Thursday, January 07, 2016

NV: Home Owner Uses Semi-Auto Carbine in Self Defense

In the video,the homeowner says that he saw three men stalking the house.  One broke in with a mask and a hammer.  The homeowner fired two shots; then his rifle jammed, as the intruder ran off.  From
Investigators say a homeowner shot at a man he believed was breaking into his home. The suspect was able to escape.
Years ago, most self defense stories did not show the gun that was used, but a trend seems to be developing where reporters and news directors are backing away from the policy of spiking or ignoring self defense stories; and are realizing that people are interested in the guns that were used in these events.  In this case the semi-automatic rifle is a pistol caliber carbine.  It appears to be chambered in 9x19 commonly called the 9mm parbellum, or Luger. 

The rifle is the newer version using the Glock magazines; Feather rifles made before  2008 use UZI style magazines.  The Feather pistol caliber carbines are commonly found in the political lists of "assault weapons".

I expect that we will see more self defense stories with pictures of the firearms used in the future. 

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