Friday, July 29, 2005

Arizona: Warning shot turns deadly: "A Tonto Basin man was pronounced dead at his employer's home early Monday morning after what detectives are calling a justifiable shooting. Gila County Sheriff's deputies found Edward A. Palmer, 39, dead at the scene, after they received a 911 call at 1:24 a.m. from the home of John Valdez in Tonto Basin. Neighbors reported that Palmer was working for Valdez. Detectives are still investigating the details of the case. 'Apparently Edward Palmer was under the influence of alcohol and other unknown substances,' said Detective Brian Havey of the Gila County Sheriff's Office. '(Palmer) attacked John Valdez of Tonto Basin in his own residence.' ... 'Palmer attacked Valdez several times with his bare fists,' Havey said. 'He continued to attack three or four times.' ... 'Valdez pointed his .22 rifle low in order to scare Palmer off from further attacks,' Havey said. 'One round was fired from the rifle, striking Palmer on the femoral artery.'"

Ohio: Lawsuit seeks to block victim disarmers: "A City Council candidate sued to challenge the city's recently approved ban on assault weapons that led the National Rifle Association to move its 2007 convention out of Columbus. Republican Phil Harmon, a lawyer who represented bar owners in their failed quest to overturn the city's smoking ban, wants a court to prevent the assault-weapons ban from taking effect. He filed the lawsuit Wednesday in Franklin County Probate Court. The ban that Democrat-controlled City Council adopted July 11 prohibits the sale or possession of semiautomatic rifles with pistol grips and detachable magazines. It is scheduled to go into effect Aug. 11."

Netherlands: Victim disarmament laws to be tightened: "Rules for gun ownership will become stricter in August 2006, the Ministry of Justice announced on Wednesday. Beginning next autumn, anyone who wants a weapons permit will have to be a member of a shooting club affiliated with the Koninklijke Nederlandse Schutters Associatie (KNSA). To prevent criminals from learning to shoot in a club, aspiring members must also be licensed by the KNSA. Weapons permits will also become easier to revoke. From next year, committing a crime will be grounds for losing one's licence, as will 'moving in criminal circles.'"

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