Saturday, May 07, 2016

SS Admin Introduces Gun Ban

According to the Times, one of the measures of mental health stability would be whether beneficiaries could handle their own finances or not. Based on this measure alone up to “4.2 million” SSA beneficiaries were believed to be susceptible to losing their Second Amendment rights because they have other people handle their finances for them.

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Unknown said...


1 AR
100 Magazines (30 round)
5000 Rounds of Ammo
---———--- ---———---
If three percent of the population were to keep
and maintain AT LEAST ONE assault rifle, ONE hundred magazines and FIVE thousand rounds of ammo we would have roughly 10 million rifles, 1 billion magazines and 50 billion rounds of ammunition at the ready. Spare parts and cleaning supplies are a must too.

Being apart of the 3% means being prepared.
(physically, mentally and geared up)

Tell your friends.