 20 years, the establishment media has been repeatedly caught in lying, creating false narratives, and cover-ups that are blatantly partisan. The Paula Jones story was spiked by major media before it was outed by Matt Drudge. The misdeeds of Harvey Weinstein were covered up by his media pals for decades. Dan Rather was caught using fake documents in an attempt to throw the 2004 presidential election to the Democrats.  

All of the above have eroded trust in government pronouncements and media sources.

Fifth, there are real rewards for someone who can prove a real conspiracy. The people who proved the falsity of the Rathergate documents are still touted on the Internet for the heroes that they are.

Sixth, there are real rewards for putting out semi-plausible sounding conspiracy theories.  A site will gather millions of hits and much advertising revenue if it creates a plausible sounding theory that is difficult to disprove.

This all happens at the speed of wi-fi waves and electrons transmitted by wire. The access to massive data from thousands of cell phones and sensors gives citizen investigators enormous resources to pick and chose to create plausible scenarios. The lack of data is more grist for the mill, as conspiracy theorists claim the lack of data is significant. "Why haven't we seen this video?!" is trumpeted as evidence of a conspiracy when the video may not exist, or there are perfectly valid reasons why it has not been made public.

We will not see an end to conspiracy theories. We must live with them.

Objective truth should win in the end. Internet investigations have shown their worth.  I urge everyone to be careful about spreading unproven theories, and to investigate facts for themselves. Be skeptical, be careful, remember Occam's razor and other rules of logic. Don't accept a theory, just because you like it, or because it validates your politics. The truth will out, but it will take time.

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Monday, October 16, 2017

NC: Gunfight, Store Clerk Wounded (video)

Authorities said a man wearing a mask entered the Smoke 4 Less shop on Avondale Drive at about 8 p.m. on Sept. 28 and fired a shot at an employee, who returned fire.

The employee sustained a gunshot wound to his arm, and the man fled without taking anything.
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IN: Homeowner with Rifle Confronts Suspect

An armed homeowner interrupted an apparent burglary attempt in a pole barn outside a home in northwest Indiana early Friday, and after a struggle, the suspect ran away, but was captured several hours later.

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TX: Homeowner Fires Shots, Burglary Suspect Arrested

A San Benito man was arrested this past Monday, after the Cameron County Sherriff’s office say he attempted to break into a home on the outskirts of San Benito. Authorities arrived on the scene after reports of shots fired. According to Sherriff Omar Lucio, the shots originated from the home owners.

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FL: Armed Homeowner Shoots Burglary Suspect

JACKSONVILLE — Authorities say a man found two burglars inside his Florida home and fatally shot at least one of them.

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Steve Rudlaff told The Florida Times-Union Wednesday that both the sheriff’s office and the resident received calls from a security company about an alarm triggered inside the home shortly after 11:30 a.m.
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Contrasting Painting of Obama and Trump, Symbolic, Poignant

I have seen the first of these pictures before. They  speak to supporters of the Constitutional Republic of the United States.

You can see videos about them at the links. Jon Mcnaughton is a powerful artist.

 Link to video from the Artist for You Are Not Forgotten

Link to video from the Artist for The Forgotten Man

He deserves our support.

Dean Weingarten

Sunday, October 15, 2017

MO: Woman with Gun Stops Assault by Felon with Knife

The suspect then made her drive him to a location in the county. When they stopped, she was able to reach her firearm and the man fled on foot while she drove herself to the hospital for treatment of the injury on her arm.

Police investigated and charged 61-year-old Floyd May of Moline with aggravated kidnapping, aggravated battery with a weapon, unlawful use of a weapon by a felon and aggravated assault. He's being held in the Rock Island County Jail.
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MO: Man Shoots Pit Bull Attacking his Leashed Dog

"I was afraid he was going to kill Montana," Brashears said. "I shot him. I don't remember pulling the trigger, but the gun was touching the dog when it happened."

Brashears said he is unsure if he pulled the trigger or the gun went off when the pit bull jerked upward while still latched onto Montana's neck. After the shot, he said, the dog ran 10 or 12 feet and collapsed. A neighbor, on hearing the shot, came out with a handgun and pointed it at Brashears.

More Here

Followup NH: Man Justified in Killing Loose, Aggressive, Dog

Boba's owner, Jennifer Poulin, who lives next door to the Mahles at 508 New Orchard Road, said the dog escaped her fenced in yard, but she told NH1 News in September that Boba had never hurt anyone.

Chief Wayne Preve said the incident falls under NH RSA 466:28, allowing a person to kill a dog that either assaults a person or is threatening domestic animals or livestock. In this case, Preve said Boba had posed a threat to the Mahles.
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Australian Gun Culture: End of the 2017 Amnesty 50,000 Guns

The Australian nationwide gun amnesty is over. It lasted three months, was nationwide, and received a lot of attention, domestic and international. I was there for almost the entire amnesty, from 1 July to September 26. The Amnesty ended on 30 September.

While I was there I talked to dozens of gun owners, employees and owners of gun shops, and police officers. There are some interesting things that are not being written about or are overlooked. Most articles are claiming that over 50,000 guns were turned in and will be destroyed. I believe the 50,000 number for guns turned in. I doubt that 50,000 firearms will be destroyed.

This amnesty was significantly different from the mandatory turn-in and compensated confiscation in 1996. During this amnesty, legal guns could be turned-in and registered. Guns could be turned in to gun shops. If the gun shop wanted to sell the gun, they could put it on their books and sell it as a registered gun. I talked to people at two guns shops several times during the amnesty. I was able to obtain a list of guns turned in.

About 25% of the guns turned in were air guns, from observed numbers at the shops I visited. Airguns have the same legal requirements to be registered in Australia as a double barreled shotgun. Before 1996, air guns were essentially unregulated. One rural Australian told me "every boy had an air gun". It explains the plentiful supply of old, rusted air guns. I only saw the guns turned in in New South Wales; but that is where half of the guns turned in came from. It made sense to turn in broken or unusable air guns when the amnesty allowed it to be done legally.

Many air guns only cost $50 new. To pay the $30 registration fee and go through the trouble and legal risk attendant with firearms ownership is not worthwhile for old, rusty air guns. Turning them in outside of the amnesty was legally risky.

Second, many of the guns turned in were then registered and placed in the legal channels of commerce. I saw this happen a number of times. It is difficult to know what percentage of guns that were turned in were registered. It makes little sense for a gun shop to give a gun to the police to be destroyed if they can sell it for a couple of hundred dollars. Gun shops had the legal discretion to either keep a gun for sale or turn it in to police, if it was turned in to them during the amnesty.

