Sunday, April 26, 2009

Idaho: Man shot and killed during alleged break-in: "The FBI and Nez Perce Tribal Police are investigating a fatal shooting at that took place at a grocery store in Stites early Thursday morning. It happened during an apparent attempted break-in. The Idaho County Sheriff's Office confirmed that a 21-year-old Kamiah man was pronounced dead at the scene. His identity was being withheld until family was notified. He was one of two men who were reportedly trying to break into the Stites Grocery Store. He was shot and killed during the alleged break-in. The Sheriff's Office says the other suspect ran from the scene. Witnesses say the pair came in through a fan vent in the back of the store. The grocery store owner, who asked to not be identified, said a man was working on an upstairs computer at the store when he heard a noise. She said that's when one of the alleged would-be burglars "came at" the man who then shot the alleged burglar in the leg. She says when the alleged burglar didn't stop, the man fired a second shot into his chest. The Idaho County Sheriff's Dispatch Center said the call came in at 3:24 a.m. from the man who had done the shooting, saying he had shot an intruder in the store. It was unknown if either alleged intruder was armed.

Pennsylvania: Man wrestles gun from intruder in Pittsburg home invasion: "A Pittsburg man fought off two men who broke into his home early Friday morning, wrestled away a shotgun and shot one of the suspects with it as he fled, according to the victim and police. The wounded suspect left the scene but was arrested after being treated at a hospital, said Sgt. Steve Albanese. Police also arrested a second suspect and are still searching for more people connected with the home invasion. The incident happened just after midnight when two men with guns broke down the front door and entered the home on Calistoga Drive. The male homeowner, who declined to be named, said he was awakened and came out of his bedroom to investigate the noise. He said he was confronted by one man with a sawed-off shotgun and a second man with a handgun. He wrestled the shotgun out of the suspect's hand, and the man fell on him, he said. The second suspect then reportedly shot at the victim's wife but did not hit her. The victim, whose stepson was also in the home, said he got up, recovered the shotgun and began shooting in the direction of the suspects. The suspects fled, and the victim fired one round as they ran across a neighbor's driveway, hitting one man in the upper torso, Albanese said."

Mississippi: Son’s 2nd shot kills intruder: "A woman, awakened by the sound of someone removing the screen from her bedroom window, got out of her bed at 1 a.m. Friday, walked to her son’s room and quietly woke him. “She said, ‘Snigg get up,’” the son said in an interview later Friday morning. “I got up, grabbed my gun and went to the corner there by her room,” he said, standing at the door of the apartment, on the bottom floor of the last in a row of Spanish-style buildings in the Granada Apartments on Chicot Road. It was dark in the apartment, but the window was backlit, Snigg said. He heard the window go up and saw a man coming in. “He stuck his hand under and pulled the blinds back, the blinds and the curtain,” he said. “And he eased in like he was attempting to come in. “I fired two shots, then he ran off,” Snigg said. Police say they won’t identify the woman or her son, who offered the nickname Snigg, for fear of retribution. Javorous Darnell Tims [above], 20, ran about 80 feet from the window, fell to the sidewalk and died of a single gunshot wound, police said Friday. Pascagoula police said Snigg and his mother acted appropriately, “taking the actions they felt necessary to protect themselves.” However, because a man died, the case will be presented to a grand jury for review."

Soldiers Forced to Disclose Personal Fireams Data: "In a post yesterday, Mitchell Langbert offers an insightful look at how U.S. Army soldiers are being required to disclose to their superiors all information about their firearms — personally-owned firearms. Best of all, the look comes straight from an infantryman at Fort Campbell, Ky., and even includes a copy of a memo outlining what soldiers at that post must do. Yes, it seems Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano’s beliefs about military folks being prone to right-wing extremism have spread to the Pentagon and beyond. This news makes me wonder what other information service members soon might be forced to reveal. Perhaps they’ll be required to answer this yes-or-no question: “Are you loyal to Dear Leader Obama?”

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