Tuesday, July 05, 2016

CO: Armed Citizen Catches Robber with assist from Saggy Pants

“He couldn’t run though; his pants were sagging too far,” Caddy said.

Seconds later, Caddy saw an older man walk up, out of breath, with a phone in his hand asking for help. The victim said the man who had just come past had robbed him. The victim also told Caddy the suspect had a gun.

Caddy said he can’t stand it when people steal. He said he didn’t waste any time. He grabbed his Smith & Wesson handgun from his car’s trunk and took off after the robber. At some point during the foot chase, and before Caddy caught him, Gonzales threw away his gun, which officers found later. Eventually, the suspected robber jumped a fence and found himself at Caddy’s gunpoint.

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Wireless.Phil said...

Why put the good guys face in the paper and not the robbers?