I did not see many used guns for sale in Australia. A gun shop owner told me that used guns are immediately sold. It was indicated that there was a waiting list for them. The ones I saw were in back rooms, not on the display floor. I am not implying anything illegal there; only that they never made it to the display floor before someone legally purchased them, because of high demand.

Due to a peculiarity in Australian gun law, gun parts may be considered as guns. If I were a police administrator attempting to please the Prime Minister, I would want to put forward as high a count as possible. The guns are going to be destroyed, so there seems little official incentive to make a distinction. From what I saw, gun parts might count for as much as 5% of the guns turned in.

Here is the official statement from Prime Minister Turnbull. From
Australia's 3 month National Firearms Amnesty has led to more than 50,000 firearms being handed in across Australia.

This is an overwhelming response and represents a significant reduction in the number of unregistered firearms in the Australian community.

Australia has some of the strongest gun laws in the world but illicit firearms remain a threat to community safety.

As a result of this successful amnesty, there are now 50,000 fewer firearms on the streets.

While the amnesty has now finished, the Justice Minister Michael Keenan is encouraging people who still have an unregistered firearm, or who come into possession of an unregistered firearm, to contact their local police station or firearm registry.
The official, final numbers are given.

JurisdictionFirearms receivedJurisdictionFirearms received
New South Wales24,965South Australia2,648
Queensland16,000Australian Capital Territory709
Victoria3,654Western Australia1,242
Tasmania1,924Northern Territory322

Notice that those numbers are listed as received, not destroyed.

The Australian published these numbers a few days before the final tally was released:
  • Tasmania: 1,924
  • Western Australia: 1,242
  • Northern Territory: approx. 320
  • New South Wales: 14,466 (as of 7 Sept)
  • Queensland: 7,000 (as of 25 Aug)
  • Victoria – 2,150 (as of 25 Aug)
  • South Australia – 1,338 (as of 25 Aug)
  • ACT – 264 (as of 25 Aug)
How many of the guns received are actual firearms that will be destroyed? It is very difficult to say.  I may be able to dig up numbers in a few months. I have sources in Australia that I did not have before. I suspect the number will be closer to 30,000 than to 50,000.

The low end of unregistered firearms in Australia is estimated at 260,000. A common high end is estimated at 600,000

The guns turned in are dwarfed by the number of legal guns imported. The import numbers have risen to nearly 100,000 a year. Most of those are rifles and shotguns, but there are a significant number of handguns. The chart is from official Australian sources.

Most crime with guns is committed with illegal handguns or homemade submachine guns, virtually all of them illegally possessed. About one out of eight handguns confiscated in Australia has been illegally made at home or in a small shop in Australia.

The extremely restrictive Australian gun laws cost Australians more than 29 million dollars a year. The entire cost has been upwards of a billion dollars.  Little to nothing can be shown for this expense and loss of liberty.

Proponents of the extreme laws resort to statistical tricks, such as only looking at homicides or suicides with guns, instead of total suicide or homicide rates. The very crux of the debate is about the likelihood of substitute methods being used.

In the study of mass killings before and after, no one is considering the role of the Australian media, which is acknowledged as one of the prime motivators for the Port Arthur Massacre in 1996.

It is not surprising there has not been another Port Arthur in Australia. The Australian media has switched from virtual promotion of a mass killing with a semi-automatic gun, to explaining that it cannot happen in Australia any more.

There has been one mass killing with a firearm since Port Arthur, as acknowledged in this study by the Australian government.  Former P.M. Howard simply ignores it, and claims there have been none.

The Australian gun law fiasco seems to be one where activists found a virtually non-existent problem, created a crisis with media hype, passed burdensome laws, then attempt to justify them with statistical trickery.

We saw the same thing in the United States in the 1950's with switchblade knives.

I astute observers will come up with numerous examples of other excesses of the regulatory state.

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Indiana Lawmaker Turns Tables on Professional Journalists

An Indiana Representative is forcing the establishment media to look in the mirror and face their hypocrisy. He is proposing the First Amendment in Indiana be treated the same as the Second Amendment. His proposal is that journalists be required to apply for a license before they are allowed to publish. If they have felony convictions, they might not be allowed to publish. From
Lucas, from Seymour, has been critical of the media’s coverage of his efforts to repeal a state law that requires a permit to carry a handgun.

He has stated reporters, columnists and editorial boards mischaracterize his idea, which is sometimes referred to as “constitutional carry.”

“If I was as irresponsible with my handgun as the media has been with their keyboard, I’d probably be in jail,” Lucas said.

The proposal would require professional journalists to submit an application with Indiana State Police. They would be fingerprinted and would have to pay $75 for a lifetime license.
Lenin, the famous Communist, was reported to have made a similar point, as recorded in Lord Riddell's Diary of the Peace Conference, published in 1934. The entry was written in 1920
  “Why should a Government which is doing what it believes to be right allow itself to be criticised? It would not allow opposition by lethal weapons. Ideas are much more fatal things than guns. And as to the freedom of the Press, why should any man be allowed to buy a printing press and disseminate pernicious opinions calculated to embarrass the Government?”
Lenin's point that ideas are far more dangerous than guns is a good one. Lucas is highlighting journalists' hypocrisy. They use the freedom of the First Amendment to attack the Second Amendment. They insist on First Amendment protections while promoting the denial of Second Amendment protections.

Jim Lucas has a leadership position in the Indiana House of Representatives. He is the Assistant Majority Whip.  From
Prior to being elected to the General Assembly, Rep. Lucas served on the Seymour City Council. He also owns a local small business, The Awning Guy, Inc.
Rep. Lucas is active in the community. He is a memberof Immanuel Lutheran Church, the American Legion, the National Rifle Association, Gun Owners of America National Association for Gun Rights, Indiana State Rifle and Pistol Association and the NFIB.

As a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and a small business owner, Rep. Lucas brings valuable experience to policy discussions. His biggest priorities at the Statehouse are jobs, fiscal integrity, education and protecting the right to bear arms.
Representatives in Indiana are not separated from the people by much. A district in Indiana has a population of about 65 thousand people. A representatives salary, alone, would put them near the poverty level. They have to be able to support themselves.

Lucas is a citizen politician. He knows he will have to live under the rules he crafts. He is part of the Republican revolution in the states, a grass roots revolution that is pushing out the "progressive" Republicans who have more loyalty to the establishment elite than to the people they represent. It is difficult to say if this Marine could keep his integrity after 20 years in public office. Many have not.

