Friday, March 03, 2017

AL: Gun Beats Pick-axe, Intruder Shot and Killed

Foley Police say 20-year-old intruder Sedrick D. Jemison broke three doors with a pick-axe before entering the business, Elite Marine, in Foley.

The business owner, who also lives on the property, was awoken by a “loud crash” and retaliated with a gun. The intruder was shot dead. No arrests have been made.

The business owner is believed to be acting within his rights. The case will be sent to a grand jury.
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Anonymous said...

A few more details. (my emphasis)

"The male subject entered his bedroom, wearing a black bandanna on his face and charging towards him, where the homeowner then fired his pistol," Foley Police told WKRG. "There are no charges against the homeowner as this appears to be a case of self-defense."

The building's owner Terry Azevedo said the attacker charged at the man and continued to advance towards him even after being shot.

"It looks like the pickaxe didn't work and what it looks like to me is he kicked at it since the pickaxe didn't knock it open," he told "He continued to charge at him and he ended up shooting him SEVEN TIMES."

Police told reporters they found 20-year-old Sedrick D. Jemison deceased at the scene of the attack. There are no reports of any injuries to the 77-YEAR-OLD victim.

Anonymous said...

I'd say the victim knows how to bring down a threat. a clear waste of tax payer money to take this to a grand jury.