Sunday, January 13, 2013

Anti-gunners move to silence firearms owners on Jan. 19!

Anti-gunners not only want to erase the Second Amendment, now they are trying to deprive firearms owners of their First Amendment rights by petitioning – through – the National Rifle Association to stop the nationwide Gun Appreciation Day (GAD) on Jan. 19.

There are a couple of problems with this, chief among them being that the NRA is not one of the sponsors, nor is it involved in the GAD movement. But petitioning the NRA about this matter demonstrates the reflexive “blame the NRA” stupidity of the Left, which preaches tolerance only so long as you agree with their agenda.

It also shows they didn't do their homework about who actually is backing the effort.

While the NRA is not involved, the Bellevue-based Second Amendment Foundation and Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, were on the ground floor. They are listed at the top of a growing cadre of sponsoring organizations at the GAD website.

SAF founder Alan Gottlieb made national news Thursday for revealing that despite a request to be part of the White House discussions on gun control with the NRA, National Shooting Sports Foundation and other representatives from the firearms community, the White House turned him down. Gottlieb’s reaction was, “Well, so much for having all the players at the table.” SAF has been on-point for the past few years on pro-gun legal action, including the landmark case of McDonald v. City of Chicago, which led to incorporation of the Second Amendment to the states.

No great loss, actually, since the meeting turned out to be little more than a publicity sham, according to the NRA, as this column noted.

According to ABC News, the effort to strip gun owners of their First Amendment rights was launched by “United for Change USA,” described as a “liberal group.”

This “liberal group” is offended because GAD coincides with the three-day weekend (for some people) ending with Martin Luther King Day on the 21st, which is also inauguration day for Barack Obama with the actual swearing-in moved to Monday.

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