Sunday, November 18, 2012

KY:Homeowner protects himself during attempted robbery

One Magoffin County man could face burglary charges after police say he stole from someone's home and then allegedly fired a gun at the homeowner.

The Magoffin County Sheriff says Douglas Caldwell broke into Harlan Rowe's home in Salyersville on Thursday night and tried to steal several different things.

Shelia Balesdrieri, who also lives in Rowe’s home, says things turned violent when the suspect started running away.

Balesdrieri says the suspect got halfway down the gravel travel when he started firing a gun in their direction.

But Harlan Rowe was also armed.

“Harlan ran in the house and got his gun and I think its right to protect your family and house and everything you've got,” said Balesdrieri.

One of Rowe's bullets ended up hitting Caldwell in the leg and he still got away---but not for long.

Officials with the Magoffin County Sheriff’s Office quickly located Caldwell and took him to the hospital for his injured.

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