At the moment, this former Army officer gives a "Well done Marine!" to Representative Jim Lucas.

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Saturday, October 14, 2017

PA: Store Owner Shoots Man who Threatened Wife, Kids

A West Philadelphia corner store owner opened fire on a customer he claims threatened to kill his wife and kids, investigators said.

Officers responded to H & K Deli at Dewey and Market streets Wednesday night to find a 22-year-old male shot in the right leg.
More Here

Followup NV: Clerk takes Plea Deal in Teen Shooting

Metro Police said Sunna shot and killed Fabriccio Patti on Dec. 2, 2016, after he allegedly attempted to steal merchandise from the Lucky's Cigar & Smokes on Flamingo Road near Durango Drive.

An arrest report said, on the night of the shooting, Sunna called the police and waited outside for them to arrive. He told police one of the teens ran towards him, and he drew his firearm and began shooting, the report said.

Metro said Sunna told them he believed he was about to be robbed or killed and was in fear for his life. However, Patti's autopsy showed the teen was shot seven times from back to front.
More Here

Followup FL: Donald Hodges Justified in Shooting of Danny King

Hodges waived his Miranda rights and confessed to shooting King.

The State Attorney’s Office concluded Hodges was justified in killing King because King, who was 85 pounds heavier and 3 inches taller than Hodges, created a “well-founded fear in Hodges that deadly force was necessary to prevent his imminent death or great bodily harm” by attacking him on his property. Methamphetamine was located in his blood and urine.
More Here

TX: 1 of 4 Assailants Shot, Victim Wounded

SPRING, Texas - A suspected robber is dead after a tenant shot him in the head and he was run over by an accomplice at an apartment complex in Spring on Tuesday, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office said.
More Here

Trump Era NICS Checks Close to Record in September

The Trump era of the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) has been showing robust numbers for nine months now. Two of the nine months are all time records.  The overall numbers for the year are on track to be the second highest year in the history of NICS.

NICS checks for September, 2017 have been 1,967,104, almost identical to the record number in 2016, of 1,992,219.  That is just short of 99% of the record. The total for the year to date is 18,235,898, more than the entire year of 2011. It is 92% of the 2017 NICS at the end of September.

If the 92% figure holds for the entire year, we will have over 25 million checks for 2017. That would be the second highest NICS check year on record.

That is not bad for an industry that was supposed to crash during a Trump presidency.

It is likely, with the mass killing in Las Vegas, that NICS will break records for October. I have had people call me about where to get "bump stocks" and what AR-15 clones are best to purchase. There are numerous manufacturers of America's most popular type of rifle, and prices have dropped this year.

When there is a mass killing with guns, the media, in blatant disregard for the harm they are doing, turns enormous attention on the event in order to push for strict gun laws. They do not do this for other mass killing events.

The attention they pay to these events acts as a magnet to attract copycats who want the fame that comes with mass killing with guns. It is a well documented effect.

The push for strict gun legislation, in turn, provides incentive for people who were considering purchasing a firearm, but were ambivalent. All through the Obama Presidency, gun sales broke records. They skyrocketed when he started to push for nationwide restrictions on gun sales.

With President Trump in office, the response was expected to lessen. On the other hand, the over the top rhetoric on the left could increase the incentives to purchase guns. When President Trump is demonized, people worry about political uncertainty. An improving economy under President Trump should be positive for gun sales. Increasing economic activity, a lowering of unemployment, and increasing wages all work to increase gun purchases.

An increase in gun ownership appears to have raised the baseline for gun purchases. A NBC/Wall Street Journal Survey puts household gun ownership at 48%. The Crime Prevention Research Center shows some of the difficulties with knowing the number for certain, and other indicators that the number is increasing.

Not all NICS checks translate into new gun purchases, and an increase in the private stock of guns in the United States.  Many are for the numerous weapon carry permits, now over 16 million, and their renewals.  Many are used for other purposes.

Historically, one NICS check equates to about .6 firearms added to the private stock in the United States.

If that trend hold, 15 million firearms will have been added to the total private stock in 2017.

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Pass Good Gun Laws and Prevent Bad ones: Slow Down

How does the United States pass good gun laws and prevent bad ones?

President Trump had the best response.  From
"We'll talk about that later," Trump told reporters at the White House when asked about gun reform Tuesday morning.
A nation has to have good laws if it is to survive and thrive. Since nations came into existence, it has become obvious that a ruling authority, or government, is necessary for people to survive and thrive. Without a ruling authority, force becomes the only law. The strongest, the best with weapons, survive as long as they can fight, defend, or subjugate others. Mankind has painfully learned a central authority is necessary to reduce internal violence and to defend against external threats.

But, the government itself becomes a means to prey upon people, both internally and externally. The central dilemma of good government is to find a way to optimize the level of government power. Enough for internal peace (domestic tranquility) and to prevent invasion (provide for the common defense), but not so much as to become oppressive (secure the blessings of liberty) while promoting the general welfare.

The genius of the United States was in recognizing the dilemma and designing a system to accomplish those objectives.  Most governments in the world do not acknowledge the problem.

Democracy was an early approach to prevent government from becoming tyrannical. But democracies have severe disadvantages. One of these is that they are subject to emotional crises. Groups of people are subject to making, or of being convinced, in the heat of the moment, of doing things they never would do if they took the time to coolly consider the problem, or legislation to solve it.

To prevent that problem in the United States, the government was specifically designed to prevent legislation from passing quickly, in the heat of the moment.  Passing laws in the heat of the moment is bad policy, and almost always results in bad law. James Madison wrote about democracies in Federalist #10.
A common passion or interest will, in almost every case, be felt by a majority of the whole; a communication and concert result from the form of government itself; and there is nothing to check the inducements to sacrifice the weaker party or an obnoxious individual. Hence it is that such democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths.
Madison explained in Federalist #62, that the Senate was designed, in part to prevent the quick and intemperate passage of laws.

Good gun law, as with good law in general, should never be passed quickly, in the heat of the moment. When reason and facts are carefully considered, most gun laws fail. It is why most bills fail to become law. It is why most bad gun laws are passed in response to specific, isolated, incidents. Bad gun laws pass when politicians use an emotional crises as cover to pass bad legislation.

Most people understand the consequences of impulsive action. To prevent bad gun law, appeal to people to slow down the process until emotions have cooled. Explain to them that they are being played by power brokers who use crises to pass laws long ago formulated in anticipation of a crisis.

