Saturday, November 21, 2009

CO: Burglar makes himself at home in victim's shorts: "A homeowner in Golden held a burglary suspect in stolen boxer shorts at gunpoint last week, police said today. The homeowner, who was not named by police, said he came home at 5 p.m. on Nov. 9 and found Timothy P. Gonzales, 24, of Golden in his home wearing only the homeowner's underwear. The homeowner said when he arrived at his house in the 1200 block of Mesa Court he found a white Lexus parked in his garage and items in his home that were out of place. He fetched his pistol from a bedroom and called out, police said. Gonzales answered, he told police. The man confronted Gonzales and ordered him to leave the house. Gonzales allegedly argued that the pistol was not real and "moved aggressively" toward the homeowner, who fired a warning shot, police said. When police arrived the homeowner was still holding Gonzales at gunpoint. Police said investigators think Gonzales had been in the home most of the day. He showered, did laundry and put food he bought in the refrigerator, police said in a statement. Police also said they found materials used to make methamphetamine on a work bench in the garage. Gonzales remains in the Jefferson County Detention Center under $50,000 bond. The charges against him include burglary, menacing, possession of burglary tools, possession of a controlled substance and resisting arrest. Public records show Gonzales has been arrested several times before on drug, burglary, domestic violence and other charges."

GA: Armed Robber Killed: "Police say around 11:30 p.m. two armed robbers held up three men and woman as they got out of a car. But it wasn’t just the robbers who were armed, so was one of the victims. “We do know that the victims were robbed at gunpoint and at some point there was gunfire exchanged,” said Phyllis Banks-Whitley, Albany Police media manager. A shootout began when one of the three male robbery victims pulled his own gun and began firing at the suspects. One of the armed robbers took off running while the other returned fire. But it was the suspect who found himself on the receiving end of a bullet. He was pronounced dead a short time later at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital. Despite a barrage a of gunfire, none of the victims were struck. They were taken in for questioning at the Law Enforcement Center downtown. “These people were coming home when they were approached by these suspects who were armed and demanded money. They were able to get a couple of items from them,” said Banks-Whitley."

Florida Home Invader Shot Dead by Victim: "At around 6:45 on Tuesday evening, two men entered a home on Hayward Drive, and one escaped while the other was shot dead. Officers say at around 6:45, two men attempted to rob this home, but someone inside shot one of the suspects, 31-year-old Robert Buck. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement listed Buck as a sexual predator, and the Department of Corrections says Buck just served around 10 years in prison for sexual battery and home invasion robbery. But this robbery led to his death... At this time, it's unknown whether the trigger man inside will face any charges."

Michigan Woman Kills Husband In Self-Defense: "No charges will be filed against a Westland woman over the fatal shooting of her husband Monday evening, authorities said. Jared Callender, 23, was shot three times in the bedroom of the home he shared with his 47-year-old wife, Westland police Sgt. Michael Harhold said. “They had a rocky relationship. There had been prior domestic problems and calls to the police department,” Harhold said. The couple was arguing and Callender had threatened his wife during the previous two days, Harhold said, but police weren’t called. The wife operates a hair salon and tattoo parlor from a building she owns in Detroit. The man, who was unemployed, reportedly again threatened his wife with violence when they returned to the Westland residence from the business. “She was in the living room when he came in and began removing clothing to take off his belt. He put the belt around her neck and was choking her,” Harhold said... “He (Callender) was then pushing her up the stairs and into the bedroom. She said he got a gun which was stored in the bedroom and pointed it at her saying he was going to kill her,” Harhold said. “She was in fear for her life.” The woman was wearing a fanny pack around her waist in which she had a .38-caliber revolver — something she carried for protection at her business, Harhold said. “She fired once striking him in the chest. When he raised his gun again, she fired twice more hitting him in the head,” Harhold said. “She had some injuries — supportive (of her account) injuries.” Officers were able to get a statement from one of the children who witnessed the struggle on the stairs, he said."

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