Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Arizona: Resident exchanges gunfire with intruders: "The shooting happened about 11 p.m. in the back yard of a home on South Avenida Don Arturo, near West Valencia Road and South Camino de Oeste, Barkman said. She said a woman and her two sons, both in their 20s, were watching television inside when they heard their dogs barking in the back yard. When one of the sons went to see why the dogs were barking, he was confronted by a man with a gun, Barkman said, adding that the other son got a gun, went into the back yard, and was confronted by the gunman and another who had joined the gunman. The gunmen and the armed son started shooting at each other and all three were wounded, Barkman said. ... She said it was too early in the investigation to say what the gunmen were doing in the yard."

South Africa: Gun act failing dismally: "The Democratic Alliance has asked for a special parliamentary debate on the problems relating to the implementation of the Firearms Control Act. Giving notice of a motion in the national assembly on Tuesday, DA MP Roy Jankielsohn said his party believed the government would have to reconsider whether it was able to properly implement the act. Firearm owners had experienced a number of problems when trying to renew their firearm licences. ... The costs involved with training, obtaining competency certificates, and the licensing process was, for many people, unaffordable. This was especially true for pensioners. Backlogs with licensing and appeals were causing a great deal of frustration among applicants for both renewals and new licenses. In many instances, licences were refused with the only reason given as 'a lack of sufficient motivation.'"

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