"Progressives" want no limits on government power. The history of the movement is rife with examples of "progressives" who rail against Constitutional constraints as being "outdated" and preventing "progress".  "Progressives" disdain the ordinary man and call for a rule by the elite, which they conveniently identify as themselves.

There are good gun laws that should be passed. Several have been introduced in the Congress this session. Two stand out: a national reciprocity law, which would defend the exercise of Second Amendment rights across the United States, and a reform of the antiquated and unreasonable restrictions on the sale of gun silencers or gun mufflers. Logic, reason, and facts support both of those laws. There is considerable support for both laws in the legislature and among the population. Most opposition comes from the establishment media.

These laws will be passed by steady pressure brought over time. The approach has been used in most states to reform gun laws into a closer alignment with the Second Amendment.

Progressives found a way to bypass many of the checks and balance protections of the Constitution. They took over the mass media. How it happened is detailed nicely in Partisan Journalism, by Jim A. Kuypers.

The media became a way for leftists (progressives) to bypass the protections of the Constitution with emotional crises. Rahm Emanual quoted the radical Saul Alynsky when he said "Never let a crisis go to waste." Proponents of good government need to fight that effect. Government by crises only "works" on the assumption that elites cynically use crises for the improvement of everyone.

History has shown the assumption to be false.

Slow down the process. Call for reasoned discourse. Decry emotional responses.

Passing laws during a time of crises is bad political theory. It makes for bad law.

©2017 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice and link are included.

Gun Watch

Followup MA: Man who Shot Dog Charged

LAKEVILLE — A man who claims he shot and killed his neighbors’ golden retriever as an act of self defense is now facing criminal charges.

On Thursday afternoon, Lakeville police announced that Mark J. Vasseur, 61, of 9 Susan Lane, is facing a charge of malicious killing of a domesticated animal.

More Here

Friday, October 13, 2017

MI: Permit Holder Shoots Suspect

DETROIT (WJBK) - An attempted robbery in Detroit didn't go as planned for the suspect, when the intended victim pulled out a gun and started shooting in defense.

A Concealed Pistol License holder acted quickly, pulled his gun and shot the armed suspect to end the threat.
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MI: Member of Aggressive Group Attempt Break-in, Gets Shot

Early investigation shows an argument got out of hand when a group of guys showed up to another person’s house.

When one of them tried to get in, police say the homeowner felt threatened, and fired a gun.

It happened on Galbraith Road in Benton Township near the city of Cheboygan Sunday night.

Police say the group of people and the shooting victim flew down the road in several cars after police were called and the shot was fired.
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MO: Neighbor Shoots Uncontrolled Dog

Ruger died a short time later. Police said a neighbor was in his driveway when Ruger approached him in an “aggressive manner, growling and barking. The resident, who felt threatened and feared the dog was going to attack him, shot the dog.”
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KS: Armed Man Shoots Aggressive Pit Bull

Dennis Cunningham said he shot Oreo because he was afraid for his life after the dog charged him while he was checking his mail.

"He was growling and jumping at me,and he had me intimidated, and I pulled the gun and shot him," said Cunningham.

Adams said the two gun shots woke him, and Oreo came running into the house with a bullet wound.
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Australian Court Appeal: Olympic Shooter Not Guilty of Unsafe Storage

There is an interesting new twist to Australian gun law. An appeal to a district court in New South Wales (perhaps the most strict gun laws in Australia) has reversed gun law convictions of unsafe storage on a Australian Olympic gold medal shooter.

Two-time Olympic shooting gold medallist Michael Diamond has been acquitted of three firearms convictions that effectively ended his illustrious shooting career.

Diamond was found guilty of the offences in May this year, seeing him banned from holding a gun licence for 10 years.

He later lodged an appeal which a Newcastle court today upheld while quashing his local court convictions after a judge questioned the legality of a car search.

 The court reversed a local courts conviction of the Olympic gold medal winner. The local conviction prevented Diamond from competing in the 2016 Olympics.

The prosecutor, P.J. O'Brien made the case the Olympic shooter had stored his shotgun without sufficient precautions. The gun was disassembled and in a short case. The case was not locked by the car was. The judge also mentioned the car had tinted windows, preventing a thief from knowing there was a case, or particularly, a gun case, in the vehicle.

The judge ruled that Olympian's state of sobriety was not relevant, because guns can be safely stored, even if the owner is not sober.

There were over a hundred shotgun cartridges in the vehicle, which was also held to be irrelevant, as the shotgun was disassembled.

The case is the equivalent of a district court overturning a municipal court decision in the United States. The result is important to Michael Diamond. He should be able to shoot in the next Olympics.

I talked to a Barrister who practises in New South Wales. I asked him if the case had precedential authority. The answer was a clear no.

The district level court does not create cit-able precedent. In the United States, precedent first occurs at the appeals court level.

This case, in Australia, was one level below that.

It might embolden others to appeal their gun convictions, but it does not change established law.

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No One is Perfect: Investigation of Michigan State Police Range Stray Bullet


 There is a stray bullet investigation ongoing in the south of Michigan, in Northville Township. A window was shattered on about the 10th or 11th of October, 2017. I am skeptical of these type of incidents. They are quite rare. The image of an Iraqi woman showing investigators two complete rifle cartridges, that supposedly hit her residence, is memorable.

This incident appears to be real, not a hoax like the famous Iraqi incident. The window was shattered. It was broken in a believable way. The bullet was found with the shattered glass. The bullet looks fresh and has rifling marks. From

Last year, two homes were hit by stray bullets. The gun range was shut down and modifications were made to ensure the neighborhood's safety.

Now, another home was hit by a bullet.

A resident on Crestview Circle came home to find his front door shattered and a bullet on the ground.

The Northville Township Police Department investigated and passed the recovered bullet on to MSP to see if it is one their rounds.
The distance from the Michigan State Police Laboratory and the broken window is 2,460 feet, or 820 yards. The google maps image below shows the geometry. The direction of fire would have been nearly due South, as is shown in the image.

The  distance is well within the maximum range of common pistol bullets. From the picture, I cannot tell if the projectile is a 9 mm or a .40 caliber. It might even be a .45 auto bullet. The Michigan State Police range is behind the Forensic laboratory. That puts it in a reasonable place to supply the bullet for the incident.

There was little energy left in the pistol bullet at that range. It would have been traveling down at a pretty steep angle. The velocity was probably in the 200-300 fps range. The combination of low velocity and a steep angel fits well with only the outside glass being broken. The glass and bullet fell outside. The inner, unbroken glass would direct the fragments to the outside, as there was not enough energy remaining to break the inside panes.

