Sunday, January 04, 2009

CA: Burglar flees after woman fires: "The homeowner was alerted by a barking, growling family dog about 1:30 a.m. Tuesday, the Sheriff's Department reported. The homeowner, armed with a handgun, walked down her hallway and found a man who had apparently forced his way into the house, deputies said. Deputies said the burglar "brazenly and antagonistically challenged the homeowner." "Threatened by the aggressive behavior and fearing for her life," the homeowner "fired in self-defense at the confrontational suspect," the sheriff's report said.The burglar fled without taking any property."

TN:Robbery suspect tangles with Elvis: ""The lesson here is, don't mess with The King.Or at least don't mess with Elvis Smith. Around 5:30 p.m. today, Smith, 49, and his two brothers were cleaning up a lot in North Memphis when a man approached them with a gun."He tried to rob them and one of the gentlemen had a handgun on him," Memphis police Lt. Jerry Gwyn said. "He exchanged gunfire with the suspect. The suspect lost the gun battle."The suspect was hit in the chest and leg but is expected to live."

GA: Man shoots burglar: "According to the incident report, the victim was asleep when he heard someone kick open his front door and enter his home. He said the grabbed his handgun from under his pillow, loaded the weapon and ran into the living room, where he saw the burglar standing in the foyer. The victim said he fired four shots and the intruder ran. The victim then grabbed his high-powered rifle and stood guard outside his home, where officers found him when they arrived at the home. Officers were able to track down the suspect, German Brown, in the emergency room at Newton Medical Center, where he sought treatment for a wound to his middle and ring fingers on this right hand. Brown’s shoes matched a shoe print left on the door at the home."

MN: Greenfield tries to keep guns out of city meetings : "The Greenfield City Council is proposing an ordinance that would ban city employees from bringing guns to work. The move comes after council member-elect Howard Veldhuizen brought an unloaded gun to a city council meeting.Some residents believes it sends the wrong message and said they do not feel safe going to city council meetings anymore.The city council wanted to ban guns from the premise all together but doesn't have the authority under state law to prohibit weapons on city property.Other cities like Minneapolis have found a way around the law by enacting a similar ordinace prohibiting city employees from bringing guns to work."

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