Saturday, February 04, 2017

Fake News Pic of 5-Year-Old Handcuffed due to Trump Immigration order was from 2015

Two days ago Yahoo News claimed a 5-Year-Old American citizen was handcuffed at the Dulles Airport for hours.    The Independent in the UK made the same unfounded accusation.  The accusation flew around the Internet.
I suspected fake news.  Let us see the pictures of the handcuffed 5 year old.

Everyone has phones and cameras today.
We have seen plenty of examples of fake accusations.

It did not take me long.  It was fake news.

Snopes found a picture that was used in this accusation, that was from 2015.

A 5-Year-old was detained for four hours at Dulles, but he was not handcuffed.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder what cop would take responsibility for the hand cuffed child in the picture. He must really be proud of him self for having such great fear of a five year old. I'm surprised the child did not need leg irons too. maybe a knee in the chest for the take down. he must be the real he man type, maybe a caped crusader. probably really disappointed he could not beat the weapons out of the child's hands or shoot him for carrying a water pistol. Or maybe he was just terrified of the light saber. I wonder if the same cop has ever had to cuff a new born.

Anonymous said...

I would love to get that cop alone for about five minutes, he would be afraid to touch another pair of hand cuffs for the rest of his life. I am against all illegal aliens from any where, but you do not abuse children.

Anonymous said...

Attorneys continually argue civil rights, Constitutional civil rights belong to legal Americans. It is our constitution not theirs. Illegal aliens have the right to eat, drink, sleep, piss and shit. when they get legal status then they are entitled to constitutional protections.

Anonymous said...

let me explain the constitutional issue here. first read the authority of the United States supreme count as stated in the constitution. issues between the states and the federal government are the original jurisdiction of the Supreme court, a federal judge in any district has no jurisdiction to determine any of these state to federal issues. district courts are under the supreme court and any district court judge can be removed by the supreme court when required. it is the same with state supreme courts for judges of that state. No district judge has any authority to intervene in a case that is clearly under the jurisdiction of the Supreme court there fore it is a violation of the oath of office and an impeachable offense. Attorneys could be disbarred for filing fraudulent cases. so why are they getting away with filing or hearing these cases? Like I have said many times we either have a constitution or we do not. If you think I am wrong then prove it. the written wording in the constitution backs up my points. the constitution belongs to legal American citizens and no body else.

Anonymous said...

Read the second amendment Pay attention to every one of the 26 words. Every word in our constitution was picked very carefully. the national archives has thousands of documents from the days of the constitutional convention about the arguments of the words chosen for its very specific meaning. The government belongs to we the people. who are we the people we the people are the legal citizens of this nation. any where we happen to be in this country we are legal citizens of this nation protected by the mandates on our rights by the Bill of Rights. when the second amendment says the peoples right to keep and bear arms it means us the legal citizens that constitution was written to protect. the constitution was actually written in self defense. we have a government of the people by the people and for the people. People being the legal citizens having the right to the protections of that constitution. as the supreme court has ruled, if it is not written it does not exist. find anything in the constitution that says our constitution belongs to any one that can get here. No it says the people and only legal citizens are the people, no where does it say to illegal aliens, visa holders or foreigner of any kind or from anywhere. If you are not an American citizen, you are not one of the people that constitution belongs to or entitled to its protections. when you become a legal citizen I would be happy to share my copy of the constitution with you and help you learn its value to legal citizens. If you do not want to become an American citizen of the united states and assimilate to our culture then stay out go back where you came from and I hope you enjoyed your visit.