No one knows for certain if the bullet came from the Michigan Police Forensic Laboratory range. The distance is plausible. The bullet is plausible. The angles and damage are plausible.  The rifling marks are clear. If there is a close match to a gun fired at the range that day, the circumstantial evidence will be complete.

Investigators at the MSP Forensics lab are baffled, because the range has been specifically altered to make such an event impossible. But the possibility of human error is near infinite. What if the pistol was fired, at a high angle, by negligence, *before* being put in play at the range? A firearms instructor told me of exactly such an incident (that did not result in any damage), involving an officer.

Many modern handguns use barrels that leave almost no distinguishing marks on the bullets fired. You can usually narrow the firearm down to a make and model or series of models. The manufacturing techniques have become so good, the barrels in some makes are extremely uniform. There are not sufficient differences in barrels to differentiate bullets fired from individual pistols.

There are other potential sources. In the Google maps image, you can see the wooded area between the house and the lab gets a lot of use. A person could have fired a pistol in that area, the bullet could have ricocheted off of a hard object, and ended up breaking the house window. The bullet nose shows significant deformation, more than seems likely from hitting a single pane of glass at such a low level of energy.  The bullet most likely was deformed by an impact before the house window was hit. A bullet would normally be de-stablized after hitting an object that deformed it that much. A de-stablized bullet quickly loses energy as it travels through the atmosphere.

No one was hit. The danger was fairly small. If hit just wrong, an adult could have lost an eye or a couple of teeth.  A young child might have been severely wounded, possibly even killed, if hit exactly wrong. Stray bullets are a danger, but are rarely lethal. Pistol bullets, at nearly half a mile, are unlikely to break skin if the skin is protected by a layer of cloths. The velocity is about the same as such a projectile would receive from a high powered slingshot.

If the MSP lab was involved, it is a serious embarrassment, but a cheap lesson.

Pay to fix the window and tighten up the range and firing procedures.

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

MI: Man Shoots Woman While Attempting to Stop Dog Attack

This is tragic. Know your target and what is beyond it.

Police said the woman was dragged into the street by the dog, which neighbors described as a stray of no specific breed. She was crying for help when a friend of hers who lives nearby heard her.

"Our resident, seeing this -- he's a CPL holder -- came out of his home and engaged the dog," Detroit police Capt. Darin Szilagy said. "He fired an unknown number of shots to try to stop the attack. Unfortunately, during that action, the woman was struck."
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MA: Uncontrolled Dog Shot at Chicken Coop

“I grabbed my gun before I went out,” Mark said. “I have a lot of problems with coyotes and fisher cats, and raccoons and stuff getting my chickens.”

The couple says their German shepherd ran back but the golden retriever appeared startled.

“He just attacked us and there was nothing I could do. It happened so quick. He showed his teeth and was growling,” Mark said. “I had no choice. I had to shoot the dog because I’m not going to get bit.”
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LA: Armed Victim Shoots Robby Suspect

Police say the incident occurred around 2:20 p.m. Thursday, but did not specify the exact location. According to arrest records, 29-year-old Malcolm Williams approached two victims in a parking lot and pulled out a handgun, demanding their cell phones.

According to the arrest affidavit, the victims initially handed Williams their cell phones in compliance. However, one of the victims then pulled out their own handgun and shot Williams in the arm. Williams fled the scene with the stolen phones, leaving a trail of blood in his wake.
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FL: 81-Year-Old Shoots at Man Attempting Break-in

The victim grabbed his .22-caliber pistol then he heard a window break and saw the man reaching through the window to clear away the shattered glass, according to deputies.

The homeowner said he feared for his and his wife's safety so he fired three to four shots at the man. The man then fled to his mid-2000s Chevrolet Silverado 1500, authorities said. The victim fired three to four more shots at the truck as it sped away.
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Activists Wave Sex Toys to Protest Second Amendment Speech (video) at UW

On 10 October, 2017, freedom advocate Katie Pavlich, who values the Second Amendment was allowed to speak on the University of Wisconsin, Madison, campus. The speech followed a change in University policy that threatened punishment for people who refuse to allow others to speak. From
The conservative student group Young Americans for Freedom invited pro-gun activist, journalist and author Katie Pavlich to speak at the UW's psychology building Tuesday night.

Young Americans for Freedom Chair Abby Streu says the group invited her to bring an often not heard viewpoint to campus. Pavlich will discuss firearms and self defense at the event titled "Trigger Warning: The Second Amendment and Self-Defense."

"It's really important that we discuss this and we have narratives flowing so that a bunch of different ideas can be determined and people can make up their own minds," Streu said.
Here is a Youtube video of the protesters demonstrating against Katie PavlichHere is a Youtube video of the protesters demonstrating against Katie Pavlich. They do not have an answer for the woman's arguement for a right to effective self defense. Instead, they just chant :

Link to youtube video

The left has a strange obsession with equating deadly weapons and genitalia. This protest is the second of its kind at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Both were modeled after similar protests at the University of Texas, Austin.

Pavlich asked the common questions ignored by anti-Second Amendment activists. From
“Why do the rights of adult college students end at the campus border?” Pavlich asked. Because gun rights opponents want to control others and prevent them from exercising their Second Amendment rights, she said.

“But just because you don’t like a constitutional right doesn’t mean you get to strip others’ constitutional rights,” Pavlich said in a talk that was anti-Hillary Clinton, anti-Hollywood and anti-“elite.”
Pavlich spoke in a crowded venue. The lecture hall appeared to be full. The speech was possible because of a bill put forward by the Wisconsin legislature in November of 2016. When the bill was fielded by Republican Senators, the University changed university rules to mirror the bill. That move cut off support and killed the bill. The rule change left the University of Wisconsin in position to change the rules back if a Democrat majority takes power in the Assembly or Senate, or if a Democrat is elected governor.

An organizer of the anti-rights group said that Pavlich's presence on campus was particularly dangerous, because of the possibility that Constitutional Carry would pass the Wisconsin legislature.
“Katie Pavlich is a very problematic speaker to bring to campus, especially when permit-less carry has such a high chance of passing,” protest organizer Kat Kerwin said
Clearly, she thinks it is a bad idea to allow speech when it might be effective. Perhaps Kat thinks waving dildos in the face of people who wish to listen to someone arguing for Second Amendment rights will convince legislators to vote against the bill.

Keep it up. I suspect the legislators are paying attention. They did in Texas. Campus carry passed the legislature and is now the law in Austin.

