Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Response to a Bloomberg anti-freedom Campaign

An Internet friend relayed this experience to me:
A Moment Of Glee

I got a phone call today from a true believer, paid for by Mayor Bloomberg. Supposedly from the “Gabby Giffords Campaign Against Gun Violence”, asking me to contact my congressman and senators to demand gun control.

I about hurt myself trying to keep cool and reel him in. Such opportunities are very rare. So many ways to mess with their heads.

Probably the best zinger was when I asked how Gabby Giffords *husband*, Mark Kelly was doing.

What do you mean?

Well, he confessed to committing a serious federal gun crime on the radio, and he is going to be arrested. Does he have a legal defense fund yet?


I told him about Kelly acting as a straw buyer for a “fully automatic”(sic) AR-15 “military assault rifle”, and how “any day now” federal Marshals were going to arrest him and that Gabby Giffords will probably have to go to a nursing home because Mark could be in jail for years.

The poor young man was so frazzled that he apologized and had to hang up.

My friend said that with the money that Mayor Bloomberg is throwing around, more calls are likely.

Dean Weingarten

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