Thursday, January 03, 2013

2012 The Year That Gun Control Failed

In 2012, gun control failed spectacularly. The largest and most obvious failure was Chicago, in the last state to forbid the carrying of guns for self defense (except for the politically connected) with the most draconian gun control in Illinois. Chicago suffered over 500 murders in 2012, most of them committed with illegal guns. There are hardly any others in Chicago, except for those in government hands, just as most gun controllers want.

Report: 532 Murdered in Chicago in 2012

The old media, the same old media that makes anti-heroes out of those who slaughter children when they can use that to push their failed political agenda, hardly mentioned Chicago. You see, the failure of gun control there did not fit the narrative that they want in the country, and most of the victims and murderers there were black, trapped into a dependent lifestyle without dignity. Black on black crime does not fit the narrative. If many of those black on black victims in Chicago had been armed, they might have been able to fight back, the murders would have gone down as they have in other urban areas that allow their citizens to legally defend themselves on the street, and that would not have furthered the narrative necessary for gun control.

The next failure of gun control in 2012 was the terrible massacre at the Sandy Hook school in Connecticut. Connecticut already has some of the strictest gun control in the United States. Connecticut has an “assault weapon” ban. It did not work. Connecticut has gun registration. It did not work. Connecticut does not allow guns in schools. It did not work. If you have an intelligent, determined madman who is willing to murder to obtain more efficient murder tools, gun control will never work.

Joe Biden's Gun Free School Zone act did not work. It has turned schools into tempting targets for mass killers. After it was passed in 1990, the number of mass shootings at schools quadrupled.

Mass School Shootings Quadrupled Link

Gun control failed in Washington, D.C. David Gregory, the host of Meet the Press, deliberately violated the ban on standard capacity magazines that hold more than 10 cartridges to advance his political agenda and his career. He was given a pass by the old media and President Obama, who gave him an exclusive interview as a reward. Army combat veteran Adam Meckler inadvertently violated the same law by having a few cartridges in some luggage he bought into the District. He was arrested, handcuffed, hauled off to jail and eventually was able to plea bargain where he paid a fine and was required to register in the District as a gun criminal.

David Gregory (media elite) vs Adam Meckler (Army vet) Gun Criminals

That is how gun control really works. The rich and powerful in the ruling elite like President Obama and David Gregory get a pass and armed guards. The ordinary people like Army vet Adam Meckler get handcuffs, arrests, fines, and often jail. Their children are required to go to school in defenseless victim zones that invite killers. David Gregory's children go to a school with armed guards. The ruling elite live in gated communities and work in guarded buildings. If they want access to guns, legal exceptions are granted or their transgressions are ignored with a wink and a nod.

Now the Obama administration wants to trot out the same old tired and failed policies that brought us to this point. Now that the election is over, the President can brush aside the false veil that he “believes” in the Second Amendment. I am sure that he believes in it, just as he “believes” in the rest of the Constitution that he has been so carefully ignoring as he gathers more and more power to himself. Elites do not like to put more power in the hands of those that they rule, even if it reduces crime and saves lives.

Gun control fails at saving lives. It costs lives. It concentrates power in the hands of the elites and the criminals, and ultimately, by making the “little people” defenseless, it is good at doing that.

Dean Weingarten

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Anonymous said...

The most effective Gun Control is responsibility. Even a Mass Murderer Terrorist will think twice when there are consequences to their actions. Most control the consequences and choose the cowards way out AFTER their agenda is finished. None of them will choose to fight over the right to commit their acts. We can't have shootouts in public places, but we can make the decision a little more difficult.