Monday, February 06, 2017

Germans buy Guns Through the Mail ... Oops

Graphic from Zweit Online

Hundreds of illegal guns have been sent into Germany through the postal system, with websites offering the service.

The following summation was sent to me by a source who compiled it from a number of English language translations.

Germany’s largest newspaper is reporting that hundreds of people have been caught buying illegal firearms in order to protect themselves from migrants.

The largest of the websites selling guns has been shut down and its user data has been handed over to the police and journalists.
According to claims elsewhere in the German media, people who were buying the weapons come from all different political and socio-economic backgrounds. Many are unaware they are breaking the law and cite rising fears of being threatened by anti-social migrants as the primary reason for their purchase.

Reporters from the Sueddeutsche newspaper tracked down one of the sites’ users, a doctor from Munich, who told reporters: “People from other countries, of course, have different ideas about how to behave in society. Uncontrolled immigration is a problem, we need a 180-degree u-turn.”

Reports suggest there was a spike in sales after the Cologne sex attacks on New Year’s Eve last year.

It is believed the weapons are purchased in Hungary, where they are legal, then posted unchecked into Germany through the EU’s open borders.

A well used revolver costs around 349 euros, a Kalashnikov 749 euros. Some of the customers paid up to 4,000 euros. By the end of January 2017, according to the data, the Online shop received orders for more than 150,000 euros.
(source, in German, “Zeit Online”)

The latests exchange rate for the USD to the EUR  is 1.08 dollars per Euro.  Multiply the prices by 1.08 if you wish to obtain the equivalent number in dollars.  Perhaps a knowledgable reader can inform us as to the postage rates for packages in the European Union.

The articles say that the police have been informed.  I did not read of any arrests being made.

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Francis Meyrick said...

Very Interesting - thank you. I truly don't think this is even remotely the end of the matter. Rather, this is just the start of determined Europeans to take back the Right of Self Defense. Abdicated to Government, Germans have surrendered their responsibility for their own security. Now they see it going so unutterably pear-shaped, tits up on steroids, the Real Men are getting going again. Vorsprung durch Technik. You can't hold these guys down. I love Germany.

Anonymous said...

When I was in Germany. the big bad tough guys in the local motor cycle gangs were riding Honda 50s. German auto insurance was sold by horse power of the vehicle. If you want something to crack you up see a 300 pound leather jacked chain dripping tough guy on a Honda 50 trying to look tough.