Saturday, August 02, 2008

Another Texas good neighbor: "Details are still emerging about a Kingsland homeowner who shot a man he accused of attempting to burglarize his neighbor's house, but until the investigation is complete, the Llano County District Attorney cannot say whether the state's new "castle doctrine" would apply to Wednesday night's shooting. In the Kingsland case, the homeowner told investigators he shot a man he thought was robbing his neighbor's house. The homeowner, who lives in the 4700 block of River Oaks Drive in Kingsland, told investigators he saw a black Honda Civic driving up and down his street and then saw the car back into his neighbor's carport. The neighbor grabbed his .45 pistol and walked over to investigate. When he confronted the men inside the car they drove off, and the man started shooting at the Civic. The homeowner hit Casey Rowe, 25, in the back of the neck. Rowe was sitting in the back seat behind the driver of the Civic. Looking at the car, two bullet holes can be seen in the side of the car where Rowe was sitting. The district attorney is not certain if the"castle doctrine" would apply in the Kingsland case because the shooter seemed to have been protecting his neighbor's property, not his own. In Pasadena, a grand jury "no billed" a man who shot and killed two burglars breaking into his neighbor's house. Last October, a West Dallas man who lived at his scrap yard business shot and killed two burglars on two separate occasions in the span of less than a month. The men who were shot appeared to be trying to steal copper from the business. The 70-year-old man who shot the intruders was never charged"

IL: Guards involved in nightclub shooting turn themselves in: "Two security guards involved in the shooting death of a Hazel Crest man last Sunday at a Chicago Heights nightclub have turned themselves in to police and will not face charges, Chicago Heights police said Thursday. Lt. Michael Romano said he could not give out information about the guards' identities or for whom they worked, saying that "they are not cops, and they don't belong to us." Johnathan Williams, 20, was shot and killed by one of the guards after a fight broke out in the parking lot of the Esoteric club, 150 Joe Orr Road, and Williams began firing wildly into a crowd, police said. They said he wounded three people, one seriously, before an unarmed guard took a gun from an armed guard and fired back, killing Williams. Police described Williams' shooting as self-defense. Police said Darius Bell, 19, of Hazel Crest, was shot in the chest by Williams. Bell was in serious condition Thursday night at Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn."

Chicago suburb repeals Handgun Ban: "In 1981, this quiet northern Chicago suburb made history by becoming the first municipality in the nation to ban the possession of handguns. Twenty-seven years later, Morton Grove has repealed its law, bowing to a U.S. Supreme Court decision in June that affirmed homeowners' rights to keep guns for self-defense."

Give 'em Heller: "'Don't say my name out loud.' That's the first thing Dick Heller told me as we stood outside the Supreme Court building on the morning of June 26, waiting for the decision in a landmark Second Amendment case. Heller, who wore a Supreme Court tie and a blue baseball cap with a miniature silver pistol on it, looked like just another enthusiast as he handed out newsletters. But as he lectured me and my friends on the history of the case, we responded with rapt attention rather than casual interest. Heller, a security guard from Washington D.C., was the eponymous plaintiff in the case, District of Columbia v. Heller. ... One of my favorite aspects of living in Washington and working at a think tank for the summer has been the ability to see and meet famous politicians, celebrated judges, and renowned scholars. But my most enjoyable experience so far has been meeting this ordinary person with an extraordinary story."

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