Saturday, January 05, 2013

Gun Control not the Answer: Criminal Control Works

Illinois lawmakers advanced legislation this week that would ban military-caliber guns as well as magazines that hold more than ten rounds of ammunition. The moves came in response to the Newtown massacre—and to the end of another bloody year in the streets of Chicago.

They also highlighted the fact that Illinois is the center of our nation's confusing and contradictory approach to guns.


1. Chicago shows that tough laws and rhetoric alone won't stop gun violence.

Chicago already has the most restrictive firearm laws in the country: handgun owners must undergo three background checks, take a training class, practice shooting at a range, and register with the police department.

more at Chicago Reader

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Anonymous said...

guns are not thr problem it is the people that have guns illegally.most crimes are comited with illegal guns.if you look at the numbers i bet there are more people killed in cars than by guns why not regulate the autos in the world not are guns.