Sunday, March 13, 2005


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"Wilson was not a lawman or a soldier; it was not his job to "protect and serve." He was just a good neighbor, doing the right thing. Alas, bad things do happen to good people.

There are millions of Americans like Mark Wilson. They, too, are licensed to carry concealed handguns, and consider it the ultimate responsibility. I have yet to meet one of them who wants to be involved in a gunfight. You rarely read about such individuals getting into trouble with the law. They are, after all, the definition of "law-abiding citizens." Their license to carry, issued only after a successful background check, says so.

Yet the press habitually leaves out references to armed citizens acting responsibly in defense of their community, unless it involves an incident in one's home or business. They never explain why, other than to blame "space limitations." That's hogwash. The press simply has an aversion to reporting legal, armed intervention by private citizens, Wilson's case being the rare exception.

Texas State Sen. Kevin Eltife (R-Tyler) put it best when he told a reporter, "Because he had his license, had his gun, got involved, stood up for what he believed in I think he saved some lives at the courthouse Thursday."

Contrary to what gun banners and opponents of concealed carry laws would have us believe, legally armed citizens are not vigilantes at heart. Most are just like Mark Wilson; they care about their safety and the safety of their community. Under most self-defense statutes, and many state constitutions, they have a right to intervene, perhaps even a duty. Wilson lost his life while saving others and courageously defending his neighborhood with a firearm".

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Connecticut: Cab driver charged after killing in self defense: "A cab driver who says he had to kill a customer to save his own life is speaking out. John Lutters says he is the victim after he was stabbed in the neck during a robbery attempt and fought back. Lutters is now a convicted felon, having to plead guilty to charges in court. Lutters did not have a permit to carry the gun he used to shoot his passenger, Travis Hazelwood, in self defense. 'It's cost me everything I've had just about, including a criminal record,' says Lutters."

UK: Labour pledges victim disarmament, total conformity : "Raising the age restrictions for purchasing knifes will be one of the first acts of a third-term Labour government, Charles Clarke promised today, as Labour launched its mini-manifesto on crime. Accompanied by Mr Blair -- who pledged a 'step change in the fight against crime and disorder' if Labour are re-elected -- the home secretary outlined a series of measures he promised would be in one of the first acts passed after the election. He also promised further increases in community support officers to provide 'neighbourhood policing' for every community. An expansion in drug treatment and testing, a system today criticised by a committee of MPs, was also promised. Binge drinking would be tackled with a 'three strikes' policy barring repeat troublemakers from town centres. And Mr Clarke promised to continue the battle against anti-social behaviour."

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