Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Jonathan Hoffman: Tucson should treat guns with the reverence intended by the Founders

Johnathan gets a lot right in this article. One thing he does not mention is that the whole point of destroying guns in Tucson is to make political propaganda, to "send a message". The message is that guns are bad and should be destroyed. There are plenty of studies to show that there is no other practical effect.

So, with these things in mind, does it not seem a little creepy that the city of Tucson is going to heroic lengths to “burn” guns? I’m not equating firearm destruction with book burning, but you might say that they are two books from the same library, or two songs from the same hymnal, or two rifles from the same armory.

Forget the waste of taxpayer money and the superstitious basis for this compulsion to destroy the evil thing. The city is poking a stick at one of the trinity of basic human rights.

The folks at the city will tell you that they are not against guns generally, just those evil ones that make us less safe.

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Anonymous said...

I would not give a plugged wooden nickel to save any Tucson City Cop or Pima county sheriff. as far as I am concerned they could hang every one of them upside down On a saguaro cactus. I consider them the gutter trash of law enforcement. there is no honor in wearing a badge in the Tucson area. If I ever get the chance to shit in their face I will. You might think I do not like them and you would be absolutely correct. Most of them will sleep with any ones ex wife while on duty and refuse to do any thing that resembles enforcing the law. If you happen to be looking for a corrupt agency to join take your pick of the top two. this is my best assessment of them.