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TX: Houston Video Shows Disarm of Robbery Suspect

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In the video, you see the armed suspect bring the pistol very close to the victim.  It is just the opportunity for the victim to successfully attempt a disarm.  The victim uses both hands to grab the pistol to lever it away from the suspect.  Eventually, the suspect flees the scene, chased by the now armed victim. From
The man then pulled out a gun and demanded money.

The owner, who asked to be called Enrique, and the man began to struggle, and the man punched Enrique multiple times in the face. The two men wrestled each other to the ground.
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There are important lessons here for those who chose to go about armed.  If you  are holding someone at gun point, do not get within arms length of them.  The minimum distance that you should be from them is 5 feet.

Do not push the gun out in front of you within easy grabbing distance of the person you are holding at gunpoint.  You are practically begging them to attempt a disarm.  Keep the gun back by your side, if you must be close.  Use your off hand to defend the gun.  If someone attempts to disarm you, shoot them.  A person who is attempting to take your gun away, is almost always a deadly threat. 

I expect readers to know that they must be reasonable.  a three year old who attempts to grab your gun is not someone you should shoot.  If the disarm is not serious or plausible, do not shoot that person.

If you are being held under threat of gun point, decide if the person is more likely to shoot you or to leave you without harming you, as well as the chances of a successful disarm.  It is a cost - benefit decision. 

If you attempt a disarm, go all out, fast, hard, ruthless.  Your life is in the balance.

More defenders appear to have successful disarms than criminals.  That is likely because they have greater incentive.  The defender is risking his life.  A criminal is often competing for a few dollars of value.

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It looks as if his pants are sagging a bit. Not a good plan if you are trying to run.