Saturday, January 12, 2013

Wisconsin Grandmother Draws Gun on Robber

I think an automated voice to print program produced this transcript

"I was really scared." "He's here" Ernestine Al -- "I was scared" but she was also very brave almost two weeks before Christmas. When a robbery suspect entered her grocery store at the corner of mosquito and Beecher.

You can see his right hand covered with his jacket sleeve as he takes a beverage from the cooler with his left. Seconds later with his right hand he pulls a knife on her. Ernestine and grabs her cash register. Instinctively she pulls a gun from underneath the counter and the suspect runs away from it.

Video Here

Ernistine says she was going to shoot, but once his back was turned, and he was running away, she could not do it. That is the level of control that citizens with guns often exert.

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