Friday, March 04, 2011

UT: Shooting may have been in self-defense: "The shooting happened after five people went to Johnson's house to evict him. They confronted Johnson in a shed behind the house and began beating him up and hitting his head with a brick, Hoyal said. In fear of his safety, police say Johnson fired several shots at the individuals, striking three of the five people."

MS: Sheriff Believes husband shooting was "Self-Defense": "A 29 year old Simpson County man was shot to death by his 26 year old wife Wednesday night. It happened at a home at 316 Main Street in downtown Braxton. Simpson County Sheriff Kenneth Lewis says he believes it was a case of self defense. "It stemmed from just a fight between and man and a wife, and ah, the lady picked up a gun and shot him. And he had bounced her off the wall two or three times, her eye was black and she was bloody. And so she had just had enough or she was ready to stop it," said sheriff Lewis. Lewis identified the victim as Carl Pittman of Braxton. 26 year old Brandi Pittman, his wife, was not facing charges Thursday. A neighbor says there were some problems between the couple."

CO: Man says he exhausted options before shooting dog: "The owner of a 70-pound greyhound said Thursday that he exhausted all options before pulling his handgun on a 140-pound dog that had latched its jaws around his greyhound’s neck. “I had no choice but to shoot into the dog and kill him,” Robert McCombs said. Tammy Martinez, who owned the dog shot to death, was served a summons Thursday afternoon on suspicion of unlawful ownership of a dangerous animal, a misdemeanor, according to Joe Stafford, director of animal services at the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region. Martinez identifed her dog as a bullmastiff. McCombs shot the attacking dog twice, killing it, Colorado Springs police said. He had a permit to carry a concealed handgun, police said, and appeared to be “within the guidelines of the law” when firing his handgun."

Arizona Senate votes to allow guns in most public buildings: "With both sides invoking the memory of the Tucson shootings, the Senate voted 21-8 Thursday to expand where people can carry their guns. SB 1201 would make most public buildings places where weapons are permitted. It would allow gun owners to ignore the "no weapons" signs now posted on most buildings unless visitors also had to either go through metal detectors or be screened by security personnel with hand-held wands. It would not, however, disturb existing laws about guns on college campuses. But separate legislation proposes to overturn that ban. Senate President Russell Pearce, R-Mesa, said the measure simply recognizes that people have a right to defend themselves. Pearce said there is a constitutional right of self defense. "Yet we believe it's OK to create no-defense zones," he said, where the only people who pay attention to the signs banning guns in public buildings are those who obey the law in the first place."

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