Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Texas anecdote from "AWD"

AWD was dropping off something to a friend who lives in downtown Dallas. The friend lives across the street from a park where a lot of crazy, homeless sumbitches hang out. Why the friend lives there, I have no idea. AWD was wearing a supa-sexy suit and had his supa-sexy F-150 parked on the street. I was waiting on the passenger side of the F-150 when I spotted an angry, dirty homeless maniac coming up the street. He was yelling at everyone who passed by him. People were crossing the street to avoid the homeless nut. That’s when he spotted AWD in his supa-sexy suit standing beside his shiny F-150. He made a direct bee-line right at me. I was thinking, “oh, great!” When he got to within about 10-15 feet of me, he said “hey man, got a dollar?” AWD is a conservative so I don’t give money to people I don’t know. I replied to the angry, dirty, crazy homeless guy with this simple reply: “No, but I have a Glock.” He wheeled around without a word and walked silently down the street. Score one for the Second Amendment! Score one for Texas!


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