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Leftist Hate Church Charity Raffle (Because Guns)

In a virtue signaling display common on the left, the Washington Post published an article critical of a church for raffling two rifles for charity.  Amy B. Wang, a writer for the post, made a national story of the dislike of a leftist for the raffle of two AR-15 type rifles. Image from

“I had a kid approach me: ‘Would you like to join a raffle? We’ve got two AR-15s.’ And I’m like, whoa,” Belden-Adams said.

Just the Sunday before, a gunman had opened fire on a country music festival in Las Vegas, killing 58 people and wounding about 500. Inside the shooter’s suite at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, investigators discovered 23 guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition. Among those weapons were an AR-15-type rifle modified with a “bump stock,” a device that would allow the gunman to inflict damage more rapidly.

It hadn’t even been a week since the Vegas shooting, Belden-Adams thought.

“We have flags still half-mast for the Las Vegas shooting here in Oxford,” she said. “I thought it was in bad taste at this time to be auctioning an AR-15, the same weapon used in Las Vegas. Or one of them.”
Charity raffles  cannot be turned on and off like a light switch, at least without enormous cost and consequences. They have been planned for months. Donations have been received. Tickets have been sold. Financial and legal obligations have been made. The idea that an organization should cancel such an activity because a person committed a horrendous crime using an object similar to the one being raffled, would allow criminals to determine the course of our lives.  It would allow crybullies who claim the ability to determine what is right and wrong, or politically correct, or "insensitive", to rule everyone.

That is the narrative here. Disagree with the left, and you are evil. In this case, the message being sent is: charity raffles with guns are bad. Why? Because we say so. Consider this quote from the article:

There, Dalton plans to ask the ministry’s leadership why it couldn’t have raffled off something else in light of the tragedy in Las Vegas.
That would require the ministry's leadership to chose something else before Las Vegas happened.  Changing a prize after the raffle is already in progress is not a reasonable response. It is not ethical. The article never addresses the irrationality and unreasonableness of that request.

Anti-Second Amendment activists posted reviews against the Oasis Church, even though they had never been there or met anyone from it. From
I found it absolutely disgusting that this church was promoting an AR-15 raffle. You shouldn't be called church. You couldn't be farther away from love and gospel.
It seems the writer is pushing hate for a charity raffle because of a political viewpoint. Here was a non-political review:
The church is very diverse! I was so incredible pleased to see about 50% black and 50% white! That's what the body of Christ should look like!

The worship was very lively and the pastors message was great with illustrations!
The article could have been written from a viewpoint that supports and treasures the Second Amendment.

The centerpiece  could have been the person who refused to cancel the raffle, because they refuse to allow criminals and terrorists to rule our lives and determine our culture.

To Amy Wang's credit, she includes a minimal protrayal of the Constitutionalist side, with a quote from Tennessee Representative Andy Holt. Andy Holt refused to cancel a similar raffle after the Orlando massacre. The Orlando killings were by a Muslim Jihadist, who proclaimed his allegiance to ISIS. From
I'm sick and tired of the media and liberal politicians attacking our right to keep and bear arms. I'll do everything I can to ensure the 2nd Amendment is protected and people are equipped to exercise their innate right to self-defense.
The article shows where Amy stands. She doesn't like people raffling guns.

Raffling icons of American freedom and the Second Amendment are strong signals that guns are acceptable in society, they have utility, and the participants will not be cowed by media imposed views of right and wrong.

Amy could write an article about media complicity in mass killings with guns. Many mass killings with guns are triggered by the media. Las Vegas may be one of them. It is almost certain what happened at Port Arthur in Australia. From Professor Mullen, Chief of Forensic Psychiatry at Monash University:
"..Bryant was inspired by the killings. "He followed Dunblane. His planning started with Dunblane. Before that he was thinking about suicide but Dunblane and the early portrayal of the killer, Thomas Hamilton, changed everything."
It is called the copycat effect, and it is real. Mass killings with guns in American society have been promoted by the media for at least 30 years. They get ratings and money. The people get more mass killings.

Before we impose more infringements on the Second Amendment, the media should adopt standards to reduce mass killings from the copycat effect. They will not, because mass killings with guns benefit them financially, politically, and ideologically.

It is a bad idea to change laws under the heat of emotion and the moment. It leads to bad decisions.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

SC: Suspect in Store Robbery Shot, Wounded

Lemon said the man roughed up the store’s owner during the robbery. He said at some point, shots were fired and the suspect hit.
Lemon added he can’t say who fired the shot.
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IL: Armed Chicago Homeowner Shoots, Wounds Suspect Attempting Break-in

A homeowner opened fire on a man who was trying to break into a residence late Saturday in the Bronzeville neighborhood on the South Side, police said.A 44-year-old man suffered multiple gunshot wounds to the body at 10:54 p.m. as he was trying to break into a home in the 4500 block of South St. Lawrence, according to Chicago Police.
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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Followup SC: Derek Fogel Shooting was Self Defense

A shooting that resulted in a death in the Cherokee Village neighborhood has been ruled a justifiable homicide, according to the Lexington Police Department.

Read more here:

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OH: Cabbie Disarms Suspect, Shoots Same

Police said a cab driver who was being robbed late Wednesday on the East Side managed to grab a gun from one of the robbers and shoot him.

Chief of Detectives Capt. Brad Blackburn said Thursday the suspect is being treated at St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital for a gunshot wound.

Being treated is Drequan Abdullah, 18. Warrants were filed in municipal court charging him with aggravated robbery and being a felon in possession of a firearm.
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Big Change in the Las Vegas Shooting Timeline

Previously, the reported timeline was the security guard, Jesus Campos, was shot and wounded in the leg, by the Las Vegas mass murderer at about 10:17- 10:19, 10 minutes *after* he started shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Country Music Festival attendees.

In the revised time-line, authorities are saying Campos was shot and wounded in the leg at 9:59 p.m., as he approached the door of suite 135, on the 32nd floor. *before* the shooting on the crowd started.

There are many changes in possible scenarios that come with this revelation, and many questions.

The security guard is reported as responding to a "door ajar" alarm on another room.  why was he shot? Sheriff Lombardo says Campos reported the shooting immediately, but the police did not know about it until they discovered him on the 32nd floor, wounded, about 18 minutes later.  From
On Monday, Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo announced a change to the sequence of events that occurred on Oct. 1, saying a security guard who encountered Paddock was actually shot at 9:59 p.m. local time, minutes before the 64-year-old unleashed a hail of gunfire on unsuspecting concertgoers.

