Friday, January 04, 2013

Why Don’t Asian Americans Own Guns?

Falls Church, VA—After the Newtown tragedy last month, Mai Le, a petite 52-year-old originally from Vietnam, was frightened. Now living in Springfield, Va, she never felt threatened by gun violence before, but suddenly felt an urgent need to learn to defend herself.

Le went to see Due Tran, a federally-licensed firearms dealer and lawyer based in Falls Church, Va. Tran teaches classes on safe handgun use, and under his guidance, Le learned how to properly handle the weapon in a basic pistol course. Tran, a Marine veteran and National Rifle Association-certified instructor, teaches people of all ages, mostly Asian Americans.

“I learned how to use [the gun], how to safely store it, and I was interested [in learning] because if something happens, I can protect my family and myself,” Le said.

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