Friday, January 11, 2013

Teachers in the Ozarks line up to earn gun conceal-and-carry licenses

NIXA, Mo. -- In the wake of the deadly Connecticut school shooting, many teachers are learning how to use weapons. Hundreds of educators in Ohio, Texas and Utah took advantage of free conceal-and-carry classes. The trend continues around the Ozarks in Nixa, Springfield, and Marshfield; teachers signed up for concealed weapons courses, even though they can't carry them in class. Jody Hays is one of Nixa's three school resource officers. As he patrols the hallways during lunch, students can easily see his weapons. "I think it's a good piece of mind for a lot of the students and faculty and family members. I believe it's a good thing to have since it's needed," said Hays.

The 23-year veteran of the force thinks something else is needed: gun safety. In his off time, Hays teaches a conceal/carry weapons course.

"I've had a good interest from several staff members and district employees," he said. "I've had real good response from everybody that's taking it and they seem to appreciate it. Even a lot of them are just glad for the information."

Teachers packing heat: it's a concept many feel would add to school safety.

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