Previously, authorities had said that the security guard, Jesus Campos, was shot after Paddock had opened fire on the crowd below.

Lombardo said Campos immediately reported to hotel security that he had been shot. However, responding officers did not know Campos had been shot until they arrived on the 32nd floor and encountered him, Lombardo said.

According to the new time-line, the shooting on the crowd did not happen for another 8-9 minutes. That is a long time for no action to be taken on the shooting of a security guard. The mass killer may have panicked at the vision of the security guard. It may have peempted his plans, precipitating an attack before he was completely ready.

More details will come out in the weeks and months to come. We are already hearing the killer was depressed and in pain. That could lead to suicidal planning, which is common in mass public killers.

The timeline change reinforces the understanding that seconds are precious in responding to these events.

It is pure speculation, but I wonder if hotel policy might be different, or delayed, for those at the highest level. Might there have been previous shootings where someone was wounded by other high level guests, where everything was covered up for a price?  Perhaps "accidents" where the hotel did not want the
bad publicity?

All the hotel management knew, from the above scenario, before the mass killer opened up on the crowd, was that someone in suite 135 had shot through a door and hit a security guard in the leg.  The guard was mobile. The wound did not appear life-threatening. Making this a police matter may have seemed premature. Maybe the on duty management was trying to determine the best approach to take.

The answers to those questions may come over time. I have not heard an ambulance was called for Campos, the security guard.  If 911 was called, there will be a record.

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Teen with NRA Rifle Stops Lion killing his Cats

Courtesy photo from rapidcityjournal

A story that should be getting more attention is one out of the Black Hills of South Dakota. It doesn't get much more interesting than a depredating lion, a 14 year old hunter protecting the family livelihood, and a rifle won at an NRA raffle. The story has already been written by Tom Griffith. The article is well done. I do not want to steal the author's thunder. Here is an excerpt to the
After a long, sad day, Streff’s youngest child, 14-year-old Dalton, who fancies himself a hunter, told his mother he was going to go sit in the backyard and await the return of the beast that had killed their young goat. The 5-foot-10, 130-pound, brown-haired teenager, who had previously completed a hunter’s safety course, brought with him his 30.06-caliber Remington rifle he won last year in an NRA raffle.
Lacking a proper blind in which to shelter himself from approaching critters, Dalton opted instead for a Little Tikes playhouse conveniently located in the backyard. There on a chair he sat, scanning the surrounding woodlands for the killer cat.
I grew up on reading the Jim Corbett stories of man eating cats. The famous hunter had those adventures in the India of the British Raj.  This young man's adventure has much in common with those stories. A big cat that is a danger to the community. A goat is taken, and the drama begins.

A major difference is the American farmers and villagers have guns and know how to use them. Big cats that become a danger to livestock and humans do not last very long.

Young Dalton is to be congradulated for showing grace under pressure, as did 12 year old Alyssa Caldwell in  who killed a mountain lion in self defense in New Mexico, on October 14th, 2014, almost exactly three years ago.

This week another lion was killed in Oregon as it was frequenting a mobile home park. Lions that become habituated to humans are likely to become dangerous.

Mountain lion attacks are rare. That is what makes them newsworthy. Humans are the dominant predator and are a more common danger.

A story about a young man, coming of age, who uses his newly acquired skills and weaponry (from the NRA, no less!) to end the predations of a big cat, is a story that strikes all of the right primal nerve endings.  We have Disneyfied the image of large predators. We have protected them so much they are again becoming a problem.  Most of the South Dakota lion problems are young lions that are attempting to find a range of their own.

There were good reasons our ancestors did not tolerate big predators around their farms, schools, and villages.

We are re-learning those lessons.

Congratulations to Dalton Streff.

Good job, young man. We are proud of you.

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OR: Lion Prowling in Mobile Home Park Shot by Armed Homeowner

WESTFIR — A cougar was shot and killed Sunday at Casey’s Riverside RV Park in Westfir after it had spent at least a week prowling around the mobile home portion of the park, residents said Thursday.

“It was after the feral cats,” Gayle Murphy, 68, said. She lives at the park between Highway 58 and the Middle Fork of the Willamette River, just west of Oakridge.

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TN: Armed Homeowner Captures Burglary Suspect

Kevin Lindsay said he heard an uneasy sound from his back door in the Farmington neighborhood off Northshore Drive around 10 a.m. while he was doing laundry. He walked around the corner and said he found a man trying to break in. Lindsay ran upstairs and grabbed his gun.

“My house and my family are sacred to me,” he said.

Lindsay said he pointed the gun at the intruder and the attempted burglar then ran away. It was an unexpected ordeal that was over in a matter of seconds. No one was hurt.
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FL: Armed Homeowner Captures Prolific Burglary Suspect, Stops Crime Spree

St. Petersburg detectives believe 35-year-old Lupen Font is a prolific burglar.

In just over two months, they say he’s broken into more than a dozen homes in St. Petersburg, Gulfport and Tampa.

But, his latest crime was almost his last. At a home on Riverside Drive North in St. Petersburg, an armed homeowner almost shot him as police say he tried to break in.
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Monday, October 09, 2017

MI: Homeowner Wounds Suspect who Ran from Home

The suspect told the woman that he wanted property from the home.

During the encounter, the homeowner came home and got into a fight with the suspect who then ran from the scene. As the intruder ran, police said the homeowner shot a gun and hit the man in the hand.

The suspect was taken into custody and taken to the hospital for non-life threatening injuries.

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Sunday, October 08, 2017

Followup OR: Home Intruder Sentenced, Judge Compliments Victims

Friend, 25, asserts that he was black-out drunk during the bizarre incident, in which the victims say he threatened to kill children and rape male members of the family. One family member ended up shooting Friend in the leg when the intruder burst into one of the homes during the predawn hours of June 17.
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FL: Man Fights with Burglar, Woman wounded

When officers arrived on scene they learned the suspect from Messina Avenue had kicked in a door at a home on Marbello Boulevard first, authorities said.

A man inside grabbed a handgun and had some sort of physical altercation with the suspect when a woman, who was also inside the home, was shot unintentionally, according to police.
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TX: Carrollton Man Shoots Intruder

CARROLLTON - Carrollton Police are investigating an early morning incident in which an apartment resident shot a man who was trying to enter his home at Colonial Grand at Hebron Apartments.A 33-year-old man entered the apartment through an unlocked patio door shortly before 5:00am.

