Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sacramento police shootings ruled as justified

Two shootings in which law enforcement officers killed suspects last month in Roseville have been determined as justifiable by the city Police Department. The cases involve Charles David Williams, who was shot by an off-duty Sacramento County sheriff's deputy in the officer's Roseville home April 3, and Jason Paul Yule, who was shot by a Roseville police officer in a downtown business area April 7.

Roseville Police Lt. David Allison said the completed investigation reports have been forwarded to the Placer County District Attorney's Office for further review.

Allison said the probe in the first shooting concluded that Williams, 40, of Roseville, had illegally entered the off-duty deputy's home and apparently attacked her. "In her own self-defense, she used her firearm," Allison said. "Sexual assault appears to have been the motive of the man who was shot." Williams, who friends described as being highly intoxicated just hours before the shooting, was struck in the head by the gunfire, he said.

In the Yule case, investigators determined that the on-duty police officer also acted in self-defense, Allison said. Workers in downtown businesses had called police to report a suspicious man. According to police, the suspect ran when an officer arrived. "(Yule) was carrying a 5-foot-long metal pipe," Allison said. "He turned and confronted the officer and came after him in a threatening manner with the pipe." Yule, 27 and homeless, was struck in the chest by the officer's gunfire, Allison said. He said the Police Department is awaiting toxicology reports to determine whether the two deceased men may have been using drugs or alcohol.


Missouri neighbor dispute ends in slaying: "Deputies said a dispute between two neighbors led to bloodshed Thursday morning in rural Henry County. Edwin D. Walrath, 36, was shot to death at a mobile home in the 1000 block of Northeast Highway C, officials said. Investigators said they suspect Walrath's neighbor shot him twice, and then the neighbor called 911. The first deputy to arrive at the scene tried to save Walrath's life. "She began CPR until the ambulance arrived, which happened just a few minutes after," said Maj. Rob Hills with the Henry County Sheriff's Department. Deputies said John E. Hicks, 55, was questioned and released. Officers said they searched his home for evidence. KMBC's Bev Chapman reported that there was an ongoing feud between the neighbors, who shared a long lane just north of Truman Lake. "We've had several calls in the past about property issues, property disputes going on. We've been there numerous times," Hills said. There have been at least six police reports over the years, officials said. "We feel self-defense is going to be an issue, a claim in the case in the facts," Hills said. A coroner's inquest will be organized in the coming days, and then a prosecutor will decide whether to file charges"

Georgia oldster shoots woman intruder : "An 84-year old man fired the shots overnight. Investigators say he hit the woman trying to rob his home--- a woman in her late 20s early thirties who is now in serious condition at MCG. Frank Sams says the same woman had been coming to his house trying to steal from him and his wife several times this week. He was outside with his gun early this morning when she came back. He says he saw her trying to break in this building behind his house when he fired. Investigators say this is just another case of a homeowner protecting themselves and their property. This shooting follows a similar incident earlier this week. Authorities say a homeowner came face to face with a burglar trying to get in his home Wednesday. The army captain shot and killed him. No charges are expected."

Iowa: Handy shotgun: "What began as a leisurely night for one Ionia family ended in a wild shoot-out between three men, with dozens of shots fired through the side door of the family's home. Chris Vasquez said he was getting a drink of water before settling down with five other family members to watch a movie just after midnight on Friday morning. He was at the home at 713 West Tuttle Road with his girlfriend, her two daughters and their boyfriends. When he looked out the window while getting a drink, he saw two men walking up to the door in a menacing fashion. Because of an incident that occurred earlier in the evening at a family member's home on Sayles Road in Easton Township, Vasquez was already on alert. He yelled for someone to grab his 12-gauge Remington 870 Express pump shotgun. "My greatest fear was that they would shoot me and then go on into the back room and kill the rest of my family," Vasquez said. As the assailants approached the door, Vasquez appeared in the doorway. According to Vasquez, two hooded men opened fire at the door, firing off at least six rounds. Vasquez blasted back through the screen door, hoping to hold off the men. When it was over, there were several bullet holes in the side door of the home, and a bullet lodged in the kitchen wall. There was also damage to the door where Vasquez had discharged his shotgun... Within a matter of minutes police from the Ionia County Sheriff's Office and Ionia Department of Public Safety swarmed the area looking for the suspect vehicle, but found nothing."

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