Sunday, April 09, 2006

GA: Man shot by police after break-in, two murders: "The violent end of the search for a man suspected of killing his newborn's mother and grandmother capped months of violence between the couple, police and neighbors said. Edward Jenkins III, 33, was shot to death by Clayton County police Tuesday in the parking lot of the police station. Police had been looking for Jenkins, saying he kicked in the door and shot the two women to death shortly after 2 p.m. at an Ellenwood home, Assistant Chief Jeff Turner said. Anasa Williams, 32, the mother of Jenkins' eight-day-old daughter, was shot multiple times. Williams' mother, Fredia Butler, 55 - who was visiting from Oakland, Calif. - was killed as she held the infant and talked to a 911 operator. "She dropped the baby right there," Turner said. "The baby is covered in blood but is OK." The woman's 11-year-old son ran from the house to a neighbor's and called 911, he said. Turner said Jenkins appeared in the police station about three hours later, with a blue-jean jacket draped over a gun and looking around nervously, then left. "Two of the officers recognized who he was and attempted to stop him, basically to talk to him about the double homicide," Turner said. "He fled from the building and walked out into the parking lot." The officers followed and "he turned around and fired several shots at the officers," Turner said. "The officers took cover and returned fire." Jenkins was taken to a hospital where he died, Turner said.

Defense of community, family, property: "Let us examine the issue more closely. What are the deeper underlying motives of those seeking to disarm their fellow citizens? What is their reasoning for desiring this? The most apparent motive and reasoning would have to be fear. Accepting this, one then has to ask what are they afraid of? Has the person, from which this fear emanates done something which would provide just cause for retribution by their fellow citizens? Does the way in which they normally conduct themselves, on a daily basis. Aggravate those with whom they come into contact? If that is the case, then how does their fear justify the disarming of other citizens? Leaving the others wide open to the whims of those who practice evil? Can that be considered as 'Just and true liberty, equal and impartial liberty?' That argument doesn't make sense. Yet, it is the commonly accepted practice."

2nd annual TCF Combat Rifle Postal Match : "The 2nd TCF Combat Rifle Postal Match will be taking place in the month of April! This match will be dedicated to the memory of Mordechai Anielewicz and the fighters of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising. For those of you not familiar with postal matches, the idea is that a bunch of people all shoot the same course of fire and then mail their targets to a single person for scoring. It allows us to hold a rifle match without needing to get everyone together at the same shooting range. For the privacy-minded, you may scan your targets and email them in rather than using a mail carrier. Everyone with a military-style rifle is encouraged to participate, regardless of skill level. ... Targets must be received by April 29th to be eligible for scoring."

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