The resident shot the intruder once in the chest. He is now in critical condition at a nearby hospital and faces criminal trespass of a habitation charges.

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Saturday, October 07, 2017

TN: Meth User Captured by Amed Resident

CHURCH HILL — A Hawkins County man reportedly held an intruder at gunpoint Saturday night after he caught the man halfway through his kitchen window.
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OR: Permit Holder Stops Knife Attack, Sherrif Approves

Lebanon resident Mica Smith said he was prepared when he pulled his concealed sidearm to stop an attacker with a knife Thursday. He also said he was scared.

He's had his concealed carry permit for five years, and the incident marked the first time he has ever gone to his gun. But his training as a licensed concealed handgun carrier added the layer of discipline required to prevent the situation from flying off the rails.
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NC: Aggressive Car Burglar Shot

ROWAN COUNTY, N.C. - A man was shot Tuesday morning while he was breaking into cars in Rowan County, deputies said.

Deputies were called just 5 a.m. to a home on Longfield Drive, where they found a man suffering from a gunshot wound.
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Friday, October 06, 2017

D.C. Will not appeal loss on Carry Permits

The government of the District of Columbia has decided not to appeal the Circuit court decision in Wrenn v. D.C.

 A week ago the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit ruled that they would not rehear Wrenn v. D.C. en banc. That ended the D.C. Circuit level of appeals for the District of Columbia. The issue was whether D.C. law, that was used to arbitrarily deny concealed carry permits, was constitutional.

D.C. lost. The question became, would they appeal to the Supreme Court.

The city’s attorney general said the decision not to appeal the ruling was a strategic one. He worries if the city were to appeal to the Supreme Court and lose, it would affect similar gun regulations elsewhere including in Maryland, New Jersey and New York.

"I continue to believe the District's `good reason' requirement is a common-sense, and constitutional, gun regulation,” District of Columbia Attorney General Karl A. Racine said in a statement. “However, we must reckon with the fact that an adverse decision by the Supreme Court could have wide-ranging negative effects not just on District residents, but on the country as a whole."

The attorney general acknowledged receiving several phone calls from elected and unelected officials in other jurisdictions worried about the effect of such a ruling against the city. But Racine said the decision was ultimately made in his city's best interest.
At the Gun Rights Policy Conference a few days ago, two separate opinions were expressed about the possibility of the government of the District of Columbia appealing the decision to the Supreme Court. Both were put forward by intellectual heavy hitters.  I paid attention.

John Lott, the academic well known for his research showing that the carry of concealed guns decreases crime, told me that there would be intense pressure on the D.C. government. The pressure would be against appealing the case, because major leftist entities in the Democrat party would see it as too risky.

Alan Gura, perhaps the most well known and successful attorney defending the Second Amendment had a different opinion. In a taped presentation, recorded before the D.C. ruling was made, he believed that the D.C. government would appeal the ruling to the Supreme Court.

John Lott's prognostication in this case turned was the correct one.

This shows a sea change in thoughts on the left about court fights on the Second Amendment.

Many on the left now fear what the Supreme Court might do.

The Supreme Court may actually uphold the Constitution. It has routinely failed to do so for decades.

If, as is likely, President Trump is able to appoint another justice to the Supreme Court, to replace any of the four ideological leftists, or the leftist leaning justice Kennedy, the odds increase for upholding the Constitution.

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Where did the Las Vegas Mass Murderer's Money Come From?

One of the puzzles about the mass murderer in Las Vegas is the source of his money.

His brother characterizes him as "very wealthy" and that "$100,000 is no big deal".

His real estate holdings holdings have been estimated as worth several millions of dollars.

He paid cash for his latest real estate, and gambled up to a million dollars a year, according to a real estate agent who dealt with him. From the
The 64-year-old, who opened fire slaughtering 58 people at a country music festival at the weekend, bought his 2,000 sq ft home in Mesquite, Nevada in 2014.

Real estate agents said Paddock told them his income came from gambling and decided quickly that he wanted to take the house because of its privacy and commanding hilltop view. He then paid for the two-bedroom $369,022 property in cash.
His brother says he was well known at lots of casinos, and they "comped" (that is gave) him lots of valuable things, such as hotel rooms and various services, to keep him coming back. From
There were 16 Currency Transaction Reports, or CTRs, filed for Paddock in recent weeks. The Treasury Department and the IRS mandate that casinos file the reports for "each transaction in currency involving cash-in and cash-out of more than $10,000 in a gaming day."

The reports don't show whether Paddock won or lost or both on the days in question. They do show that on same days there were multiple transactions.

A source familiar with the investigation told NBC News that Paddock was a frequent player "with the highest status" at Caesars Entertainment properties in Las Vegas.

Mathematically, it is highly unlikely that he "earned" a million or more a year in income by gambling. It is possible to make a lot of money gambling... if you own the casino or control the venue.

There are no indications the mass  killer owned the casino or had his own high stakes private games. In private games he could use skill to bring in large amounts of untraced cash.

Casinos do not keep "comping' people who consistently take large amounts of money out of their holdings. They go to a lot of trouble to identify people who do this, known as "card counters" and to ban them from casinos.

It is likely the mass killer lost tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, maybe more. That leads us back to the question. Where did the money come from?

Could the mass killer be a real estate investment whiz, someone who was just lucky in creating an income of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars a year?

Not impossible, but not likely.

It appears the mass killer has not worked a regular job since the 1980's. Where does his wealth come from? Thirty years of high living, international travel, and massive gambling in casinos. He was an accountant, a talented one, it appears, from the people who hired him when he was a young adult.

Perhaps his wealth has been overstated.

Perhaps we have only seen the tip of the iceberg, and there are uncounted millions more.

There are many unconventional sources of wealth that could be laundered through casino gambling. Here are a few. Those with imagination can think of others.

1. He was a source of intelligence for a government or governments, who paid in cash.

2. He installed a money trap into an early computer program, and it feeds him one cent per transaction from a number of financial institutions.

3. He was blackmailing one or more wealthy people, at a rate low enough to be sustainable.

4. He was involved in the drug trade.

5. He found one of the many "lost gold mines", and kept it secret.

6. He was a talented con man, and used the casinos to launder his take.

7. He was a talented player of the "liability lottery", where people sue to make hundreds of thousands of dollars in false claims. (this one seems unlikely because he lost a "slip and fall" lawsuit against Comopolitan Hotel).  Those transactions would not be in cash.

Maybe he was just a lucky investor who kept hitting the jackpot. 

It could be, but that is not the way to bet.

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