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MI: Second Amendment Night for Battle Creek Bombers Baseball

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On Friday evening, June 24th, the local ball club, the Battle Creek Bombers of Battle Creek, Michigan, hosted a Second Amendment Education night.  Because of the way Michigan laws have been crafted, open carry was required, if participants were going to carry at the event.  The event gathered enough publicity that the AP picked up the story, making it national. From the (AP):
“2nd Amendment Education Night” was held Friday at C.O. Brown Stadium as the Battle Creek Bombers hosted the Rochester (Minnesota) Honkers. 
Bombers general manager Tony Iovieno tells WOOD-TV there were no security problems among the crowd that included many with holstered guns.

Fans tell WZZM-TV they were OK with the event and trusted those carrying guns.
There were several educational booths at the event.  Eddie Eagle was there as well. 

Gun shops like Freedom Firearms and organizations like The Well-Armed Woman set up booths at Friday's game for education and merchandise.

"I think this is fantastic" said Carmen Bartholomew, chapter leader for the South Central Chapter of The Well-Armed Woman. "I think there is a lot of misconception and I think they need to remember where we started and why we have Second Amendment rights."

At a time where guns are in the spotlight, this group says guns aren't the problem.

"We're not the criminals" said Fulton. "This is not what you have to worry about. This is the positive everyday aspect of firearms life in America."

An email to the general manager went unanswered, but two different sources stated they were told that event attendance was well above average for the local team.  From the Michigan Open Carry facebook page
According to the General Manager, attendance for the game was WAY up,
One source told reported that it was a record attendance, but that has not been confirmed.

Open carry events such as these would have been unthinkable only 10 years ago.  Now they are becoming the new normal.  This was an extremely sucessful civic event to inform the public about their Second Amendment rights.

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